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  1. Hey man. I also drive a 97 pathfinder. My gauge sits at the same level as yours, never seen it go any higher. It’s my understanding that the gauge position reflects a pretty wide temperature range. I have one of those Bluetooth OBD2 scanners hooked up to a tablet I keep in the car. There’s a coolant temperature sensor on it that I use for longer drives, my coolant is usually between the high 170s and mid 190s (Fahrenheit) when the gauge is in that position. I want to say the gauge won’t move any higher until the temp is like 220 or something, but I don’t know for sure.
  2. They're Rocky Road's Super Sliders; http://www.rocky-road.com/pathfinder-rock-sliders.html I got them off craigslist for a pretty good deal. I think they're pretty sturdy, haven't put them through anything too rough yet though.
  3. Finally found some time to put fleurys 2” lift on.
  4. Oh ya it was a blast. Definitely proud of the pathfinder for getting there and back. The pics from Shafers trail. It's a pretty rough back road from Moab to island in the sky.(I say rough but I saw a sedan on it) Lots of awesome views of the Colorado river better than the highway in my opinion.
  5. I was out in Moab too. Didn't do a whole lot of wheeling unfortunately
  6. Well after a couple coats of paint and some nice weather I finally got these on! Once again thanks so much for the advice guys
  7. I found this video pretty helpful when I replaced mine https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GWls0uigsbM
  8. I checked out the link for the springs and I think you only get 2 for the $200. Only one front spring and one rear spring are listed in the kit description[emoji17] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I broke my resonator off while I was off roading once. I had to take it a shop and they just straight piped it. Maybe its just me but I think it improved performance Haven't damaged the muffler quite yet
  10. I had to go out and buy all new hardware the originals were too rusty. I don't have the template but I think once I get one side in I can make something out of cardboard. Lots of good information guys I really appreciate it
  11. Thanks for digging up that thread lots of information I can use, Its a little hard to see but the pinch weld bar is in this picture For some reason I was under the impression they mounted to the factory step bar location And I was pretty hesitant to start drilling. I can post some pictures of my install hopefully I get around to it soon
  12. Hey guys I've got a couple questions for those of you who have the rock rails sold by rocky road. I bought some off of Craigslist and don't have the instructions. As I understand it I need to drill holes 9 a holes per side? In these locations?: 2 here 2 here And then 5 along the pinch weld? If you have any pictures or tips it would greatly appreciated. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. My first wheeling trip at the Switzerland trail in Colorado
  14. Hello very glad to be part of this forum. So much good information. Not sure what the plans for my pathfinder are but plenty of sources for inspiration on this site. I joined a little while ago but finally got around to posting.

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