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  1. Yes thinking about it now, there were no o2 sensor codes thrown, so it's not likely the cat. I am changing the oil/filter and the transmission fluid/filter this weekend and will keep an eye on it. It hasn't happened since. It happened about 2-3 hours into driving around in 70 degree weather.
  2. arakele

    Dying cat sound

    We have a 2015 and it's noisy, but not leaking any fluid. I have noticed other R52's in parking lots sound the same as mine. It's the first car weve had with electric power steering, so I have been chalking it up to being somewhat normal.
  3. I bought a 2003 Pathfinder w/ 156k Thursday. On Saturday I was driving around with the kids and after a few hours my throttle response felt limited, almost like it became governed somehow. I could floor it and just barely accelerate. I made it home and noticed a slight burning smell that reminded of me of an old jeep I had when the catalytic converter went out. I checked the fault codes and only P0011 and P0021 came up. I know those codes are for cam sensors, I would not think they are related. I would have thought I would have received some sort of a fault code for the catalyst. After it cooled down I drove it again and it acted normal, no issues. I also noticed the mpg so far seems to be much worse than I would have assumed, which is also symptomatic of a bad cat. Anyone else ever have similar issues? Thanks!
  4. arakele

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    I just wanted to ask about the transfer case on this one. I see it had the standard manual shifter AND a dial. I have only seen one or the other, not a combination of both. I know it's slightly off topic, but does anyone have any insight into this?

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