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  1. Has anyone tuned their R50 VG33E pathfinder out there? Was wondering what people thought of the JET ECU tune? I don't mind spending the money, just want to know if it works.
  2. That's fine. I also have an LS6 Cadillac. I just want to have some more power. I'm trying to see if the idling issue with the S2 is true.
  3. Money isn't an issue. This is just for pure performance. I rather go after market than stock parts. Thanks, though.
  4. I'm about to start rebuilding my tired 2000 pathfinders motor. I've tried to search the forum to see if anyone has actually installed either of these cams on their pathfinder? I couldn't find a thread on it, so I'm sorry if these is being beat to hell. I just installed fleury's leveling kit and love them. I also got bigger tires, but as everyone knows our 3.3's are underpowered.
  5. Does anyone know how I can tell if I got a low or high pinion front diff? I searched on line and went under my pathy to check, and I still can't tell.
  6. Does anyone know how I can tell if I got a low or high pinion front diff? I searched on line and went under my pathy to check, and I still can't tell.
  7. Does anyone know how to tell if I got a high or low pinion on my 2000 3.3 R50?
  8. Let me know how it goes! i wanted to do SFD and coils, but after reading all the crap I have to do SFD, I lost my will lol. I'm just gonna stick with coils and a front strut spacer to be leveled. I had the AC lift before and hated the rake, then found out about the spacer 😑. Now, I'm going to put it all together, and if the back is still higher. I'm going to see what the OME spring in the back with 1.75" lift does. Asthetics, functionality, and reliability are important. I don't understand how everyone can lift their SUV, put bigger wheels, then not worry about gearing? Like I said, I'm not too mechanically inclined, but when I see my brother and his buddies, which some have spent 10-15K on a lift to do it right. It makes me think.
  9. I'm sorry to be annoying, but I got to start somewhere. I want to go 32's, but would really love 33's. I got the AC 2" lift and got a 1inch front strut spacer. I know I'll have to cut, no problem. If it's better to just get gears for both front and back from rugged rocks, that's what I'll do. I don't want a half ass build, if money has to be spent to do it right, that's what I want. To my knowledge my brothers truck for: wheels/tires, re-geared front/back $5,300 with his hook ups. Do you guys have any suggestions for me on gearing?
  10. Ok thanks guys. I'll be honest I'm not very mechanically inclined, and it's something I'll show my brother and m mechanic. I've got a 2000 SE VG33
  11. Have any of you re geared yet? I'm New to the forum. My brother has a lifted F-150. He's re geared, and has a better differential. With all of us with our R50's being lifted, why hasn't this topic been more spoken about?

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