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  1. Having problems with the Temp Gauge not working. I have replaced the sender at the coolant outlet, checked continuity (ohms) on the single wire from the sender plug to the instrument cluster (0 ohms), ran wire from the 'B' Lug for Temp gauge to ground, needle moved. But gauge still doesn't work. Also have problem with the Thermal Temp Sensor for the ECM. Checked the 2 wires for continuity (0 ohms), cleaned all connectors. the engine has a slight backfire through the exhaust when decelerating and all trouble-shooting sources indicate the Thermal sender. It's been changed also for a new one. All suggestions welcomed, thanks.
  2. This weekend I replaced my Headlight (9004) with LED Units, Wow what a difference! No issues from on coming cars, since most newer ones have LED Beams anyway. cost was under $40 and worth it.
  3. I have a Pathfinder SE that I wanted replace the fog lights with a pair of LED units. problem is they won't work when wired to the current setup? put the old ones back and they work. as many folks know the fogs are wired with the headlight low beams thru the relay. could this be limiting the current to the LEDs. I may just run a seperate line from the factory fog light switch, all suggestions welcomed.
  4. I have a 95 Pathfinder and the Dash Temp Gauge does not work. Replaced the 2 coolant sensors on top water outlet (to radiator), still no results. Also have a slight backfire sometimes. I read that the temp sensors can cause this. Is there another sensor I'm missing?
  5. Lately I've smelled exhaust fumes inside my 95 pathfinder while driving, not hearing any exhaust leak sounds, any suggestions?
  6. check to see if distributor rotor turns freely when cranking engine. I had a bad distributor bushing that caused the same issues.
  7. I had something similar. Take the Distributor Cap off w/o Coil, have someone crank engine, check to see if rotor rotates smoothly. Mine had a bad Distributor Bushing, causing misfire/ backfire.
  8. Just brought another 95 SE Patty 4x4 Auto trans. It has no CAT, just a straight pipe to muffler w/ one O2 sensor. What if anything would happen by eliminating that sensor w/ a plug or disconnecting
  9. Found crack in Intake Tube near TB. Temp tape fix for now. Replacing all Vic lines today, maybe also the O2 sensor. There's no CAT, just straight pipe.
  10. the back fire is not loud, but I always hear when decelerating. I sounds like it's coming from the engine sometimes, but most times it's from the tail pipe. this morning it starts to 'surge idle' when at a stop. Timing checked, MAP sensor cleaned, Lucas additive in gas tank. No check engine light, but will have that checked anyway. any ideas are good.
  11. have a '95 pathfinder SE, been running great, but today i heard a slight backfire thru the exhaust when lifting off the throttle. i cleaned the MAP sensor, timing checks out good (holds steady timing), but also noticed a drop in gas mileage. all feedback is appreciated.
  12. have a 1995 SE, looking for location of a/c relay. System blows the fuse each time the A/C is turned on. Compressor not locked up, A/C clutch turns easy.
  13. Any advantage to removing manual fan and installing an Electric Cooling Fan?
  14. Just brought a 95 SE 4x4. Needed to replace starter, auto parts folk tells me it's not a '95 3.0 starter. Question is, how can I ID what engine the previous owner had?

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