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  1. I had the same symptoms happen to my sonoma. It ended being the fuel injectors, the popping/backfire is due to unburned gas entering the exhaust. I had no engine codes either but I checked the injectors and one was not firing another was weak.
  2. Good news bought a donor pathfinder. It was in a small fender bender but still runs. Everything works on it even the A/C has 170K miles and new tires with receipt. I will post pictures, at the moment photobucket is not loading up.
  3. Thank you all for all the info and thanks byob for the offer. I will keep you in mind byob if I run into any obstacles.
  4. He told me his engine was overheating and after the water pump/timing belt install it wouldnt start anymore, either way I wanted a fuel injected VG30. I am looking at one on ebay that is local to me. I got a great deal he wasn't asking for much I offered less. Fortunately for me I was only 45min away.
  5. Thanks Cuong for the info, now I am even more excited to get it back on the road. Only problem with going out of business is that I am going to have a hard time finding replacement bushings.
  6. Thanks for the input I wiped down the control arm and only found the word Racing. I am trying to figure out the brand to but new bushing I plan on redoing the entire suspension. Thanks again. [/url
  7. I bought a 2dr WD21 manual 4x4 with a bad motor for cheap on craigslist. I know the 2dr are rare especially in California, I just did not want to see it go to a junk yard or be parted for parts. I just finished inspecting the suspension but i know its not stock can anyone point out what brand it is? I am currently in search of a donor for the motor and dash either a VG30E or VG33 what ever comes first. It has the factory VG30i which is going to the scrap yard. Any help will be appreciated.

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