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  1. Hey guys, Just a quick question. I got the p1110 code for the intake valve timing control solenoid. I replaced it. All good right? Wrong. I noticed I've got another oil leak. I'm looking around , checking the valve cover gaskets that I replaced and lower oil pan and not seeing anything. I look closer and realize the oil is pooling just off to the side of the ivtcs. Pooling there and then dripping down. You get that metal gasket with it and I'm wondering if there's any way to give that a better seal? Obviously you don't want to put any rtv in there but there has to be a better way to get that to seal. Or is it possibly because I got it from ebay for $30 instead of shelling out $100? Any suggestions would be awesome!! Thanks in advance!!
  2. Thanks QuasarDecimari! I appreciate the input
  3. Hey guys, I was trying to avoid dropping the upper oil pan so I bought a new lower oil pan hoping that was the oil leak and not the upper. I got the felpro gasket and bolted the new one on tightened to 80 in/lbs. It's still leaking!!! Is it possible that the surface is warped? When I pulled off the old one, it was on there completely with RTV, no gasket at all. Maybe whoever put on the previous one knew something I didn't. I cleaned it really well-scraped it and used break kleen, but I can look at the side and see it seeping. Very slightly, but it is seeping. What should I do? Total RTV or get another gasket and try again? I would appreciate any input!! Thanks! PS. Just looked in Haynes Manual and it says use RTV. It says nothing about a gasket other than if the flange is distorted, use a wood block and hammer to flatten and restore the gasket surface. I'd still like any personal advice if you've gone through it.
  4. Wow! I'm amazed at my lack of common sense sometimes! A little bearing grease and in it went.
  5. I'd give anything to have threads on this stupid thing but unfortunately, we who have the 01, get no threads. It's a push in. I've looked at possibly parts store screw up, but I have my valve cover off and there are no threads there. It's an aluminum head so maybe I should tap some threads in there and use either the 00 or the 02. I thought maybe it's a crappy pcv valve but I've gotten 3 different ones from 3 different parts stores and none will go!!
  6. Does anyone have any helpful hints or tricks to get the pcv valve pushed into the valve cover? Im replacing valve cover gaskets and trying to get this valve back in without threads and finding it close to impossible. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Hey guys, I'm in the middle of doing this little task and finding a lot more problems than anticipated. So many hoses need to be replaced. I tried to pull the hose off of the pcv valve and it shattered. Got the new valve and hose but can't get the valve back in. Any tips to shoving this thing in? I want heat the valve cover but I don't know if that would be ill advised. I'm now on a time crunch and HAVE to get this damn thing finished. HELP!!!!!
  8. Thanks Onespiritbrain! I appreciate that very much!
  9. Can anyone tell me if the valve covers on an 01 Pathy are serviceable? I was going to put new spark plug tube seals and grommets while doing the gaskets, but went to order the parts and the reviews some people were giving said they would not fit. Looked at buying new valve covers all together and the price for the 01 is much much higher than any other year-like by at least $100. Can anyone shed some light on this? I noticed Fel-Pro does not send grommets or seals with the valve cover gaskets however they did on my Isuzu Trooper and they do on many other vehicles but not for the 01 Pathfinder.
  10. So......Blue Devil is the ticket huh? I'm definitely checking into it. I downloaded the Haynes Manual and I'm afraid that I may find something just like you did, if not worse. One other "minor" issue that I hadn't thought about but it looks like I might go head to head with, I think the upper oil pan may be a partial culprit to this leaking business. To me, the upper oil pan looks like more of a pain in the ass than the HG(and I'm more than likely way wrong.) Game plan has now changed gentlemen. The 'ol blue devil is going to save me the headache and heartache of HG. Valve cover gaskets, manifold, throttle body, grommets and seals for the plug tubes and I'm really debating the oil pan. I thought it was the lower pan but did not account for the upper. I guess I don't have much of a choice unless someone has a little blue devil trick up their sleeve for the oil pan?!? One last thing, what do you guys think about the gasket kits? I thought if I get Fel-Pro that has a boatload of gaskets for parts that I'm not even familiar with, for about $100, I think I'm way ahead of the game. This whole thing has me nervous. With 235k miles on it, it's running stronger than it ever has since I bought it. I hate to screw up a good thing. It will be fun anyway. I think I can do it!!
  11. Slartibartfast, this baby has been leaking oil externally for many moons. Im going to need about 5 gal of degreaser to be able to do anything with it. Oil leak has ruined two alternators and power steering pump. Gotta at least get valve cover gaskets done. Good tip to see about antifreeze. If i don't need to mess with the head gaskets, i'd be a happy man. Im kind of excited about replacing the valve cover gaskets. Working on that truck is the one place where i seem to have some peace in my life. I sometimes have to sabotage the thing just to get ot of the house. I'll download the manual and let you know how things go. Im sure I'll have more questions in the next few weeks, but thanks much for the tips!
  12. Hey guys, I have a week off coming up in February and thought I'd replace my valve cover gaskets and fix this damn oil leak. When I checked the oil the other day, it was a half qt low. I went to put oil in and what do you know, milky looking something on my oil fill cap. I asked a friend what that is and he said you've got antifreeze leaking into your oil, time to replace the head gaskets. So now in February, I'll be doing both valve cover and head gaskets. I looked on youtube at a guy doing just valve cover gaskets and it did not appear that he was having a hell of a lot of fun. I've fixed and replaced A TON of things on this truck. With help from all of you, they've all been successful and are maintaining. This is going to be by far the deepest I've dug into this beast and if anyone can tell me any shortcuts or tips, I'd really appreciate it. I'm nervous about it already. Are there things that I need to be looking out for? I read somewhere that digging in this deep will require a timing chain replacement? That didn't sound right but please let me know!! That, from what I've heard, is territory I don't think I should tread into. Is there a thread with step by step instruction on the best way? Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, you guys can tell me to help me on this fun little excursion would be great!! I'm going to order fel-pro gaskets and if there's anything I need with them, talk to me! I changed valve cover gaskets in my 99 Trooper and the vc gaskets took no RTV. I'm guessing these are the same? I think it's the head gaskets that I'm nervous about. I'll start posting on here I'm sure after day 1 begging for help.Thanks in advance!!
  13. Hey guys, I put in a new duralast gold battery in my 01 pathfinder two weeks ago. A few nights ago, all lights on the dash came on(same thing that happened last time the alternator went). I kept going and it went back to normal. Stopped at autozone and they said the battery is overcharging. Swapped out the battery and then last night it did it again. A friend said its probably the voltage regulator. #1) where is the voltage regulator? #2) Would it be better to just replace the alternator? Any advice would be really helpful! Thanks!!
  14. When I initially started this little venture, I replaced everything except the adjuster. I replaced the drums, shoes, and springs. You made a good point that I didn't think of. I didn't think that it may be a small piece of something inside. I blew it off with my compressor and cleaned off the flat spots where the shoes ride and greased them. I wasn't thorough so that might have come back to bite me. I didn't think about the e-brake like that. I guess it sounded kind of harsh, but heck, I'll try anything. It felt a little smoother tonight when I drove. I don't know if it can get smoother with time? The Wagner shoes feel a million times better than the Acdelcos though. After work tomorrow, I'll pull off the drums and see what I can get out of there with a wire brush and go from there. I'll definitely let you know
  15. I pulled out the Acdelco shoes and put Wagner in. The drivers side Acdelco's looked liked they were burned. I took the drums and cleaned them with brakekleen. Put the Wagners in and was careful to adjust them the same. There is still a vibration but nothing like it was. I've read some crazy @!*% like driving 100 yards with ebrake on? Is that really an option? I read a few different posts about sanding the drums? I don't know what else to do! I'm not taking it to a shop. Drum brakes can't be THAT difficult....or can they?

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