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  1. I got the to the Pathfinder about 11pm last night when the temp dropped to a balmy 108. Looks like the ignition coil pack is good, spark plug good, and wiring is good. Swapped it to the #4 but code did not follow. Also plugged them together and turned the key a split second and sure enough, there's spark. I'm thinking now we're looking at #3 fuel injector. I've been down the injector road before and never a pleasurable experience having to pull so much off just to get to the injectors. If anyone knows any shortcuts or easier ways to get to the injectors, please enlighten me. I just put a new engine in a 99 Isuzu trooper. Same 3.5 motor but Nissan has to make it so you have to fight every step of the way compared to the Isuzu. I can pull injectors out of the Isuzu within minutes. There's no pulling manifolds and everything else that Nissan throws in there. So frustrating
  2. Finally, this afternoon I got a check engine light. It's cylinder #3 misfire. If the engine will cool down, probably by about 2am, I'll check the plug, coil and wires and see what I can find.
  3. Hey guys, I haven't been on here for a while, but I have a question/concern/problem. I live in Phoenix where the last few days has been 115+degrees. I don't know if that has any bearing on this. It took my AC a long long time to start cooling yesterday even though the freon is good and again, I don't know if that has anything to do with anything other than it's damn hot!! Today, I went out and fired up the truck. Driving down the road and noticed it running really rough. Stop at a light and it doesn't stall but really idling rough. My temp isn't going up and getting no check engine light. I put the obd meter on and have nothing. My first thought was head gasket but there's no smoke, no fluid from the tail pipe. Then I started thinking fouled plugs, fuel filter. I don't know where to start. I'm tempted to go to Oreillys and get the head gasket tester to ease my mind. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Thanks Slartibartfast and Mjotrainbrain- I've got the Haynes Manual here so I'm going to see what's going where and where the grounds are. I had only found one a few days ago but looks like there are a few. As I said, I wiggled those wires but didn't unplug anything so I'll give that a shot to see if there's any corrosion or anything melted. If I get nothing there, I'll break out the multi meter and see if that will tell me anything. I've also got a new resistor for the blower motor that I'll put in to rule it in or out. I will definitely keep you posted!
  5. Hey guys, I've posted a few times about my stereo shorting out , but I think I might have a bigger problem. The other day I was trying to find the stereo short. After pulling the deck out and finding nothing, I was pushing the wiring harness back and forth that goes to the drivers door. Just wiggling it to see if I could find a break or find a spot where the stereo would come on. Now my blower motor is coming off and on, stereo is doing the same and I'm wondering if my wiring harness is old and brittle and maybe when I was wiggling it, more wires broke? When the blower motor comes on, it isn't consistent. You can hear that it isn't a good connection. I don't know a hell of a lot about electrical stuff. I did just replace an entire wiring harness on my 99 Isuzu Trooper that pretty much runs the whole engine, however, the Pathfinder seems to be a little more "in depth" with wiring. In other words, it looks like there are a lot more wiring harnesses and a lot more confusion and complications. I'm thinking the blower and stereo are on the same wiring path since they're right next to each other. Do I dare start replacing harnesses? Any suggestions would be more than welcomed!
  6. Hey guys, My 2001 Pathfinder seems like it's got a short in the stereo. It comes on and off randomly for about 5-10 seconds and shuts off. I had to replace the drivers door(long story) and when I put the new door on and exchanged all the hardware, the stereo came on with no issues for a week. Yesterday it shut down again and back to random on and off. Today I've pulled the door panel off and when I popped it off stereo came on, 5 seconds and off. I've been under the steering wheel wiggling wires and in the door trying to re-create the issue and getting nowhere. I'll take my hands off completely and the damn thing turns on!! Are there any ideas of where to look or test? I was thinking about pulling the head unit because the light on the display flickers but never completely blacks out. I always have the radio numbers. There's a ground down on the side of the drivers door but thats tight. Any ideas would be welcomed! Thanks in advance
  7. A Mitsubishi?! Really? Oh man, that's embarrassing. I went on a site this morning called Hollanderparts.com. They have every car at wrecking yards all over the country and Canada. Got the booster(not with the part number) and master cylinder shipped to me from Iowa for $90. They seemed to be on their game so I'm looking forward to driving semi-safe again.
  8. Thanks Strato_54, that was pretty much my thinking on it. I also, am no expert, but to me that makes sense. I'll see if I get any DON"T DO THAT....comments and go from there!
  9. Hey Guys, I had the brake booster take a dive on my 01 Pathfinder. I have looked everywhere! All the local auto parts stores, online, salvage yards. Parts Authority, which usually has parts, said they have two Centric boosters on order but it's a factory back order. Everywhere online says "won't fit your vehicle" or "out of stock". The few that had them online were well over $200 with core charge getting closer to 3. I call a salvage yard and they tell me two Pathfinders came in, one yesterday, one today. I drive down there with little to no brakes VERY carefully and the only parts stripped off of both are the damn boosters! Am I missing something or is there a huge run on early 2000's brake boosters for this one particular year and model? When I'm looking for a booster, can I go with a different model number if the specs are right on? For instance, my model number is 53-6404. There was also a 53-6405 with similar specs. Can I use that, especially when it's cost is about half, or do I need to stick to the one meant for the Pathfinder? Also, does anyone know of any other sites that may have some good deals with good quality? I've checked Amazon, JCWhitney, Autoparts Warehouse, Carid, Carparts.com, RockAuto, and US Autoparts. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. I'm stuck with one vehicle until I finish the motor on my Isuzu Trooper. I really hate having to drive with a hand on the e brake and keeping 100 ft between myself and the car in front of me. Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Ok, so another alternator died on my way to work. I put the new one in yesterday and the radio came on for the first time in a long time. This time it stayed on for about 15 minutes. Shut off again. I thought it was maybe something with the battery terminals. Cleaned the hell out of them but nothing again. I'm guessing it's somewhere in the wiring harness that I was pushing around to put the alternator in, but I'm just guessing. Btw, you haven't lived until you've put an alternator in an 01 Pathfinder. Most ridiculous design I've ever seen on a vehicle. It wouldn't have anything to do with the alternator would it? I'm so lost on this thing as my electrical knowledge is very limited so any insight at all would be great. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, so im driving to work at 4 this morning. All the lights on the dash come on so im thinking alternator because that's what happened last time. However last time it kept running on battery, this time it started chugging, lights got really dim and it died. I just put in this alternator a year ago and battery is less than 6 months old. Why would it die that quickly? No issues starting, no issues period. Any ideas would be welcomed! Thanks!
  12. Hey guys, This is pretty random, but I hope someone can give me some advice. Recently, my bose stereo died-well it didn't die but I'm getting no sound out of the speakers. I've looked online and there are a few different things people are saying. 1) There's a loose wire and when it grounds, the amp goes into protect mode and shuts down. Every now and then, it turns on for no reason-no sharp turn, no hitting some bumps-just whenever it wants, then shuts down again after about 10 seconds. 2)another option- The head unit is shot. 3) Fuses(checked them all) but it wouldn't turn back on if that were the case. I'm leaning toward #1 but I have no clue where to start. Now on top of that, last night, I stopped at a light and all my dash lights came on just like when my alternator died a year ago from a little too much power steering fluid dripping on it. That is fixed now. By the time I got to the house, dash lights were off and all was good. Left for work this morning and no lights and ran totally normal. Same tonight-normal. Had alternator, battery, and starter tested at Autozone and all were perfect. Does anyone know where I could start? Do you think they have anything to do with one another? I'm ok mechanically, but when it comes to electrical stuff, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Any ideas of where to look, start, anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, Just a quick question. I got the p1110 code for the intake valve timing control solenoid. I replaced it. All good right? Wrong. I noticed I've got another oil leak. I'm looking around , checking the valve cover gaskets that I replaced and lower oil pan and not seeing anything. I look closer and realize the oil is pooling just off to the side of the ivtcs. Pooling there and then dripping down. You get that metal gasket with it and I'm wondering if there's any way to give that a better seal? Obviously you don't want to put any rtv in there but there has to be a better way to get that to seal. Or is it possibly because I got it from ebay for $30 instead of shelling out $100? Any suggestions would be awesome!! Thanks in advance!!
  14. Thanks QuasarDecimari! I appreciate the input
  15. Hey guys, I was trying to avoid dropping the upper oil pan so I bought a new lower oil pan hoping that was the oil leak and not the upper. I got the felpro gasket and bolted the new one on tightened to 80 in/lbs. It's still leaking!!! Is it possible that the surface is warped? When I pulled off the old one, it was on there completely with RTV, no gasket at all. Maybe whoever put on the previous one knew something I didn't. I cleaned it really well-scraped it and used break kleen, but I can look at the side and see it seeping. Very slightly, but it is seeping. What should I do? Total RTV or get another gasket and try again? I would appreciate any input!! Thanks! PS. Just looked in Haynes Manual and it says use RTV. It says nothing about a gasket other than if the flange is distorted, use a wood block and hammer to flatten and restore the gasket surface. I'd still like any personal advice if you've gone through it.

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