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  1. Yes that is what I am looking to get a replacement for. I plan to powdercoat my tire carrier and put a new label. And the 4x4 Instructions in my XE was just a sticker fixed to the sunvisor. But I cannot find my original one for the life of me.
  2. Anyone have any original labels for the wd21? Two I am looking for is the caution label for the spare tire carrier and the label for the 4x4 Instructions. I am looking to see if maybe we could compile photocopys of the original labels for everyone to have access to? I wanna have a new label for the tire carrier after I powder coat it black.
  3. Hey everyone! My center console has some shimmy in it at the slightest lean. I found that the retainers that the console screws into are loose and the metal is a little bet outta shape. Anybody have a part number for those pieces that keep the console tight? They go just underneath the center console box with the lid. I'm sure many other experience this.
  4. As the ad states. Want to buy a Spare Tire Cover with the original logo in good shape. Someone locally has it in a part out in pretty good condition. Wants 100 bucks. Maybe someone else could provide? Mine is coming apart and I miss the look of the black vinyl. Its become more of a gray due to california sun. Thanks!
  5. Id also like to know what is possible faults to check for. I got a misfire and i have occasional rough starts with a shaky idle for a couple seconds. the ECU gave me a code 51 for injector circuit. injectors were replaced, fuel filter replaced. it did help a little bit. im planning spark plugs next
  6. So as the title says, I am trying to remove outer weatherstrip. I have new parts from Thailand ready to install. How do I remove the old ones though? Just ask the Matco Guy for a tool? Or is there a way to git'er done at home? Thanks!
  7. I know the knock sensor is used for advancing or retarding the ignition, but would it not being connected cause bad fuel economy and perhaps light power loss?
  8. So a while back I had replaced the injectors of my pathy. And upon removal of the lower plenum, we learned that the knock sensor had been removed and the wire had been folded back and taped to the rest of the harness. my dad told me that it had apparently been there since we had owned it. We have owned it since my parents bought it used from the mazda dealer. would it cause any kind of reduced fuel economy to not have it? would it also explain why if i had any knocking problems that the knocking wouldnt reduce or stop?
  9. I wouldn't plan on doing anything TOO crazy but maybe something closer to the 300zx tune or just switch the computer entirely if i ever feel like it. Would it be cheaper and easier to just change the injectors and pulleys to the ones from the vg33e and supercharge it? I honestly would just love a good throttle response and pep from a daily driver. Not looking for insane horsepower, looking to have those couple seconds of bliss when pulling onto the freeway ramp.
  10. Like I know that I obviously would sacrifice how long of a life i could get out of my pathy, but I've always been curious as to what would be the minimum requirements for a somewhat reliable/boosted daily pathfinder. I have confidence in the block but was never sure about much else. IF i wanted to turbo my pathy using the 300zx manifolds, turbo, and injectors...
  11. You havent had any problem with the Moog joints leaking grease? I read some reviews on amazon about them on their d21 claiming at full lock it exposed the grease pocket inside.
  12. Just wanted to ask up to what horsepower are the stock internals are rated for? I've heard of some nuts being able to get z31s up to 600hp on stock internals. I don't know about reliably though. While on the topic, how different are the pathfinder engines in comparison to z31s? Head difference, timing, etc. Any and all details appreciated.
  13. So changing the ignition coil plug wire fixed the initial startup issue and weak response. Should I put that conductive gel on each end of that wire so it doesn't corrode easily? Or does it not matter?
  14. I think i found the problem, during class i disconnected the ignition coil before conducting a test. Found that it was very chalky, white, and the connector was broken and corroded. I am gonna be replacing the ignition coil and coil plug wire.
  15. So I was in class the other day conducting a manual load test on our battery, and when It came time for my turn, my starting sounded like it wanted to start as if fuel was in the system. In short it sounded very erratic and didnt crank as the other cars did. Could the starter be weak or be causing the problem stated above?

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