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  1. I have a 2001 infinity qx4. Same thing as a pathfinder. with the vq35 that is a 3.5L not the 3.3L It is fully loaded 4x4 etc. I have a brand new transmission installed and brand new engine. I am having a problem with the kick down. I can disconnect the lower plug on the TPS sensor and the car shifts just fine but I the transmission will not kick down a gear for WOT it just bogs down. When I have the plug plugged in The car will shift fine 1-2 then 2-3 will go to red line slam shift. Then 3-4 will sift flare real bad. I think I have it figured out as a transmission tcm electrical problem. I am looking for wiring diagrams. I have changed the TCM and TPS with several spare parts to no avail.
  2. hey all I have a 2002 infinity qx4 same as the Nissan pathfinder they are both R50 from what I understand. I love this car to death. It is in near mint shape. My engine the vq35 threw a rod bearing. I am starting to look at different engine possibility. I have discovered that in some contrary the R50 came in a diesel. I was wondering if someone could please shed some light on this subject. I am wondering if a conversion is a possibility. A used vg35 is going to set me back about 1200 usd. I have seen several different Nissan diesel engines that are jdm for not to much more. Has anyone done the swap? what motors will for sure will just bolt up. I have herd of people putting in an LS or a diesel motor from a Nissan patrol zd30? I need to get as much info as possibility before I drop any coin on motors and parts. It would almost be cheaper to just scrap my car and buy another but I cant justify that.
  3. i just love my 2002 R50 qx4. I just hit 280k miles on it. My motor just for no reason threw a rod bearing and locked up. It has a vq35 in it stock from the factory. I am on my 4th transmission re4r01a. They seem to be crap transmissions. I have herd some talk on the internet that a few different engine swaps that were not available in the USA. Dose anyone have any information on them? I herd a few people mention they have done a v8 swap or even a diesel swap in the R50. Any information would be great. I would also love to know what modifications are necessary and will it bolt to stock transmission.

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