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  1. Anyone know what it means when you hook up a code reader and in the Freeze Frame Section it says: Fuel Sys 1 - OL, Not ready, CL Fuel Sys 2 - OL, Not ready, CL Map 29, 2 and then in the I/M Status sections it says: EVAP System Mon - inc Oxygen Sensor Mon - inc Oxygen Sensor Htr - inc EGR Sensor inc I presume the inc means that these tests are incomplete....but why? I hooked up the code reader turned the key...but engine off. Do I need to actually start the engine with the code reader on.....or will this damage something on the truck? Thanks
  2. It has 245,000 km and it starts intermittantly. I 've heard the fuel pump whine prior to starting, starter and alternator are good. I've checked the spark on a few spark plugs and I see a good bright orange spark...the spark plugs are new. Sometimes when I press the peddle all the way down and then crank it seems like it wants to start for 2 seconds but doesn't. Sometimes, when I continue to crank, after a few tries it starts? Any ideas? Crank sensor? I will be doing a fuel pressure test before the injectors to check for leakage, but if I can start the truck in the morning...then I wouldn't expect there to be a leak?

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