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  1. Independent suspension is a lot more capable than people give it credit for, especially when modified so I doubt it'll give ya too much trouble, but if so good to know you aready have some ideas brewing! I can't remember if that year has the issue, but if so has an auxillary transmission cooler been installed to avoid the SMOD?
  2. Good choice on the skinny tires! I'm wondering, were there any reasons you chose the R51 over your R50 other than money?
  3. Should be a fun project, welcome to the forum! People have adapted XJ and TJ bumpers to work before, so perhaps those can help give inspiration for sturdy mounting of your bumper.
  4. Should work. Looks like those wheels have 4.75" of backspacing, so if you want to go with a larger tire in the future it won't work, but for a 31x10.5 you'll be good.
  5. I believe plastic is black and aluminum is silver, may be wrong on the color of the plastic ones.
  6. Pretty low miles, will be interesting to see what that bumper looks like when it's done!
  7. Glad to hear the wheels aren't in the scrap heap! Sounds like the roof rack is proving more than practical enough to make up for it's looks.
  8. Deleted some duplicate threads and plopped this into the regular R50 section (as it isn't an FAQ per se). (Note: if you're on TapaTalk OP, apparently it doesn't make it clear if you've posted a thread successfully - you probably have, so go back and check if it's there before trying again.)
  9. You'd be experiencing no change in exhaust note because it sounds to me like your resonator fell off, that doesn't make much of an impact on exhaust note. Mine fell off too due to rust on my Infiniti, and I chopped it off my 4Runner so I didn't smash it on rocks. If it broke off at the main muffler you may have a hard time repairing it if at all possible, but if the pipe just broke somewhere in the middle you could probably cobble something together to route it out behind the mudflap or something.
  10. Huh, I've never heard of a master cylinder upgrade on an R50. Would a combination of this and @hawairish's disk brake swap yield some great results for those with big tires and/or towing?
  11. Welcome back! Rig is looking good. I'm still torn on if I like the Xterra racks on those, but it does look like a clean install. I'm sad the Lego's are gone though.
  12. Sweet rides @OneUp, can't wait to see more about them!
  13. Moved from "86.5-89 WD21 Pathfinders" to "90-95 WD21 Pathfinders".
  14. https://www.google.com/search?q=SFD+site%3Anissanpathfinders.net&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS759US759&oq=SFD+site%3Anissanpathfinders.net&aqs=chrome..69i57.6710j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 As @DonutHands said there are no kits currently available, but a couple guys on the forum will be producing a very high quality kit at some point in the (nearish?) future.
  15. https://www.google.com/search?q=SFD+site%3Anissanpathfinders.net&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS759US759&oq=SFD+site%3Anissanpathfinders.net&aqs=chrome..69i57.6710j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  16. 2 inches is the general limit, with a spring lift being safer for the CV's than a spacer lift. Since you seem interested in taller, your only option is a sub frame drop (SFD). If you do some searching you can find lots of information about those on this forum. The limiting factor isn't the fact that the vehicle is unibody, it's the fact that it has IFS, so CV angle is the limiting factor.
  17. READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES! NOMINATIONS AND POSTS NOT CONFORMING TO THE RULES LINED OUT BELOW WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTIFICATION. 1. You can nominate only Pathfinder/Terrano/QX4 trucks belonging to Registered NPORA Forum Members. New members will have to wait 3 months and have a post count of 100 before they can be nominated. Members who are banned, currently on suspension or for 1 month after their return from suspension will also be disallowed. (If you are banned you won't be able to be nominated for 2 months). 1a. Include the name of the NPORA Member who's truck it is that you're nominating (even if it is yours) 2. NO FAKE OR JOKE ENTRIES. 2b. Only original, unaltered photos with out graphics, advertisement or watermarks will be accepted for nomination. (Actual permanent stickers are allowable.) 2c. Final acceptance of TotM Nominations pics and winner submissions is at the sole discretion of the NPORA Moderation Team. 3. First 20 nominees are up for consideration and the nomination thread will be closed after the 20th submission or the 20th of the month, which ever comes 1st. Voting will be from 21st-31th. 4. One pic per nomination post, pics must have at least 640x480 of usable image space for use in the in the official boarder in the event that it wins the popular vote.All nominations are subject to the approval of the Mod Team and all decisions are final. Try to make it a good one or nobody will vote for your nominee! A recent pic is preferred but if the Pathy is still in the same shape as your last pic, go ahead and use that. An offroad setting or action pic is also preferred, but not necessary. 5. Only one truck nomination per member per month. 5a. If multiple people want to nominate the same truck, it is up to the nominee to decide on which pic to run with. In the absence of the nominee, the decision will be made by NPORA Moderating Team 6. Winner gets 3 pics of their choice of their Pathfinder pinned in the TOTM forum (PM me the links please) and is ineligible for the remainder of the calendar year. 6a. A Member can only win once a year - multiple pathfinders does not mean multiple wins. 7. No post whoring. 8. Not reading these rules may result in a zombie attack. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TOTM: THEMED MONTHS The idea was put forward by packie88 with then intention of getting people out in their pathys to get themed shots. It is only each alternate month that is themed, so you can post up whatever pic you want in the in between month (Some people will never see snow). It is a kind of rule, but a loose one. For example, water crossing nominations may be considered if there is a mud crossing, the truck is in water, or crossing the road in a torrential rainpour. If you post up a pic with no water in sight, then that will be removed. Below are the monthly themes: January Anything goes February Snow pic March Anything goes April Water crossing pic May Anything goes June Sand pic July Anything goes August Flex pic September Anything goes October Sunset pic November Anything goes December Mud pic This nomination thread is open through December 20 or until 20 submissions are reached (whichever comes first).
  18. X2 Welcome to the forum by the way! There's a ton of good tech info here.
  19. I'm guessing you're on mobile, on desktop it says it under his username.
  20. Those NISMO wheels are sweet, I do like the look of the older QX4 wheels but those are so much better. Sounds like that dealer didn't know what he had!
  21. Sounds like you've got a pretty neat rig, how long have you had it? Also, got some more pics of that bumper? Looks cool from the side profile!
  22. If you don't physically test fit make sure you measure the center bore, if they're coming off a Chevy or Jeep it may be too small. Looks right from the pic though.

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