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  1. 13 minutes ago, Strato_54 said:

    Tims and mc Ds are drive thru only. lordco auto parts has floor stickers you must stand on when talking to the people at the desk and at the register about 6 feet away


    Same here. The auto parts stores seem more sanitary than the fast food joints to me lol.


    For those of you still going out to eat, don't forget, even if the employees at the drive-thru are wearing gloves, those gloves just touched the credit card of the person behind you, then your drink, and the next person's card, then their drink, and the next person's card, then their drink...matters a bit more now, but that's something to think about always - money and cards are gross!

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  2. Been a while since an update, but it drives good now! Not that I've driven it a lot in the past few weeks...thanks Corona. :deadhorse:


    New rotors all around solved all of the shaking issues from what I can tell, and a rebuild on the parking brake made it work; some bits were entirely missing, and the rest was well worn. Also have some DuroBump bumpstops up front, which has the suspension at a point that I'm happy with for the time being. Put a radio out of a 2007 Scion TC in to replace the Jensen head unit, as it was buggy and didn't match the rest of the interior very well. Also put on a new passenger front wheel bearing and ProComp Series 69 wheels after I had a tire fall off during some New Year's wheeling. Done a few other odds and ends since, but mostly been trying to just keep it in good shape and enjoy it.


    Also has a 1" body lift and a full factory exhaust now.



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  3. Here in Michigan lots of people are staying inside like they're supposed to, but there's also plenty who aren't. I work fast food and that's considered "essential" so I still have some income thankfully, although reduced hours. It's strange not driving to class or anywhere else. Getting lots cleaned around the house and hoping to kill some time with wiring projects on the 4Runner soon.

  4. Photos on this forum are a little different than what you're probably used to, you have to host them externally. There's a few different how-to's and informational threads, here's one:



  5. Since the strut overhangs the inner edge of the tire (lower coil bucket, should be pretty easy to see if you peek in there), maximum diameter is very critical. As @R50JR said, 31" is your max with regard to that. If you want to retain your current wheels when you get larger tires later on down the road you'll need spacers.


    As far as fitting without trimming the fenders or bumper, 31's may require some trimming, but if so it won't be a lot.

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  6. That depends, did you install the camber bolt on the top hole or the bottom hole? In any case, it should be easy enough to loosen the bolt and rotate it 180° to see which way is correct. Even without putting the tire back on you should be able to very clearly see the knuckle change angle.

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  7. On 3/6/2020 at 8:41 PM, Strato_54 said:

    what do you normally have to trim, just bumper plastic?


    Bumper plastic, and commonly also a bit of metal on the fender right by the rocker panel. I had to take a small triangle off mine in that area.

  8. I agree with everyone else, with the new glass in it's really not bad! A couple body panels from the junkyard and it would honestly look pretty excellent. Really jealous of how clean your strut towers are too! Looks like you've got a good setup going for it.

  9. I have 1aauto sway bar end links on my 4Runner. The parts are fine but the nuts they included were junk. I wouldn't trust any significant parts from them. With discount codes you should be able to get KYB stuff from Advance Auto or something like that for a comparable price.

  10. There is very little information about that generation Pathfinder on this forum, as they're not optimized for offroading from Nissan really in any way, and this is a primarily offroad forum. All of the discussions thus far (very few) are here:




    As far as a lift, the only suggestion I would have is getting a spacer lift custom machined, just then you'll have to take the plunge to experiment with if the CV's will survive and if it will even be possible to align it, let alone if any of the car's electronic systems will get fussy.

  11. On 2/24/2020 at 12:54 AM, allspringsnospaceR50 said:

    Hey guys just joined npora happy to be here got my pathfinder on October 2019. I’ve always loved Nissan and this is my second 4x4 Nissan.  It’s been fun to research the parts I need to modify this thing. I’ve been working professionally in the automotive industry for close to ten years and I am a master tech so I know my way around a car. Let me know if you have any general questions. I’d be happy to help out.


    i already have 2”AC coil springs up front stock KYB struts and shocks from previous owner. I have LR 9449 coil springs in the rear. The wheels are trail master TM5-5883 3.75 backspacing 15x8  lug pattern 6x5.5. Those are wrapped in falken AT3 wildpeak 32x11.5R15. Has to do some trimming to fit them in there but wasn’t too much. 

    Pic below is the first real time I took it off road




    I dig that red! I've seen your rig on IG too, it does well!

  12. On 3/4/2020 at 5:43 AM, RAW444 said:

    Hey mate, nice clean pick up! 


    First thing I did with mine when I got her stock was new wheels and tires.. You can fit 31" on stock ride height but you may need to trim your bumper.. or get a bull bar ;)

    Sunraysia Steel Rims are pretty popular and fairly cheap, don't go any smaller than 16" as any smaller will rub the inside against your calipers.

    Below is pic with 31's before any lift or suspension mods    -7 offset sits flush with flares.. which is a legal requirement where I live.


    r50 lone.jpg


    First of all, nice looking Pathy!!


    15's will fit, but it's kinda situational. Steelies tend to be much more likely to fit than alloys. I had ProComp Series 51 15x8 3.75" BS on my QX4, looked tough IMO. For the OP, I'd suggest getting either 15's or 16's, whatever you think fits your budget (consider tire price too) and local availability better. Seems like tires for 15's are becoming less common as new 4x4's get bigger and bigger wheels stock.


    Pics here:



    Lots of info on this already covered in there. You just gotta sift through it. To summarize, you can fit 32's with some trimming on a 2" lift (springs every time over spacers), you'll want 15x8 wheels with 3.75" backspacing or 16x8 wheels with 4" BS.

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