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  1. Who would be interested in seeing me pick up an intake box from the junkyard (only ~$10) to do a detailed how-to on how to make the most out of the stock intake system without having to go to a full snorkel?  It worked great for me and has worked great for those who I've passed the instructions onto so far, and I've been toying with doing a proper write up.

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    2. mjotrainbrain


      I'm going to the junkyard today so if the Pathfinders there still have the parts I'll do it.  I have the spare materials still at home, just need the box.

    3. poachr


      I would definitely like to see it.

    4. Sjackson2


      yes please



  2. Well, it's gone.  Hopefully the new owners take care of it like I did, they seemed like good people who know what they're doing.  Doesn't make it hurt less.  😥

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    2. Wacky_Pathy
    3. mjotrainbrain


      Yup, it did happen.  Really liking my new 4Runner though.  Definitely lots of aftermarket, but man is it scary how similar it is to the QX4!  Even the spare interior LED bulbs I had were the right ones to pop right in.  As soon as I recover from the costs of this purchase I'll be regularly cruising Craisglist again as I always have, keeping an eye out for that one in a million dirt cheap rust free WD21 or R50.....I'm Pathy-less now, but not forever!

    4. Wacky_Pathy


      Oh I bet you are. I want a 4Runner really bad

  3. Very sadly getting rid of the R50 before winter. Looking at WD22 Xterra's, but the interior feels so cheap and crappy by comparison...

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    2. RedPath88


      Nope you answered it. Have you considered another R50 so you can just swap mods over? maybe a rust-free west coast model. As for the WD22, I understand getting the REAL NexGen Pathy :P:D

    3. R50JR
    4. mjotrainbrain


      I thought about getting a rust free one, but I figured I'd rather get something with a frame for now; if I get another R50, I want it to be a second vehicle that I can keep out of the snow and SALT.  Current plan is to celebrate college graduation with a plane ticket to Arizona and a few thousand bucks.  Maybe have parts shipped down and go on adventures with forum folks on my way back up.  :beer:

  4. Hopefully going to have my strut towers all welded up within the next month or so! I can't wait...just want it done already. Then I need to figure out what to do about rust on the rest of the underside; I don't particularly look forward to the idea of doing it myself in the driveway.

  5. Thoroughly stressed by rust. Why?!?

  6. Trying to make decisions regarding rust repair. If only I could just win the lottery...

  7. Going to Rocks and Valleys ORV Park tomorrow. Supposedly it's pretty hardcore, hope I don't break anything! Hard obstacles supposedly have go-arounds...they better, haha.

  8. So what next: rear end stuff (shocks, brake line, diff breather) or armor (skidplates)?

    1. micahfelker


      Definitely start with protection, skid plates, sliders, etc

  9. Tires are happening tomorrow!

  10. Was doing homework, then started reading SAS threads...so tempting, but not any time soon! Oh look, it's been two hours...oops...

    1. micahfelker


      lol same, I'm supposed to be writing a paper yet here I am on npora

  11. Dropped it off to the fab guy; winch bumper incoming!

  12. Fixed all my bodywork yesterday with my dad. Looks kind of funny with the bumper cover off and fog lights zip tied to the crash bar, but it will look better once I get a winch bumper fabbed up by a local guy. Already met with him about it, just need to save some more $$$.

    1. LittleFR


      You'll get there. Don't ever save money... It's just another thing wasted on your ex wife.

  13. Tapped a tree today. Still have to decide how much body work I want to bother doing to a 15 year old truck... :'-(

    1. CO_pathfinder


      There are only two possible answers - A) None whatsoever, and B) Get a new body panel from a JY

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