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    2002 Infiniti QX4VQ35DE, automatic, worn out LSD, tail light guards, Weather Tech floormats, Reese trailer hitch, and 12-15MPG. OME HD coils and KYB struts w/ Fleury's 1" spacer lift in front. OME medium duty coils and fleury's 2" spacers in the rear.. Total of 2.5" in front, 3.5" in rear. 32x11.50r15 BFG KO2's on ProComp 15x8 steel wheels #PCW51-5883. Curt roof rack with extension, shovel mounted. Custom tube winch bumper w/ Rough Country 9500# winch. Warn 29091 hubs.
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    Michigan, USA
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    I Wish I had a Pathy!
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  1. mjotrainbrain

    Ban the person above you...

    Banned for criticising instead of helping
  2. First of all welcome, sounds like you have a lot of questions! I'd advise you to just expect some feedback on the engine/tranny removal question here, and go ahead and start a new thread with the rest, where you can post updates and further questions pertaining to your Pathy, since this one is dedicated to system_f's rig!
  3. mjotrainbrain

    R50's are getting cheap - advice

    Looks pretty good! I'd inspect it for signs of abuse offroad since it has nice tires.
  4. mjotrainbrain

    2004 Nissan Pathfinder Lift

    How many miles do your current struts have on them? The reason it's generally advised to change them at the same time is because, in order to install a coil lift, you have to totally disassemble the strut. While you're doing that much work, you may as well put new on generally. KYB struts with OEM Nissan bearings are a very popular and good option as far as that. Rear shocks only take 2 fasteners to change, so it's up to you when to change them, however longer rear shocks will allow you to take advantage of the additional suspension flex lift coils will make possible. In addition, using a nice shock like Bilstein will improve ride greatly. As far as spacer vs coil, it depends on your intended use of the vehicle, budget, and what you want as far as ride quality. There's a lot more to consider than it seems at the surface. For spacers they will all function the same, so I always recommend Steve's product (sfcreation.com) as he's a long-time member here on the forum and I personally enjoyed his products on my rig. For coils there's two primary options: Old Man Emu or AC. OME (Not to be confused with OEM!) is produced by ARB in Australia and give phenomenal rode quality on and off road, however at less of a lift; right around 1.5". AC will generally ride harsher and may cause your front struts to "top-out" potentially causing them to wear prematurely. However, they provide a true 2" of lift and can take heavier loads better. They're great for a rig laden down with skidplates, rock sliders, and bumpers, or just anybody who doesn't mind a little harder ride who also wants a good amount of lift. My personal recommendation based upon my own experience is a 1" spacer lift paired with OME springs, however this is making out what the R50 platform can take at 2.5" of lift and can make alignment a bit of a PITA. Here's a breakdown of some things to consider: Spacers: Good: -cheap -simple -you can add/remove to level out your ride, especially as you change out springs -maintais factory ride quality Bad: -changes the location of the range of motion of the CV's, which means that at full droop they could bind (I can explain this more if you're confused, I may even do a write up on it with diagrams since it tends to confuse newbies!) -maintain factory ride quality Springs: Good: -stiffer ride/better load carrying capacity -keeps CV's in stock range of motion (again, I can explain of you'd like) so no binding issues Bad: -in some (definitely not all, don't let it scare you!) cases may damage struts -stiffer ride -more expensive Hopefully that's helpful for you. I think it's fairly comprehensive, but it's late and I just got done with 4 days of working on my 4Runner, so I'm tired haha.
  5. mjotrainbrain

    new from argentina with r50

    Very good looking Pathfinder, and with low kilometers too! Welcome, and enjoy your new ride!
  6. mjotrainbrain

    4x4 Conversion. I did it.

    Wow, you had to do that to me! Haha, all in good fun. Nice write-up, lots of good information for anybody contemplating this swap! So glad you didn't give up on the R50. I wonder who else doubles as a 4Runner fan? Also....you know this forum well enough to know what I'm gonna request...pictures!
  7. mjotrainbrain

    Ban the person above you...

    Banned for not bleeding out yet
  8. mjotrainbrain

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    Fruit punch
  9. mjotrainbrain

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    jack rabbit
  10. mjotrainbrain

    Another Forum Game

    ^ has a fear of garlic < not looking forward to changing a timing belt this weekend v passing on the sparkly vampires from above - not I!
  11. mjotrainbrain

    Ban the person above you...

    Banned for having an aversion to technicalities
  12. mjotrainbrain

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  13. Ooh, I forgot about enjoi's rig. That thing did look really good. Maybe black would work after all, haha. Maybe if I actually looked up pics instead of just imagining it I'd give better input... System_f, have you tried photoshopping pics of the wheels onto a pic of your Pathy? Or even just a quick and dirty job with MS Paint. It would give you a much better idea of which wheels will look good.
  14. I would agree, don't do black with that body color, the grey is certainly tempting. The silver might be a little too bright, but the style of the wheel is very nice.
  15. mjotrainbrain

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    Now to soup up that engine to a VG34 and have a SWEET daily driver! Looks fantastic man, always making me want to find a nice one to bring back to life.

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