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    2002 Infiniti QX4VQ35DE, automatic, worn out LSD, tail light guards, Weather Tech floormats, Reese trailer hitch, and 12-15MPG. OME HD coils and KYB struts w/ Fleury's 1" spacer lift in front. OME medium duty coils and fleury's 2" spacers in the rear.. Total of 2.5" in front, 3.5" in rear. 32x11.50r15 BFG KO2's on ProComp 15x8 steel wheels #PCW51-5883. Curt roof rack with extension, shovel mounted. Custom tube winch bumper w/ Rough Country 9500# winch. Warn 29091 hubs.
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    Michigan, USA
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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  1. mjotrainbrain

    Rola rack and mounts

    That Curt rack is the one I have as well, it's solid. Just like any other rack, they rust from the inside out, so I'd spray extra paint down in there before assembly. And for mine, the hex head on the included screws stripped out pretty easily. Otherwise, it's been good.
  2. mjotrainbrain

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    I'd be interested to know as well. I've heard it doesn't work, but I'm not sure. I like a bright dash in the day, and I'd love to change the color, but at night I DO NOT appreciate bright lights in the cabin.
  3. mjotrainbrain

    2001 Transmission issue?

    Yes, specifying the method is important. No idea how the volume of fluid compares between R50's and 4th gen 4Runners, but the standard practice there is to drop the pan 3-4 times and replace the 3-4 quarts that come out when doing so. This will replace near enough to all the fluid without any real risk of harm to the tranny, other than the inconvenience of having to do it. The more things that get brought up on here, the more maintenance I realize I should have done to mine...
  4. mjotrainbrain

    2001 Transmission issue?

    Due to most tire manufacturers exaggerating their tire sizes (ie. a "32" is really anywhere from 31.5-31.8 usually), you do have a decent sized tire on there IMO. When I had 32x11.50r15 on my '02 QX4 it would have a bit of a hard time finding that last gear sometimes, especially if it dropped down a gear to climb a long hill; it would take FOREVER to figure itself out on the other side. That being said, how long have you had oversize tires? If it's been a while now, this issue probably isn't coupled to that. Was the vehicle fully warmed up? I know auto trannies sometimes don't shift right if they're cold, especially if you have oversize tires too.
  5. mjotrainbrain

    Rola rack and mounts

    Yup, that's my video. Never followed up with further thoughts, kinda just left my experience hanging. Basically it can be taken as evidence that unibody flex really should be taken into account when making modifications that span the length of these vehicles. Although, skidplates and rock sliders could have potentially stiffened the vehicle enough to make this a non-issue. Even so, conduit clamps seem to be the way to go. Yes, that's more or less what happened. My rack was actually bolted to a very stiff piece of rubber (cheap-o/sketchy coil spring spacers from AutoZone like these https://www.autozone.com/suspension-system-coil-springs-and-lift-lowering/coil-spring-booster/superior-automotive-coil-spring-booster/541731_0_0) which was then bolted to the rack, however that piece of rubber was SUPER stiff; the rack may as well have been bolted directly to the roof (which it would have been if not for the fact that my Curt roofrack was too narrow by an inch or so, could probably bend conduit clamps enough to make them work though). Couple that stiffness with an 80+lb tire strapped up top and beating the crap out of my rig at a challenging offroad park within a week of this modification, and it's no surprise that multiple bolts sheared. Initially this made me skeptical of any method that bolted the roofrack to the roof rails (rather than clamping onto the crossbars), and I may have vocalized this skepticism; I don't remember. In any case, I have now seen enough examples of the conduit clamp method to be convinced it is the best way to do it, unless you want the convenience of easy-on/off, in which case the stock mounting solution to the crossbars is best in my opinion.
  6. mjotrainbrain

    Aux. backup lights "frenched" in rear bumper

    Yup, those loaded! Looks really good. I remember seeing somebody did this a couple years ago and I always wanted to, but the Infiniti bumper doesn't have reflectors and I didn't want to blindly go cutting into the bumper cover.
  7. mjotrainbrain

    Random picture of your R50

    I had several methods of mounting the rack on my QX4 and was never quite pleased with it, I'd be interested to see him do some writeups!
  8. mjotrainbrain

    Random picture of your R50

    That's right, I remember now!
  9. mjotrainbrain

    Random picture of your R50

    The more I look at it, the more I'm convinced you're on IG. If you are, what's your username? I bet I follow you and just don't remember. Gosh I love black R50's...your post sent me on a Craigslist cruise haha.
  10. mjotrainbrain

    October 2018 TotM Nominations

    How awkward would it be if I accidentally deleted this thread right after I invited a new guy to post in it? Because that almost just happened. Stupid fingers!
  11. mjotrainbrain

    Random picture of your R50

    That's a seriously good looking rig! If you've got a good sunset pic feel free to add that to the October 2018 Truck of the Month thread, it'll be open for 10 more days. Really like the details like CB antenna placement, light bar placement, and low roof rack. Looks real slick.
  12. mjotrainbrain

    Increase Fuel Tank Capacity?

    https://www.arb.com.au/nissan-pathfinder-r50-1999-2005/fuel-tanks-storage/ Can't find a price on it.
  13. mjotrainbrain

    Increase Fuel Tank Capacity?

    There is a company that makes an extended range tank that goes where the spare is. Not really what it seems like you're looking for, but it's the only thing on the subject I've heard about in three years. I'll try to hunt down the link to it.
  14. mjotrainbrain

    Are these Factory Recovery Points?

    Technically only one of them (don't remember which) is rated as a tow point, but even so I wouldn't use them unless absolutely necessary. Not worth tweaking the vehicle if you don't have to. If you're burried to the rockers in mud I wouldn't even think about it, but if you're just slipping on a slick hill and need a winch up it would probably hold.
  15. mjotrainbrain

    Burger on bumper lamp?

    The proportions on that icon are hilarious

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