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  1. mjotrainbrain

    Auto Window Switches

    My 2002 QX4 had auto up/down on the passenger front window as well. May be able to jack some components from a junkyard QX4.
  2. mjotrainbrain

    Asain hubs on 2000 R50?

    I cannot answer specifically about those hubs, but it looks like you're new here (welcome!), so to generally address the manual hub topic in case you weren't aware: Manual hubs are completely OK to swap onto any R50 Pathfinder or QX4, even those with the electronic AUTO-mode transfer case. Just make sure if you're in any mode other than 2wd those hubs are locked up! Personally I had Warn hubs on my rig; those and Mile Marker seem to be the most popular. I haven't heard of anybody using Geo Tracker hubs. If you've got an opportunity to get them really cheap I suppose you could get them cheap, but if you were going to spend any notable amount of money on em I'd just go aftermarket personally, just because you know they'll fit. Oh, and boy will they every save wear on those CV axles!!!
  3. mjotrainbrain

    December 2018 TotM Nominations

    As @AlabamaDan said, we could probably call into question how much of a mud pic this is. However, the rules do provide and example for a similar situation: "For example, water crossing nominations may be considered if there is a mud crossing, the truck is in water, or crossing the road in a torrential rainpour. If you post up a pic with no water in sight, then that will be removed." And as such, I think we can absolutely let it slide; there's technically some mud in there - just wanted to address that since it was brought up. And while this MOST CERTAINLY counts as an epic mud pic, sorry @NIssanBoston, but you already won once this year! As such, you are not eligible for TotM December. I can add this pic to the post dedicated to you in the 2018 TotM Winners thread if you'd like though, as we discussed on Instagram.
  4. mjotrainbrain

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    I don't remember which side of it, but it's near the slip joint.
  5. mjotrainbrain

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Only the front driveshaft has a zirk stock. @Charlie_Brown has a WD21 which probably has more, but for you @AlabamaDan unless you have Moog BJ's or something you only have to worry about that front driveshaft. It probably hasn't been done in a long time so it'll take a lot of grease I suspect.
  6. mjotrainbrain

    Backup and Rock lights

    Not if you were going to wire it with a relay. If the slight power in the circuit is enough to trip the relay you'll be rockin full brightness.
  7. mjotrainbrain

    Backup and Rock lights

    I think he's saying that it means the circuit isn't completely off when it's supposed to be off, so you may find yourself driving down the road with lights on underneath your vehicle, which is illegal in many places.
  8. mjotrainbrain

    Random picture of your R50

    I don't see a PhotoBucket stamp on my end, interesting. I assume it's a giant watermark that spans the whole picture? I think some rock sliders would look way cooler than steps.
  9. mjotrainbrain

    Backup and Rock lights

    Worst case scenario there's fuses to make sure you don't wreck stuff, good luck.
  10. mjotrainbrain

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    great again
  11. mjotrainbrain

    Backup and Rock lights

    Ok maybe not as on-topic as I had remembered, but may be useful info if you end up deciding the dome light doesn't supply enough power and you have to set up a dedicated circuit (but then you run into the issue of it not coming on when you unlock...maybe there's an extra fuse slot that's part of this circuit? Or perhaps you could run a separate circuit that's powered all the time but only activated by a low-power line from the dome light circuit via a transistor or something? Again I don't have a ton of knowledge of electronics so kinda shooting in the dark/brainstorming.).
  12. mjotrainbrain

    Backup and Rock lights

    Volts should be 12, but always good to double check. And yes, amps are good to check. There's actually a recent thread on a very similar topic, but about tapping into the cigarette lighter. May be useful to you. I'm no expert with electronics either (hence studying MECHANICAL engineering), so it's always a bit of an adventure.
  13. mjotrainbrain

    Backup and Rock lights

    Oh yeah, forgot you wanted to add reverse lights too. Also, good point on the lights not coming on prior to opening the doors, that would be a nice feature... As far as tapping into the dome light, I'd get out a good ol multimeter and take readings off of it, see if it puts out any significant amount of power.
  14. mjotrainbrain

    Rear Tire Carrier?

    Here we go, lots of good information in here: What the post-facelift one looks like:
  15. mjotrainbrain

    Rear Tire Carrier?

    From what I've read it's permanently in the vehicle, when others have done this job in the past that I've seen they either just ignore the bracing or fab up something kinda ghetto that's better than nothing. Haven't really heard stories of it not working out without support as long as you don't way overdo the weight on it. There's another thread specifically on this topic, I'll try to find it. Pretty sure it was another one of @hawairish's famous tutorials, I know @CDN_S4 followed it and it worked out well for him.

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