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    Bought September 30, 2015. Sold June 30, 2018. 2002 Infiniti QX4VQ35DE, automatic, worn out LSD, tail light guards, Weather Tech floormats, Reese trailer hitch, and 12-15MPG. OME HD coils and KYB struts w/ Fleury's 1" spacer lift in front. OME medium duty coils and fleury's 2" spacers in the rear.. Total of 2.5" in front, 3.5" in rear. 32x11.50r15 BFG KO2's on ProComp 15x8 steel wheels #PCW51-5883. Curt roof rack with extension, shovel mounted. Custom tube winch bumper w/ Rough Country 9500# winch. Warn 29091 hubs.
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    Michigan, USA
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    Weekend Warrior
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    I Wish I had a Pathy!
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    Grand Rapids, MI
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    Radio control, Boy Scouts, camping, hiking, mtn biking, shooting, and of course off-road!

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  1. Today is the last chance to enter for the September TotM!

  2. Banned for leaving out the tune up he's also slacking on!
  3. That is some seriously good information, thanks man! Any chance you have recommendations on something that would store better in a car? I just like to have something with me for emergencies, but I hope I don't need it regularly, so I don't want to be throwing out MRE's every now and again. Perhaps I could just swap out the MRE annually and eat the old one.
  4. I don't carry nearly as much as I used to, unless I go wheeling obviously. Basic recovery gear (mostly for winter, but it stays in year-round) Jumper cables (pretty much the only thing I ever actually need) An MRE (which I forgot was in there for a while...I wonder when it expires, do they??) Camp chair (waiting for people in style ) Almost always have a camera with me too, but that doesn't live in the car. Just the stock tire change tools, but I don't even have a spare...with all the crap I had in there before, I lost all the utility of the vehicle due to having a full trunk, and I'd have to go get my keys and walk outside everytime I needed a screwdriver, so no more toolboxes or spare parts live in the trunk.
  5. Well it's certainly kept me trapped on this forum for the past 2 years, despite not having a Nissan for quite a while now lol. Nobody's been naughty lately, my shackles and whips are getting dusty.
  6. As @R50JR said, that page isn't associated with this forum in any way other than name and some member overlap. If you need help with pics feel free to reach out, or check out one of the how-to's posted in the pics and vids section of the forum! While the option to upload (very small) pictures to the forum exists, this feature is greatly limited intentionally to save server space. The solution for NPORA posting is to host the pictures externally and share them using the image's direct link and the post editor's built in tool to embed them.

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