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    Bought September 30, 2015. Sold June 30, 2018. 2002 Infiniti QX4VQ35DE, automatic, worn out LSD, tail light guards, Weather Tech floormats, Reese trailer hitch, and 12-15MPG. OME HD coils and KYB struts w/ Fleury's 1" spacer lift in front. OME medium duty coils and fleury's 2" spacers in the rear.. Total of 2.5" in front, 3.5" in rear. 32x11.50r15 BFG KO2's on ProComp 15x8 steel wheels #PCW51-5883. Curt roof rack with extension, shovel mounted. Custom tube winch bumper w/ Rough Country 9500# winch. Warn 29091 hubs.
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  1. Deleted reply with failed picture attachment at Tim01LE's request.
  2. I've been eyeing those tires as well, price wise they seem in line with other high quality offroad tires so can't complain.
  3. Looks good! Nice that it's a clean southern truck too. As far as posting pics on this site, the file attachment tool isn't designed for pictures to be able to be shared, hence the small size limitation. You're better off hosting the pictures elsewhere (imgur, etc.) and posting them here by their direct link like this:
  4. Moved to general R50 discussion area for better visibility, and because it isn't an established FAQ.
  5. Moved to general R50 discussion area for better visibility, and because it isn't an established FAQ.
  6. Sounds like an unusual issue indeed, 5100's are extremely common in the Toyota communities I'm involved in and failures are few and far between, with the only ones I've seen being the end snapping off due to extreme abuse. I wouldn't take unusual premature bushing wear as a reason to jump up in cost on shocks, although if you want longer ones anyways it's a good excuse haha. That's also extremely like Bilstein to deny warranty, from what I've seen it seems that they will only warranty things when they're done precisely as they specify, although that does make sense I suppose. Personally I think the amount of rake you have is very reasonable and looks good, is the trunk empty in the pic? A couple toolboxes and/or camping gear when on trips should get it level I'd imagine, so if it sits a bit uneven day to day but sits right in the woods, sounds like a good setup to me.
  7. READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES! NOMINATIONS AND POSTS NOT CONFORMING TO THE RULES LINED OUT BELOW WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTIFICATION. 1. You can nominate only Pathfinder/Terrano/QX4 trucks belonging to Registered NPORA Forum Members. New members will have to wait 3 months and have a post count of 100 before they can be nominated. Members who are banned, currently on suspension or for 1 month after their return from suspension will also be disallowed. (If you are banned you won't be able to be nominated for 2 months). 1a. Include the name of the NPORA Member who's truck it is that you're nominating (even if it is yours) 2. NO FAKE OR JOKE ENTRIES. 2b. Only original, unaltered photos with out graphics, advertisement or watermarks will be accepted for nomination. (Actual permanent stickers are allowable.) 2c. Final acceptance of TotM Nominations pics and winner submissions is at the sole discretion of the NPORA Moderation Team. 3. First 20 nominees are up for consideration and the nomination thread will be closed after the 20th submission or the 20th of the month, which ever comes 1st. Voting will be from 21st-31th. 4. One pic per nomination post, pics must have at least 640x480 of usable image space for use in the in the official boarder in the event that it wins the popular vote.All nominations are subject to the approval of the Mod Team and all decisions are final. Try to make it a good one or nobody will vote for your nominee! A recent pic is preferred but if the Pathy is still in the same shape as your last pic, go ahead and use that. An offroad setting or action pic is also preferred, but not necessary. 5. Only one truck nomination per member per month. 5a. If multiple people want to nominate the same truck, it is up to the nominee to decide on which pic to run with. In the absence of the nominee, the decision will be made by NPORA Moderating Team 6. Winner gets 3 pics of their choice of their Pathfinder pinned in the TOTM forum (PM me the links please) and is ineligible for the remainder of the calendar year. 6a. A Member can only win once a year - multiple pathfinders does not mean multiple wins. 7. No post whoring. 8. Not reading these rules may result in a zombie attack. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TOTM: THEMED MONTHS The idea was put forward by packie88 with then intention of getting people out in their pathys to get themed shots. It is only each alternate month that is themed, so you can post up whatever pic you want in the in between month (Some people will never see snow). It is a kind of rule, but a loose one. For example, water crossing nominations may be considered if there is a mud crossing, the truck is in water, or crossing the road in a torrential rainpour. If you post up a pic with no water in sight, then that will be removed. Below are the monthly themes: January Anything goes February Snow pic March Anything goes April Water crossing pic May Anything goes June Sand pic July Anything goes August Flex pic September Anything goes October Sunset pic November Anything goes December Mud pic This nomination thread is open through April 20 or until 20 submissions are reached (whichever comes first).
  8. Same here. The auto parts stores seem more sanitary than the fast food joints to me lol. For those of you still going out to eat, don't forget, even if the employees at the drive-thru are wearing gloves, those gloves just touched the credit card of the person behind you, then your drink, and the next person's card, then their drink, and the next person's card, then their drink...matters a bit more now, but that's something to think about always - money and cards are gross!
  9. Been a while since an update, but it drives good now! Not that I've driven it a lot in the past few weeks...thanks Corona. New rotors all around solved all of the shaking issues from what I can tell, and a rebuild on the parking brake made it work; some bits were entirely missing, and the rest was well worn. Also have some DuroBump bumpstops up front, which has the suspension at a point that I'm happy with for the time being. Put a radio out of a 2007 Scion TC in to replace the Jensen head unit, as it was buggy and didn't match the rest of the interior very well. Also put on a new passenger front wheel bearing and ProComp Series 69 wheels after I had a tire fall off during some New Year's wheeling. Done a few other odds and ends since, but mostly been trying to just keep it in good shape and enjoy it. Also has a 1" body lift and a full factory exhaust now.
  10. Here in Michigan lots of people are staying inside like they're supposed to, but there's also plenty who aren't. I work fast food and that's considered "essential" so I still have some income thankfully, although reduced hours. It's strange not driving to class or anywhere else. Getting lots cleaned around the house and hoping to kill some time with wiring projects on the 4Runner soon.
  11. But only very very small ones, from what I've experienced a pic will only fit if you reduce its resolution hugely.
  12. March 2020: mrelcocko *Pending official border.
  13. Congrats @Mrelcocko! *Pending official border.
  14. Photos on this forum are a little different than what you're probably used to, you have to host them externally. There's a few different how-to's and informational threads, here's one:
  15. Another excellent video Tyler! I'm looking forward to seeing you tackle that obstacle at the end again in the future with more upgrades.

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