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  1. mtnboy

    R200A vs R200A...what's the diff?

    TRE, have a couple mates with them and they rate em. 5yr warranty as well
  2. mtnboy

    R200A vs R200A...what's the diff?

    I took the back cover off and was able to count the Ring Gear bolts. Had 10, l was also able to measure the edge and eye up how wide it was which seemed inline with being the R200a (200mm ring). So locker ordered. Going to help pull it through heaps more places.
  3. mtnboy

    R200A vs R200A...what's the diff?

    another angle
  4. mtnboy

    R200A vs R200A...what's the diff?

    I've got a Diesel R50. I've pulled out my front diff and am looking for a locker for it. ARB and other catalogs state from 86-15 that 4cylinder vehicles have an R180. I'm pretty sure i've got it in my head from somewhere that all R50's were R200a. Does anyone know their Pathy diffs?
  5. mtnboy

    4x4 parts rear swaybar disconnects

    This is what I have found, just whether the locking pin is strong enough, the sway bars get quite a lot of force through them. I broke a front swaybar mount off a strut! These ones are for a patrol, quite strange that they are opposite if they were to fit our trucks. Front would be rear and rear would be front! Adjustable helps ease a bit of worry whether they would fit.
  6. Sorry about the delay, didn't think anyone was following. I got it to fit, haven't got a photo of it all painted black yet. I am thinking of adding tube bar corners to give it a finish look and hide the ugly fluid reservoir!
  7. mtnboy


    I was looking at one, but thought selective might be better for the CV's. What size tyres, type of offroading do you do? I came to a conclusion that Our CV's seem good, if the boot breaks though it is all over.
  8. So I have managed some progress, will be using from the factory hook mounts up to the bumper mounts. Heavy as heck! Seems overkill, but I was told clubs like a certain thickness, which was 10mm for hook and recovery mounts. It features a 5mm bash plate to protect the future (when I can afford it winch) I'm hoping it looks good when it all goes on, it will probably all up be 60kg But i'll have protection right to the back of the sump.
  9. Awesome work guys, I've sent some cardboard mock ups out to the engineers to cut and fold a few mounts. Not even sure on the price yet need to be done though! I also went for a drive around a farm today and my rear hitch was a bit low for a couple v dips. I think I can do mounting lower on the bar and cut it down to make the hitch sit higher on her
  10. I had a little search around and found something that is a good start, my stock bumper mounts are not in great condition so I would look at trying to use more bolt holes. I've also front mounted my intercooler which the bracket will need to fit around.
  11. Possibly mixed around in a few different topics so lets try get it all in one. Any structial mounting Winch mounts Bars Recovery mounts First up I'm looking at doing a front bar, I've seen the front of our vehicles and to get a mount suitable to house a winch looks like a bit of a thought out task. the stock bumper mounting points look weak and the main rails look quite thin and not flat. Would you sandwich a steel sheet around the rectangle tubing or where the factory bumper mounts mount?
  12. mtnboy

    Power steering resevoir leak

    I've got a wee leak myself, I'm not sure it is just lines, connection or seals somewhere. Been told to clean it all and see where it comes from but cleaning all the oils up in my engine bay is such a mish. Also the fan could splatter it around
  13. mtnboy

    Welcome New Members !

    Hello from New Zealand. I have owned my R50 for a year now replaced all the knackered running gear. so now I'll be after all the advice and help I can gather to keep my passion for my pathy. I'll start getting into Rock slider build and a bar that supports the future option of adding a winch. Apologies as I work out how to add a photo on this mobile site.

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