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  1. I've been doing the same thing while working on my 75 280z. Took the dash out and sanded all the rust off it to paint it. Didn't do a nice embellishment like you did though, I was mainly concerned with protecting from any rust in the future. The new hard line I welded up won't work since Im an idiot and thought it only needed to be ben 45°.when it actually needs to be 90°. Been thinking about how nice it would be to have a 4bt under the hood eventually for the extra torque and mpgs. Too bad it's no feesable
  2. This is &^%*ing dope. Way to make those ugly &^%*ing steelies look sexy AF! Not posted in a long while done things here and there. Cut and made a 45 in the power steering return fitting. Welded it up so it's ready to g in tomorrow. The stock one I bent to fit a few years ago developed a pin hole in it so this should fix the problem and not allow it to happen again tired of no power steering
  3. Scraped the snow off her and put the battery on a charger not too long ago. Cant ger much parts because the virus to make my table. Might start working on my 280z woth cheap things.
  4. If nothing else raise the truck on 4 jackstands, put it in 4wd (low of manual) and stick it in drive or 1st then get out and listen to hear where the sound is coming from exactly
  5. Wouldnt think it would be the rear end since you're driving it around fine in 2wd. Have you tried putting it in 4wd and not locking the hubs yo see if it still makes the thud? That would rule out bad hubs and leave you with the transfer case and diff.
  6. Nice, would love to see the engine put together
  7. Here's one I just had to figure out on my new to me 75 280z, if you have security lug nuts on your car and lost the key or bought it without a key to get them out get a 12 point socket that will just barely not fit over it and hammer it on. Then you'll be able to turn it off with the breaker bar. This is all I fo easily found on the internet but the real tip here is in order to get the lug nut out of the socket get a scrap 4x4 and drill with a paddle bit a hole big enough for the lug nut but not the socket and chisel hammer it out. Far easier than holding the socket against a corner of something while hammering.
  8. Steel ties are a double edged sword. On one end it will protect against things like this, on another hand they have been known to slice your toes off. Better broken than severed. That's why a lot of places dont allow them. Personally I stick with steel toes
  9. Tried to start it, batter is dead and ran it out trying to start it. Thought about cleaning more of the camping gear out of it and didnt. She's ready for winter lol
  10. Got a new bolt in, picked one up from napa and put it in myself since apparently shops wont fo ig around Anchorage. Got it aligned and it still pulls driver which pisses me off at 130$ to align one single &^%*ing tire. Didnt have a choice though so what can you do. Back in canada now dreaming about getting my dana 44 under this truck finally and throwing another grand at all the special crap to do alignments on my own. Tired of shops that screw me over and dont even do @!*% correctly or like last time where I have to tell them how to do their job.
  11. Just got done drilling the bolt out. Came out super easy as I figured it would. Awesome Alaskans helped out and one of them had a bolt with the same threads, doesnt work out the best but will get me to a shop down the street to get some replacement bolts. Super stoked
  12. Well one of the bolts to the drivers upper control arm decided to snap and sheer off today after visiting matanuska glacier. Stoped off on the side of the road and jacked it up just to see that the bolt just got done shearing. Camping off the side of the road tonight.
  13. Trans is making a rattling that I dont like. The cv boot fix is holding up after miles of dirt roads but hey, here I am in Alaska finally.
  14. Finally got around to putting in the lights just before the border. They make camping in the truck a lot nicer and doesnt drain the battery as much. Also got a clip on fan from home depot for 10 dollars that works awesome. Currently in B.C just outside of the Yukon. Never figured out what I was feeling with the braking but it also went away. I'm assuming it was the bumper just being allowed to shift the small amount from the loose bolt since it went away after tightening it.
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