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  1. I'm no expert on alignment but I believe it is positive camber i.e shims would make it worse. It's just kinda odd to me that only one side is 9ff while the other is straight when I have them sitting level (measuring from ground to bottom steering bracket and lca spindle bolt). It's almost like I have to have the truck sitting uneven with drivers side higher so I get negative camber on passenger side and am able to shim it out. That just seems wrong to me however.
  2. Let me be more specific here too, it's always just been drivers tire that was sticking out. Passenger side is fine caster wise
  3. I have a set of superlift control arms (that or rough country cant remember but whatever they are the same) and no matter who it's taken to I cant seem to get this truck aligned ever again now. The problem being there is too much caster where the top of the tire sticks outward (think reverse drift cars you see riding around on streets). I know the frame isnt bent because before having these on it was aligned perfectly and the truck just sat in a driveway for an engine. Anyone know what I might be able to try or recommend the dude that is trying to align it now to try? Or hell what did I do wrong I dont even know anymore. Just need this thing aligned for the rest of the year and afterwards I'm fast tracking SAS, tired of dealing with all the bs.
  4. Leveled out the truck, passenger tire turning right while drivers is straight. Cant say I'm terribly suprised. Camber is bad but I was just above stick height so not suprised st all, didnt want to have any lift on it since when your getting an allignment workers here seem to suddenly not know what the fskc they are doing and charge you 80$ for it pulling to the left and tell you your frame is bent when the &^%*ing truck had been perfectly aligned months prior and just sat in a driveway getting a new engine. Still pretty &^%*ing salty about that big &^%*ing O tires. Made the base of the older to hold my gas cans. Wanted to get it all done but the metal is American steel and hard as hell to drill through. Gonna finish it using drill press this weekend. Also had the new tires swapped on it and put the aluminum rims back on. Gotta order some spare parts to carry on the truck. If I'm gonna be driving to Alaska dont want to be stuck on the side of the road for something stupid like a belt coming off.
  5. Got the passenger side upper and lower balljoints torqued down and idler arm along with everything that needed to be rethreaded, bearing regressed and all back together. Respooled the winch and tied the tire carrier that got rammed in the snow and bent to a tree and bent it back straight. Now on to getting an allignment again after releveling the truck, make a gas can holder to the back of the tire gate and table finally that should have been done forever ago. I've only got 7 weekends at most so should be enough time if people let me work on it.
  6. Finally got some time to work on the truck for a change. Took apart the passenger side to do the upper and lower balljpints and idler arm since everything has play in it. Got both balljpints seperate and replaced idler arm but didnt have all my tools to take apart the disk from cv to get lower balljoint out so that's about as far as I got. Three hours goes by really quick. Next weekend going camping but hopefully I can make another three hours for the truck to finish up the passenger side and just have the drivers side to do.
  7. Picked up an air compressor for the truck for cheap. Too busy working on a v6 stratus to do anything about the truck.
  8. Ball joints are gone already. fskc Moog ball joints, passenger upper boot ripped almost immediately and wouldnt accept grease very well, the others are okay but have slop. It isnt that out of the ordinary considering the truck is lifted so your going to eat them faster but I feel like the boot not being pressed on made it go even faster unless I grease them weekly. Idler arm also has some play, it's the stock one from 92 so it's not really that suprising either. Stopped me from getting the new tires on and an allignment.
  9. 2wd service truck got stuck on the sheet of ice in from of the driveway and didnt want to back up without sliding further down the hill to the burm. Had to use the truck to strap and pull it into the driveway but unfortunately girlfriend is from San Diego and doesnt know snow of how to do this stuff and rammed into the back of me. Only damage between the trucks was my tire carrier got bent in pretty good. Still opens and closes so just cosmetic but makes making this table for it a bit harder. Gotta straighten the bar somehow once it stops snowing now. Heat and a bfg I guess
  10. Power steering belt decided it didnt like pushing the snow, jumped off and ripped itself. Swapped over 33s since the 31s were showing the wire belt and swapped a new p/s belt in autozone parking lot that was smaller and fits way nicer. Gotta love the sound super swampers make driving around as a daily. Waiting on the new set of 31s yo put back on the truck and redo the allignment.
  11. Got some nice parts from pick and pull. Even found a rear dome light cover (though it was too far degraded to really consider taking) and (only 1) brake light armor for the wd21. Picked up some switches for the defroster and the dash lights. Couldn't get one for the rear wiper but it's what it is. Also got some side heater vent covers which is pretty awesome along with my center heater vent assembly so I can put that back together finally.
  12. Replaced the temp sender and sensor, once the sensor got tight it broke off annoyingly. Easy out #2 works, thank God a had one otherwise I would have to take it all apart and tear it out.
  13. There is a big mountain range going though this state that I live on called the sierras lol. It can get fairly cold here, not as cold as some places but cold none the less lol

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