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  1. Ball joints are gone already. fskc Moog ball joints, passenger upper boot ripped almost immediately and wouldnt accept grease very well, the others are okay but have slop. It isnt that out of the ordinary considering the truck is lifted so your going to eat them faster but I feel like the boot not being pressed on made it go even faster unless I grease them weekly. Idler arm also has some play, it's the stock one from 92 so it's not really that suprising either. Stopped me from getting the new tires on and an allignment.
  2. 2wd service truck got stuck on the sheet of ice in from of the driveway and didnt want to back up without sliding further down the hill to the burm. Had to use the truck to strap and pull it into the driveway but unfortunately girlfriend is from San Diego and doesnt know snow of how to do this stuff and rammed into the back of me. Only damage between the trucks was my tire carrier got bent in pretty good. Still opens and closes so just cosmetic but makes making this table for it a bit harder. Gotta straighten the bar somehow once it stops snowing now. Heat and a bfg I guess
  3. Power steering belt decided it didnt like pushing the snow, jumped off and ripped itself. Swapped over 33s since the 31s were showing the wire belt and swapped a new p/s belt in autozone parking lot that was smaller and fits way nicer. Gotta love the sound super swampers make driving around as a daily. Waiting on the new set of 31s yo put back on the truck and redo the allignment.
  4. Got some nice parts from pick and pull. Even found a rear dome light cover (though it was too far degraded to really consider taking) and (only 1) brake light armor for the wd21. Picked up some switches for the defroster and the dash lights. Couldn't get one for the rear wiper but it's what it is. Also got some side heater vent covers which is pretty awesome along with my center heater vent assembly so I can put that back together finally.
  5. Replaced the temp sender and sensor, once the sensor got tight it broke off annoyingly. Easy out #2 works, thank God a had one otherwise I would have to take it all apart and tear it out.
  6. There is a big mountain range going though this state that I live on called the sierras lol. It can get fairly cold here, not as cold as some places but cold none the less lol
  7. I'm still waiting for mine to die for good. It doesnt want to power the led dome lights for anything longer than 10 minutes without dying but she still started in the cold when the locks and doors were frozen shut (annoying)
  8. Bled the clutch. Only took about 3 hours -_- ducking annoying but works now and everything is golden. Gonna draw up some plans for the tire table.
  9. Nah I have loose d rings that swivel up and down. The wd21 has the same kind of d ring on the floor of the cargo area. Though if I had some eye bolts I would have probably went that route instead.
  10. I've dipped them in flex seal so when they are not being used the banging and rattling around is less. Same idea as the rubber grommets (though much thicker than my flex seal coating) people put on their D rings on their bumpers. I can post a write up and some pictures though honestly I'd be suprised if anyone would want to copy my plans since they will be fairly crude and done with some scrap metal I have laying around. Got the slave and master cylinder installed before leaving to work. Once I get back on Friday going to add fluid, bleed and tighten as necessary
  11. Anyone else have the problem between work, weather and the old lady you cant get a damn thing done on your truck? Trying to get things started and finished within an hour these days. Master and slave cylinder are pulled off and new ones ready to go in. Gotta wait for tomorrow morning to wake up earlier just to finish the damn job that should be done tonight. Been dipping d rings in flex seal that I plan to mount in the cargo area along the side walls to tie down ice chest and camping @!*%. Traced out tire carrier on cardboard to finally make my damn table. All of this is on back burner, next weekend is the old lady's birthday -_- this is why summer is better, good weather and longer days to work
  12. Decided to show around here finally, threw some fluid in the master cylinder so I can get around to do laundry. Pulled a few people out with it. Parts are In so time to get busy after work.
  13. Good to know, I'll remember that when looking into a replacement parts in the future. Got stereo working and since I've never had it work before today was the day I realized I only have 2 speakers. I dont plan on going crazy with a sound system at this point but having 4 speakers is something I'd like especially since I have 2 extras laying around (nothing special). Thing is I have 4 speaker wires so I'm curious to where those are leading to. Not the passenger doors I know that much. Gathered more bits and parts for upcoming projects like adding D rings to the sides in the back to tie down an ice chest and what not
  14. Stealership is called stealership for a reason, we all know why and have our stories. I might call them and get a price for OEM to see if it's worth it but odds are I'll just get an aftermarket. Like I said it's just a hydraulic cylinder. How bad can you mess it up? Lol

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