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  1. Charlie_Brown

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    The problem with it is it's too damn long so you cant bend it a bit to twist it like the vg30 which makes it just that damn much harder. Unless you drop the diff (on a wd21 st least) and pound it through that side I'm convinced the only thing you can do is beat the crap out of it with a flat bar and pry it up. Heating doesnt seem to change anything and sticking it back in freezing the tube and lubing it doesnt really change much either. A flat dipstick would be a preferable swap in my opinion. I like them better than the wire and weight but either work
  2. Charlie_Brown

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Swapped vg33 into the truck and used the vg30 oil pan since the 33 wouldnt clear the diff and I neglected to swap the tube out then so had to do it now. Wont regester the correct oil otherwise. Apologies for all my spelling issues and confusing sentences I post on these damn things. Phone cant keep up with my typing I guess. Makes me look like a damn child I know.
  3. Charlie_Brown

    Dipstick tube removal

    As I figured it's just pressed in. Harder than a mother duck to get out but if your trying to replace yours keep walking the base in with a flat bar or flat screw driver till you dig enough to get under and start popping it up. Dont even waste your time trying to walk it like it did, even when the thing starts to come up it still wont budge. Just pry it up only. As a side note aftermarket headers makes the jobs FAR easier.
  4. Charlie_Brown

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Ripped the vg33 dipstick tube out and replaced it with the vg30 one finally. Pain in the damn ass, lots of hammering with screw drivers to pop it up ever so slightly since the 33 tube is so damn long you cant break the seal by twisting it. Ran sea foam through the engine to create a bit of smoke. Not as much as I would have thought though that is not at all a bad thing. Threw some in the oil and gonna shove the last can and a half in the tank. Web surfing for good deals on Craig's for parts to rebuild the 44 and 60 how I want them. Everything is so damn $$$$.
  5. Charlie_Brown

    Replacement injectors

    On a side note to the original question, not positive if there is a write up however replacing injectors is easy. Take out the fuel pump fuse from the dash, turn the truck over and let it run till it does. Take off your gas cap and leave it off to decompress whatever else is left in the lines. Take off the intake manifold held down by like 5 or 6 Allen bolts (along with a lot of hoses, honestly this is the worst part). From here you can access all the injectors, they have a small c clip around the plug ins you need to take off (If I remember correctly that or it's just a clip) then just slip the connections off. If I'm remembering right there are 2 Phillip's screws holding down a plate for each injector you take off and that should be it. Then you just twist and walk the puppies out. Careful not to get any dust or dirt In the ports as you change them and leave the new injectors in the box until you are about to put in that one. I'd recommend going one by one just to reduce any chance of grime. Bolt everything back together and by on your way. If I've forgotten anything or left anything out my apologies however the process is very simple and straight forward.
  6. Charlie_Brown

    Dipstick tube removal

    Okay so I know the dipstick tube has a mount bracket in the center of it connecting it to the block with a 10mm bolt however does the bottom have a bolt as well holding it in or is it just pressed in only? Removing the inspection plate is proving to be a serious pain for me due to lack of clearance for wrenches. Trying to wrestle this thing out here soon but it's hard especially since I cant even twist the base since it's so long and too many bends.
  7. Charlie_Brown

    A Mechanics Tips and Tricks

    If you have a leak/crack in your fuel tank and are leaking fuel out on the road or trail you can use a bar of soap and scrub it on working it in the crack to stop it temporarily. Cant say how long it will hold up but should be good for a few hours or so give or take
  8. Charlie_Brown

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Went shopping for 3/8 steel and struck out. Gotta call around tomorrow. Was raining cats and dogs all day so no work done but was able to go mudding. Give it a few days when I'm under the truck making the damn skid plate and I'll regret ever doing that lol
  9. Charlie_Brown

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Went wheeling and stumbled on a nice hard track, steep and big rocks off camber. Running on my 31s I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it but the old girl crawled right up it with minor wheel spin and not much complaint. Heard a very odd noise come out from the truck which I want able to track down getting out if the truck. No leaks aside from a bit of water that seemingly came out of the overflow tube. Whine stopped suddenly and never came back through the rest of the trail and driving through town. My best thought is power steering since my custom line is quite finicky (modified a few parts to fit against the frame with a vg33 swap). Planning to look under the truck tomorrow and double check everything but no leaks, oils fine and water is fine with no over heats. Two projects coming up this week, number 1 is to make a skid plate for the oil pan so I can stop stressing while crawling over larger rocks. Number 2 is to make a fold down table on the tire carrier so I can grill while on a trip this next coming Thursday. One week to do both.
  10. Charlie_Brown

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    The truck has been getting louder these last two days to where it was obvious something is wrong with the exhaust. Today started the truck up and the thing sounded like a v8. Take a look under and the exhaust unbolted itself from the cat and rest of the exhaust so I'm running straight headers lol. One of the craziest things I've seen, either I've been running without bolts or the two bolts worked themselves loose and fell (I've heard stuff fall si most likely culprit). Got some new bolts for it with lock washers and what not so going to bolt it up tomorrow. Went to the wreckers and scored an owners manual, mud guard and dip stick tube. Planning to put it all in tomorrow, hoping that the damn tube doesn't give me a headache to get out again since I'm not dropping the pan. Lastly I noticed my rear bumper on the passenger corner is pushed in from backing into something while night wheeling. Not a big deal just thought it was interesting. Makes, making my tube bumper more of an importance.
  11. Charlie_Brown

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Made a metal plate out of an old washing machine for my switches since the plastic cover broke and I wasn't going to plastic weld it again just to have it break again. All drilled and riveted now. Went to pick and pull and scored a service manual from one of the trucks and pulled a few things off I wanted from it. Didnt get everything I wanted but got what was there. Went night wheeling again and backed into something. Didnt do Any damage but I really want a led back up light for the woods.
  12. Charlie_Brown

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Added ground wire to the aux lights and was going to change the switches since one was broken but I got the wrong type of switches like an idiot so now waiting for the correct ones to come in.
  13. Charlie_Brown

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Picked up some axles for the truck
  14. Charlie_Brown

    Small Block Chevy Swap worth it?

    Looking forward to seeing some updates here soon and actually seeing this truck just in general. Awesome build!
  15. Charlie_Brown

    Help me out with your knowledge of axles

    One thing about the 78-79 dana 60s (from what the internet tells me) they are 67 to 69" making it 8.5" longer than a nissan If I'm remembering correctly.

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