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  1. CrystalLakeKillr

    95 Pathfinder Interchangeable parts?

    So here is an update... I ended up buying a 95 pathfinder 4x4 (pretty much) same one as the first but its an XE not an LE. I did notice some differences. I have a couple new questions as its running perfectly fine as far as motor (guy took excellent care of it) but one day he went to go start it to drive around the block after a few months of sitting because he bought a new truck. well when he went to drive it reverse all of a sudden quit working, like its just a neutral... its automatic btw. sooo i looked it up and some people say low tranny fluid could do it, but then i have someone saying its the actuator, and another saying silanoid... if it is the silanoid how would i know if its bad? or the actuator for that matter? ALL other gears work perfect, No grind, No Jerking, No knocks, No nothin...totally smooth! and dude said that it did not make a noise when reverse just all of a sudden quit... lucky me i do have a whole nother parts pathfinder, but i would like to know what i should tackle first, or if it would just be easier to swap trans cuz my parts one is fine... or if its a silanoid or actuator if i should just buy them brand new? sorry this is so long.
  2. CrystalLakeKillr

    95 Pathfinder Interchangeable parts?

    Awesome Thank you for the feedback this helps a lot!
  3. Hi I was given a 95 Pathfinder LE 3.0L V6 4x4. I have been fixing it up because it was in bad shape. I have a few questions so ill just ask... i want my Pathfinder to stand out but still have it where it counts. 1) I cant find any aftermarket headlights, tail lights etc... but i can find aftermarket lights for a 95 nissan pickup... will they match up? 2) are there any good chips to increase mpg and/or horsepower? if so website? 3) I would like to eventually swap motor and trans to make it manual (automatic right now) what would be a good swap to get good gas mileage and have power? sorry if these questions are dumb... Im new to Pathfinders and dont know much about them... 4) how do i know what motor i have.... is it a VG30E? how can i tell? Thank you in advance.

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