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  1. Thanks guys, I got it out last night.
  2. good points. I think I will give that a shot instead of pulling the transmission back.
  3. I think that's what I am going to have to do is try and move the tranny back a bit. I am hung up on the torque converter and I need about 3 inches more to be able to pull it out
  4. Thanks, I don't have a level system for the chain, but what I an do is try using two chains and tighten up on the back to lift it forward
  5. Hey guys, I just got a sweet deal on a 90 SE pathfinder since my 94 seems to be having more issues like rusted out frame. So it is no longer safe for the road. The 90 pathfinder SE automatic I bought had a timing belt issue and I was told that engine is toast now. But it came with another engine. My problem I am having is, I can't pull the engine. Everything is unhooked and it seems like I am catching something. is there any trics to get that oil pan over the front diff ? this is by far the tightest engine pull I have ever done
  6. Hi, thanks for having a forum like this. As I was searching on the net for a part for my pathfinder, I stumbled on someones thread on the exact issue I am having with a broken compression rod ( lower control arm ) photos proved it was the right part, and all that. SO I am very grateful for all this information you all have on here to help others like myself. I just recently pulled my Pathfinder out of the back field that it has been parked in for over 5 years, and have been getting it roadworthy since I have a little spare time on my hands and needing a better vehicle to go out fishing than the little car I have. I will be searching this forum for more questions I have so I am not making a duplicate ( or trying not to ) on a few things I would like to do for after market, and pick your brains for tried experience on stuff.

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