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  1. Chinook

    Ome Lift

    I start to get more and more confused! I e-mailed ARB to request info about the OME lift I wanted to get some part number for the lift. When I got the part number from their book they advertised the lift as being 1/2" which is right wath I needed : http://arbusa.com/USA-Vehicle-Application-...-Pathfinder.pdf . The only problem is that everywhere like Rocky Road they say that the OME lift is 1.75"... No where in the ARB book they talk about a 1.75" lift... Who should I belive? I don't want to go higher than 1/2'' because I don't want to play with manual hub & I don't want to kick myself in the balls because I busted a CV joint 200 km in the wood due to a 1.75" lift... We should start a new topic (a clean one so that we dont have to go through 8 pages to find the info) with all the possible lift P/N, advertised lift & actual lift it would so much easier! Looking foreward to your input!
  2. I had the job done yesterday and it took them 2.5 hours. No screws were missing or loose but better be safe than worried!
  3. Just to make sure that I understand... The power valve are directly on the lower intake manifold (2) the valve are not individual but more like a block?
  4. Chinook


    Does the 2" lift affect anything on the All-mode 4x4? If I change the suspention and go with the 2" should I change the CV boot as a precaution?
  5. Can somebody post a link of a technical manual showing those screws with the torque that they need. I have an appointment next week to get it done but the guy looked like he didn't new what I was talking about and got me a bit scared...
  6. Chinook


    As for spending the extra 80$ at this point the price is really not what is stopping me. I even had a full OME lift quoted and was ready to buy it but when I saw the possible problem with the CV I stopped everything. I really don't want to risk a failure deep in the wood when I go fishing/hunting. I cannot give you the Magnaflow # at the moment since I am on a business trip but as soon as I come back I will tell you. I got it done custom from the cat & added a resonator not to be bottered by the cops.
  7. Chinook


    I want to know if anybody ever installed this combo of springs: http://www.4x4parts.com/public_html/shop/i...8c9462976e19eed http://www.4x4parts.com/public_html/shop/i...8c9462976e19eed I would like to install them with some KYB shocks & struts. It would lift just 1/2" so no need for manual hub & be probably better than the stock one I have. Basically I would love to lift a bit more to 2" let say, but for what I do with the truck it would be to much pain to have the manual hub... One of the reason I bought the Pathy is the All-mode on the fly switch. Any other sugestion. By the way I just installed a Magnaflow exhaust and now my truck sounds like a 350Z
  8. Chinook

    Tires, Wheels & Roof Basket

    Actually it's installed the right way. Both side of the rack are in an angle. If you look carefully at the front you will see the flat bars with hole in the middle to attach the wind fairing. Thanks for the good comments. Francois
  9. Chinook

    Tires, Wheels & Roof Basket

    Thanks for all your help. I wanted to show you what I've done. I chosed the Sportrack with extention + the brush guard strait from Nissan. Next project tires, wheels, suspention & change that damn bose system that keep skipping!
  10. Chinook

    Tires, Wheels & Roof Basket

    I will stick to the original 16''. I would like to know if I need any special off-set on the new rims or I stick with the original off-set. By the way Pezzy those 767 look really sweet!!! Would you have any pictures of your roof rack? I tried to look on your web site & your profile but didn't found any good one. On saturday I will go to Rackultra and try the mega warrior to see if it is to big. Trainman I have almost the same rig as you have a 2002 Black Chilkoot 105000 km! I'm getting the brush guard installed tomorrow it will start to look pretty good! Thanks for everything Francois
  11. Chinook

    Tires, Wheels & Roof Basket

    Thanks for all the answers! I do not want especially to install 15'' but I had a good deal on used one so I was wondering. I read that some 31'' would fit the car but I wasn't able to find some 16'' at my tires dealer as for the AR wheels I really like them but when I checked the price they were close to 220$ per wheel and I found the Cragar around 100$ is there a big difference in quality between them? What would be the bolts pattern & the offset that I would need for a 16'' wheel? Sorry if my writing sounds funny I usualy speak french lolll Francois
  12. First I want to say hi to everybody. I just bought a 2002 Pathfinder Chilkoot and I want to get some new wheels and tires for it. I've search the forum trying to find some info but I didn't found exactly what I needed... I can get some used (almost brand new) BFG AT 31- 10.5 / 15 will it rub without any lift? Can a 15'' wheel clear the brakes (I have 16'' now)? What kind of off-set do I need? Do you have any suggestion for black steel wheels that will last a long time and look good (AR, Cragar, ect.)? Does any body have a picture of an R50 with a Load warrior or Mega warrior roof basket? A lot of questions but I'm sure you can give me a hand! Thanks Francois

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