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  1. It did have the round tooth belt so that was what was confusing me. Don't know why they had the square tooth even listed for the 94. Didn't even say it in the description anywhere so that's why I was wondering the difference in the belt #'s. Guess if I had researched a little more beforehand wouldn't be asking silly questions. Maybe just a little excited to get it all back together.. I bought the Pathy new, did some upgrades over the years (Rear air locker,3"BL, ARB bumper, roof rack, etc). My youngest boy drive it all through High school, We've had it underwater, buried in mud to the door handles, not babied it at all and when we pulled the motor last summer it had 370K miles on it w no major problems ever. Now doing this SAS and engine upgrade is kind of completing what I planned from the beginning.
  2. Figured out what the issue was. They had the TCK104 (square tooth) listed for the VG30. Apparently need to order the TCK249 belt (round tooth).
  3. I'm going to probably PM him and ask about that since he just sent me out the crank adapter and some other items he did for this engine build.
  4. Ok, this may seem to be a silly question but just wanting to make sure before I blow the engine right after building it. Doing the typical VG30 to VG33 engine swap using the VG33 crank and VG30 cams. The VG33 came out of a 2000 XTERRA Was looking up parts I still needed to order like head bolts, gasket set, etc. When I got to the timing belt noticed that the VG30 belt and the VG33 belt were different part #'s so was a little confused by that. I've read in several posts the cams are interchangeable with the VG30 having higher lift/duration but no where have I seen what timing belt was used in this setup. Maybe its the same belt sold under 2 different #'s GATES TCK104 {#2521040}- VG30 vs GATES TCK249 {#2522490}-VG33. Anyway, obviously I'll be reusing the crank timing gear from the 33 but what about the belt and cam gears? I meant to compare the cam gears today but got busy with other things but have to think they'd be the same. going to check regardless but still leaves me w the belt ?
  5. The donor forklift has a pump pressure of between 2500-3000 lbs. so the Nissan pump doesn't come close to exceeding what the orbital valve, hoses etc. could withstand. That same forklift weighs 21567 lbs. unloaded according to manufacturer specs . I figured the math on the steering cyl ( 4") at 2500 psi to be around 31,400 lbs. so if my calculations are correct using the Nissan pump to supply a 2" double acting cylinder should put me at a minimum of 3450 lbs. of pressure. Think that would be plenty of steering power under any circumstances without straining the pump but this is all in theory until i actually hook it all together and test. Mounting it will actually take up less space than the existing steering box and will require a simple L shaped bracket that mounts to the same holes Have the steering shaft from the forklift as well so with a little measuring and welding will make an adapter to the existing steering. it seems most of the kits I've seen come with 6" or 8" travel on the cylinder. There are longer travel cylinders available but wondering what others have went with .Also curious about coolers, reservoirs, etc. that go along with a hyd. steering setup and if they've had any issues but Slartibartfast your right, I need to talk to more ppl that have set this up and ran it a while. Just wanting to build a once and done system because breaking your steering in the middle of an off road trip ruins the day even if it does give you a reason to drink more beer.
  6. I read through the thread but wasn't all that helpful as far as components and setup goes. I'm doing a Dana 44 up front and decided since this is going to be a full time trail rig wasn't going to worry with the typical steering setup. I have some of the hydraulic steering components that were donated by an old forklift at work so guess going to have to get it all mocked up on axle to see what kind of travel i need in cylinder. Am taking pictures of the work as I go but don't know how to upload here as the file sizes are so small.
  7. 97 views as of today and no replies? No one has done this yet?
  8. There should be 2-3 wire connectors, 1 for the mirror motor and 1 for the heater in the door (probably folded back and taped to the main door harness) that are for this. The mirror circuit is on the same fuse as the Blower mtr and Radio with a additional circuit going to the rear defogger relay to activate the heater element. The harness connection for the switch will be prewired as well just have to get a switch and plug everything in.
  9. I very much appreciate the help. If I can get those parts back and on should be able to get the engine in pretty quick and be able to focus on the suspension and hopefully have it back ready to roll by spring
  10. Is there anyone on here that might have a number for Mr.510 or live in the his local area (Tacoma,WA)? Last I talked to him through PM was a couple of weeks ago and sent my alternator/power steering brackets, a water pump and was looking to get an adapter for the VG33 I'm putting in. He had said it would take a couple of days but haven't heard from him since. right now at a standstill on the engine swap because Of the parts i sent him and the adapter for the crank pulley so really need to get in touch with him if anyone can help
  11. Has anyone on here done a full hydraulic steering setup on a SAS? looking at options and some different kits but if anyone has done this already, would certainly appreciate the input.
  12. Hey Guys, has been a long time since I've been on here but looking for some help and having trouble finding all the info I need. Know there are plenty of posts about doing this w pictures and other info but trying to to avoid the common mistakes by researching it all up front. The pathy has been down for a while since I am also doing a solid axle so decided now would be a good time to do the engine as well. located a good 3.3l but still going to do a complete rebuild before dropping it in. Anyway, would be nice to have all the info in one area so dont have to spend more time looking for it then making use of the knowledge. If any of you have links to the posts where this has been done would you please link here for quick access. Thanks Will definitely be documenting all this along the way to hopefully help someone else if they are planning a future upgrade as well.
  13. Bought my Pathy new in 94, been wheeling it since and sure haven't babied it in any way other than regular maintenance. Been underwater twice, rolled and 4 different times been hit on the road by someone doing something stupid while driving. Have to say this has been the best and most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Just hit 320K miles and I'd trust it to get me anywhere. You keep the oil changed and keep the engine/tranny cool, you'll find they'll run forever!

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