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  1. thanks for the reply, i found summit carries a kit of sorts, its actually a roll, but it does not cover higher up the face of the quarter like the others do, it more just extends the lip of the fender itself... the reason i am searching for more coverage is that the lip of the fender is rotted off in several spots, and i cannot find a replacement quarter panel, or a patch panel for that matter, and just welding in home made pieces/patches and trying to make it look good is a real PIA.... thus the reasoning for the flare as it cover onto the face at least 3 inches..... i am not worried about the mounting holes and such, i can deal with that, as the interior in the back will all be removed for welding anyways....
  2. wondering if anyone knows a resource for acquiring a set of flarse, be they aftermarket, or stock ones, i have searched hi and low and cannot find any, well, other than ebay, and i cant put together a full set from whats there.... did bush whacker or any of the other name branders make them?
  3. hello fellow members, new here, but have been maintaining several pathfinders over the years, currently keeping a 2004 chilkoot on the road, and just getting ready to give it a body refresh... actually looking for somewhere to buy aftermarket, or even stock fender flares.... looking forward to reading, and learning alot from this valuable resource.....

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