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  1. Thanks for the message and sorry about my delayed response. I'll wait for one with the Tilt hole. Cheers and thanks again, Aaron
  2. Thanks VERY much for your input and help. I really appreciate it, GREAT info, thanks again! Yes, indeed, let me know if you find a clamshell. Also I need to figure the best way to add cup holders (2) and I recall reading that some later model center consoles fit our years ...and have cup holders. Hey Slartibartfast, thanks very much my friend! Aaron
  3. My 1992 SE drivers seat belt has the same problem and it TERRIBLE! I have never heard of this "warranty", how far back does it go? Thanks and good luck with your R50. Cheers
  4. Looking for a 1992 Nissan Pathfinder Factory Manual set with or without wiring diagrams? Preferably with the wiring diagrams. Doesn't need to be perfect just useable. Also, is there more than one manual or is it a single book. Second, an online site where they may be archived would be very nice too if you know of one? Thanks a lot, cheers
  5. Hey NPORA, looking to replace or rehab the brake cylinder or get the seals replaced on my 1992 SE Pathy? It’s been leaking for about 6 months and unfortunately the brake fluid is corroding the paint and parts below the cylinder now. I’m asking what’s the best way to stop the leaking and it’s probably a seal or o-ring, ...not sure? Everything is functional otherwise yet the leaking is getting worse and you can see the brake fluid on the driveway in the one photo. What’s the best remedy, replacing the brake master cylinder (what brand?), and or can the seals in a kit be ordered? Thanks for any help, advice. Cheers
  6. What’s up NPORA, looking for what this part, the insulation / filter material inside the air filter canister, is called, part#, where to order, or what can be used to replace this material in there. I’m fairly confident it’s original from 1992 and according to some research I have done, having it cleaned or replaced before a smog will help with the smog check (California). I did read that it can be cleaned yet I would prefer to replace it or order a replacement if that’s possible. Also I thought about just removing it, cleaning the inside of the canister, and going to smog it but if the smog station looks in the canister and sees it missing that might be a smog fail right there. Any thoughts on this replacing, cleaning, smogging, or buying a piece of generic material to use in place of this old nasty piece. I appreciate any feedback, thanks!
  7. Hello NPORA friends, for my 1992 SE 4X4 manual, I’m looking for 1) the insulator piece/insert for the cigarette lighter or the name of the piece/part# and where how to order one, Nissan or aftermarket is fine? And 2) need the blue steering wheel column plastic clamshell pieces in good to excellent condition and without broken parts, cracks, or missing fastener points if possible? I would like to get the cigarette/ 12 volt insert fixed ASAP yet not in a hurry on the steering console clamshell ...just want to upgrade to a nicer one than mine when one becomes available. I would pay $100 including shipping PayPal for the steering column clamshell. Let me know if you can help with these. I appreciate the help, cheers.
  8. Welcome, ! I use "imgur" to freely store photos to upload here. Cheers and Safe Travels! Aaron
  9. and Nice Pathfinder! Stay well and safe travels!
  10. Welcome! That's a great year Pathy (except for the missing cupholders, lol). Lot's of great people here! Cheers
  11. To the Club!! Post pictures (I use and like imgur) as often as you can and stay well!
  12. :welcome:We love pictures... I use "Imgur" for pictures. Stay well!
  13. Here's the update: thanks to Slartibartfast, I just ordered a decent looking replacement switch from a wrecker on eBay and swapped it out for my broken switch and all my windows are working again!! Thanks for the help NPORA and Slartibartfast!
  14. Great people here! I use Imgur to store photos and then add them to posts here. Stay well!
  15. Very good thanks a lot! I ordered a replacement switch plate from an eBay wrecker yard. I'll report back if this does or does not resolves the problem. Boy, I'm hopeful that it works!! Thanks again, Aaron

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