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  1. PDCCD

    Strange Annoyance

    Replaced any Ujoints lately? Or been under muddy water? I learned something interesting during my last terribly executed Ujoint rehab (there's always some silver lining lol). I accidentally dropped the drive shaft and dented the little flange around the yoke/transfer case interface. Just a tiny little bit mind you. Now on my transfer case is a bell housing sorta thing and the clearance between the two is small. Put it all back together and noticed this strange little bell noise under different conditions, but mostly when backing up. Came to conclude that when torque or load was applied just enough, the driveshaft angle changed, and the the flange would rub against the bell housing just right. Ding ding ding... It actually jogged my memory to a day of heavy mudding with the truck where I had this obnoxious and strange noise a few years ago. Ended up being a little sediment/rock had gotten up in there and was making a hell of a noise. Check it out, could be your troll bell. Pete
  2. PDCCD

    I miss you guys!

    Hello everyone. I haven't been around in way too long, but I wanted to say hello to the best forum on the web and let you know my Pathy is alive and still serving me wonderfully even after all the abuse and miles of mud and asphalt I've put her through. The tranny seems to be getting rough, and I'm considering taking off all of her black panther armor and sahara bar and putting it up for sale, as the new house and job just don't let me have the time to get her dirty anymore. Anyway, hello, hope the old timers are doing well and that the newbs are carrying on the tradition of camaraderie and good heartedness that made this sight great. Pete
  3. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! haven't seen you on the forums in a bit, hope all is well.

  4. PDCCD


    HaPPY Birthday!!
  5. PDCCD

    LOKKA Front Locker

    Yeah, i re-emailed them for verification on that price, but never heard back from them after that, and i've had some stuff come up that's kept me from the project, sorry. Pete
  6. PDCCD

    Sliders using Stock Mounting Points

    4crawler sliderz are sweet! I love mine, and Roger Brown in a friggin offroad god lol. My captive nuts did indeed rust (northeast it's whole life), i just drilled them and installed thread certs. Even tougher than new and they've taken a beating!!
  7. PDCCD

    early R50 struts in a 2002?

    Everything i know about your issue: http://npora.ipbhost.com//index.php?showto...mp;#entry345949 Good Luck. Pete
  8. There you are! Good to see you chime in. makes me want to get going and do the damn exhaust on my truck, but i too am trying to buy a house. Pete
  9. wow, i'm suprised 02silverpathy hasn't chimed in on this one, he's done some extensive exhaust research, maybe do a search for his username and check out his exhaust posts. Very informative. Pete
  10. PDCCD

    Poor MPG (12-13)

    Soo, wow, this seems so counter intuitive, but would letting the truck warm up before starting off help save gas for a short commute? I too drive only 3 miles to work, and my mileage is abysmal.
  11. As for getting them out, i find that if they're in an area you can get a torch, even a mapp torch, some heat always works miracles. Heat them up good, when you think they're hot enough, heat them a bit more. They'll usually back out then. JUST BE AWARE OF THE AREA SURROUNDING THEM FOR POTENTIAL FLAMMABLES!!! ie. grease, rubber, plastic, fuel etc.,etc. Torque wrench no. Heat Yes. Pete
  12. PDCCD

    I've got a bad problem.... what should I do?

    Your a sick dude. I love it.
  13. PDCCD

    R50 subframe drop

    Where'd you get a used snorkel for an r50?

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