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    98 Pathfinder XE V6 5 speed VG33E pw,pl,ac,cruise,tilt wheel,cd/mp3,aac,aux input,usb front of unit. It's black and the chrome bumpers are in mint condition. The interior is near flawless.I put Ifiniti QX4 wheels on it and found some seats and tail lights out of a 2001 Pathy. LED brake, blinker, running, Gauge cluster lights and installed fog lamps. Also for my enjoyment I put Nismo badging on her. Maybe corny to some,but i dont give a @!*%!!!!LOL!!!
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    Lenoir City, Tn
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    Standalone Tool Chest Mechanic
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    Rarely Go Off-Road
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    I love listening and playing music,camping,cars and good times with the people I love.

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  1. That's what I did. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  2. Mrelcocko

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    I swiped a clock from a Q45. Used a air drill with sanding bits and just grinded the hole out. Used silicone to hold the clock in place. On the back of the clocks it shows you what wire is what it's embossed on-the-clock casing. Very easy to wire up. I made a template of the clock to use and trace the hole for cutting. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  3. Mrelcocko

    XENON HID Headlights

    Yea I spliced in to my running lights and of course you have a ground for the strip light. Very easy mod. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  4. Mrelcocko

    XENON HID Headlights

    Yep Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  5. Mrelcocko

    XENON HID Headlights

    97 Qx4 Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  6. Mrelcocko

    XENON HID Headlights

    I purchased the strip L.E.D's from Wal-Mart for 20$. What's cool about them is you can actually cut them to fit which I find really cool. I just wireed them in to my parking lights or running lights everyone calls them different. As far as my headlights go I got them from a guy in Canada he bought them for his 01 pathy and didn't realize they wouldn't fit I was very fortunate in my find. My fogs I purchased a yellow Amber bulb off eBay It's actually an LED doesn't really put out a whole lot o light. It's more for looks than anything. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  7. Mrelcocko

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Got a hood from a local Pull-A-Part for $40 had to have one where the paint was in good shape. Luckily enough they had one same color to boot. Mine you can tell the entire hood clear coat is gone, it's also gone on the top of both front fenders. The pictures tell the tell. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  8. Mrelcocko

    XENON HID Headlights

    I also got the aiming/leveling motors wired in. Really cool feature. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  9. Mrelcocko

    XENON HID Headlights

    Nope these came from overseas. Got them from a guy in Canada. There the real deal. I've got a pic somewhere of my old headlights illuminated. If you look closely you can see XENON printed on the glass. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  10. Mrelcocko

    XENON HID Headlights

    Side by side Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  11. Mrelcocko

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    I used a drill with a round wire brush attachment. I took a lot of the brackets off of it to make it easier to get to all the certain spots you might also want to use a wire brush and get different sizes short ones long ones big ones small ones you know what I mean and just go to town on it when using the drill if that's the way you go be careful because sometimes the drill will want to jump and you might hit yourself with it or end up getting into a hose. I used a Sharpie to color in the numbers on top of the plenum Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  12. Mrelcocko

    Drivers side rear drum pops! 97 QX4

    I've got all the brakes right not being a smartass I do know how to do brakes but now I'm beginning to think it might have something to do with the trailing arms or something maybe the trailing arm on the driver side the bushings are out of it but when I look at it it don't really look bad but when I feel the pop it kind of feels like it might be right behind the driver seat in the floorboard underneath if you know what I mean that's why I'm thinking it might be a trailing arm bushing. What do you think here's something else that's crazy when it's dry outside it really doesn't do it but when it's raining that's when it really doesn't bad Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  13. Mrelcocko

    XENON HID Headlights

    Yes. When I bought them from the guy I had no idea that I was getting the side marker lights he never mentioned that and they were never in any of the pictures that he had sent me. nice little surprise don't know where I'm going to use them because I'm not going to drill a hole in my Fender although I might haven't decided yet. LOL Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  14. Mrelcocko

    Fan blade

    Is it possible to use a fan blade from the 3.5 and put it on a 3.3 VG33E ? The reason I'm asking is I've got one and the fan blade on my 3.3 has a couple cracks in it I didn't want to take it off if this one won't work Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  15. Mrelcocko

    XENON HID Headlights

    Not going to use them. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50

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