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    98 Pathfinder XE V6 5 speed VG33E pw,pl,ac,cruise,tilt wheel,cd/mp3,aac,aux input,usb front of unit. It's black and the chrome bumpers are in mint condition. The interior is near flawless.I put Ifiniti QX4 wheels on it and found some seats and tail lights out of a 2001 Pathy. LED brake, blinker, running, Gauge cluster lights and installed fog lamps. Also for my enjoyment I put Nismo badging on her. Maybe corny to some,but i dont give a @!*%!!!!LOL!!!
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    Lenoir City, Tn
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    Standalone Tool Chest Mechanic
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    Rarely Go Off-Road
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    Lenoir City, Tn
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    I love listening and playing music,camping,cars and good times with the people I love.

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  1. Mrelcocko

    Random picture of your R50

    No snow in Knoxville. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  2. Mrelcocko

    My 2002 R50 SE

    Sweeeeet! Just went through Mizzou last week across the Mississipp. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  3. I done some work for a lady painting 3 rooms in her house. I quoted her a price of 500$. I noticed she had a 98 Pathy sitting in her yard prior to me being there 6 months earlier and it was still in the same location while I was doing the work. I'd ask her about it and she said it was for her grandson, but he couldn't get his grades up so she was thinking about selling it. At the time I was driving a 94 S10 that for the lack of a better term was a pos. Long story short I ask her if she would trade me my s10 and the 500$ for her Pathy. The rest is history. I was hooked from that day on. Since that day I've bought 2 more R50s. A 96 Pathy and 97 Quey. I sold the 98 I got from the women for $2100 making a hell of a profit. Both the 96 and 97 $500 for each. I could've bought other vehicles but the ride,quality and dependability are hard to beat. I'm not done yet as I'm sure more R50s are headed my way in the future the good Lord willing. Poor and because I want to. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  4. Mrelcocko

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    Normal for pressure to escape when removing gas cap. Remember the fuel system is a sealed system Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  5. Mrelcocko

    Possible Belt Issue With R50

    Yes it's only when I'm cruising and it shifts into overdrive. It doesn't do it if I have the overdrive off. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  6. Mrelcocko

    Possible Belt Issue With R50

    Thanks anyways buddy. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  7. Mrelcocko

    Possible Belt Issue With R50

    It's doing it on my 97 Quey. I know the QX4 shares the drivetrain that the skyline has but I really don't know anything about it and how it works I guess I need to get underneath it and look to see if everything is tight Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  8. Congrats man that is so cool. He has definitely answered any of my questions promptly and very respectful that's another awesome thing about this form (respect) example: I don't go 4-wheeling but not one time has anyone on here put me down for not lifting my QX4 putting bigger tires on etc. I just love fixing them up making them look nice and enjoying them on a daily basis. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  9. Mrelcocko

    Possible Belt Issue With R50

    Great answer my man. I'm having a vibration when shifting into overdrive MJ do you know what might be causing that? Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  10. Mrelcocko

    Random picture of your R50

    Rainy day here in east Tennessee. Hope everyone has a safe and pleasant weekend. #r50obsessed #97JLR50 Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  11. Mrelcocko

    Upper Intake Press Fit Coolant Fitting VG33

    I used rtv sealant around mine 6 months ago. Hasn't leaked a drop since. Maybe you can try that. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  12. Mrelcocko

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Moved my dimmer switch to make room for light bar switch. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  13. Mrelcocko

    Random picture of your R50

    Agree. Advanced way ahead of the competition. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  14. Mrelcocko

    (FACTORY)Wiring Diagram XENON HID R50

    Clickdalink Sent from my SM-G530T using Tapatalk
  15. Mrelcocko

    (FACTORY)Wiring Diagram XENON HID R50

    This one works for me through chrome. Sent from my SM-G530T using Tapatalk

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