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    98 Pathfinder XE V6 5 speed VG33E pw,pl,ac,cruise,tilt wheel,cd/mp3,aac,aux input,usb front of unit. It's black and the chrome bumpers are in mint condition. The interior is near flawless.I put Ifiniti QX4 wheels on it and found some seats and tail lights out of a 2001 Pathy. LED brake, blinker, running, Gauge cluster lights and installed fog lamps. Also for my enjoyment I put Nismo badging on her. Maybe corny to some,but i dont give a @!*%!!!!LOL!!!
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    Lenoir City, Tn
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    Standalone Tool Chest Mechanic
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    Rarely Go Off-Road
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    I love listening and playing music,camping,cars and good times with the people I love.

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  1. Mrelcocko

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    Injectors installed! This 3.3 with 250k is smooth as silk. It's been a long road to get this Quey where it is. Timing belt, cam,crank seals, distributor, cap, rotor button, plugs, wires, water pump, harmonic balancer, fan blade, over flow tank, back quarter glass, rear spoiler, tailights off 02 Pathy, head lights off a 99 Quey, wheels off 03 Quey, entire suspension brand new, tires, brakes front and back, charcoal canister, vacuum cut valve and bypass valve, L.E.D lighting inside and out, steering wheel swapped, 3 pod gauge pack installed, full underbody undercoatedX2 you get the point. RUST FREE! I've enjoyed every minute of this project. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  2. Mrelcocko

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    Back again for a little fuel injector 101. Installing these bad boy's come the weekend. These are the black dot Hitachi injectors. I've had them for 4 months and finally getting around to putting them in. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  3. Mrelcocko

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Thank you. Are you talking about what paint i used for the undercoating?
  4. Mrelcocko

    '97 Regulus basic mods

    Stay stock. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  5. Mrelcocko

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Having a little bit of a rough idle. Not real bad, but to me worse than what it really was. So I removed my MAF sensor and gave it a good cleaning now idling smooth. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  6. Mrelcocko

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    I'm playin again. Damn I LOVE this stuff! #myjr50qx4 finally got the clock installed. The right one that is. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  7. That's why I'd buy the whole rig as one. The struts that are on your truck truck I'm sure are worn out. The springs may be good but they got some wear on them. I personally woukd never use the spring again unless the spring was fairly new to begin with. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  8. Mrelcocko

    Drivers side rear drum pops! 97 QX4

    If In backwards do you mean a new set of shoes have a leading shoe and a following shoe? I thought there the same. In that case maybe. I know if you take shoes that have been used off and put them back on you want to make sure and put the one that was leading on first. New I didn't know it made a difference. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  9. Mrelcocko

    Random picture of your R50

    I bought a Bosch mini 3 gauge pack. Came with a temp gauge so instead of not using it I was going to install it anyway. The factory temp gauge works just fine. The top hose was the only place I could find to tap into the system. Still not complete. I got lazy. Some more pics of the brackets. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  10. Mrelcocko

    Random picture of your R50

    Polished the upper plenum and some of the brackets for the plug wires, hood switch, BPT valve etc. And then went a little crazy with a Sharpe. Ha ha Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  11. Mrelcocko

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    Polished the upper plenum along with some of the brackets and painted the numbers on top of the plenum. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  12. Mrelcocko

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    No. Came out of a 01 Maxima. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  13. Mrelcocko

    Drivers side rear drum pops! 97 QX4

    The backing plate looks fine. I wonder if the LSV is where the problem is. I don't understand. It's almost like something is catching and all of a sudden it pops back into place. It's only on the driver side and sometimes if I go over a bump leaning to the right and the driver side rear wheel comes up a little bit sometimes it pops or if I'm pulling out sometimes it may pop and then sometimes it might not do it at all. I'm stumped Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  14. I just replaced my whole front end on my 97 Quey. The labor was free because I done it myself but all the parts I got for under $600. Personally I would buy the struts complete I wouldn't change out the springs. So much easier to pull the old one out and just stick a new one in instead of compressing the Old Spring and yada yada yada. It's really not as hard as you think it would be to do this I would read as much literature as I could and just do it myself any questions you have we will answer. Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50
  15. Mrelcocko

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    I'm back at it adding more stuff to this 97 Quey. Added a clock from an 02 Maxima along with the security light. So easy #rockinther50 Mr Cox 96R50-97JR50

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