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  1. The real ones will remember this spot [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. You may want to practice welding a little more and redo those, it barely looks like it's penetrating, if at all. I wouldn't plan on towing or using that for recovery unless you want your bumper in your buddy's windshield
  3. I don’t. There’s plenty of space with my 32’s though
  4. Those look sick man! How's the light output?
  5. Some late night shenanigans with Kirk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. "When he's in town" hahaha nice one Tyler My parents are in Woodinville which is super close to Kent, Kyle, and Jake
  7. I got it running like 2 days after, but the font end issues I haven't actually, I've just been driving it slowly haha. It's actually going into the shop today!
  8. And of course had to take some post-200k pictures. Hitting 200,000 miles in hyalite canyon is definitely something I’m never going to forget. Such an awesome spot for it to happen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hit the big 200k on Saturday! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I was really not at all a fan of the OME springs they wore out way too fast and the AC's ride way better IMO. Definitely more firm and solid feeling, but I wouldn't describe them as "stiff" in a negative sense though. 32's will rub in reverse with OME springs but they won't rub at all with AC's. As for what year, I would focus more on whichever one you like better. Pick a color you like with a good interior and all the options you want even if it means spending a little more. Year isn't really all that important
  11. What elevation do you live at? This will affect the answer significantly. Both here in Bozeman and back in Dillon where I used to live the elevation is about 5000 feet, and mine isn't even happy trying to do the speed limit (80) on it's own. When I lived in Dillon I had to tow my friend's Miata (about 2000 lbs) back from Butte and it definitely noticed it on even the slightest inclines. I also didn't go above 45mph since I was flat towing him with a strap. I haven't really pulled anything with my tan one which is a manual and has the 4.63's instead of the 4.36's, but it holds its own significantly better by itself that the auto does. You'd probably be better off with your manual than you would with an auto, and there's no doubt that it COULD tow it, but that doesn't mean you SHOULD.
  12. If he was referring to the button panel on the bottom right hand side of the steering wheel (not on the wheel itself) that’s just for cruise control. That’s how it is in both my 96 and my 97. Neither one has buttons on the steering wheel besides the cruise control ones. I’m sure it’d be possible to tap into that somehow and make the buttons function for the radio instead but it would probably not be worth it and then you wouldn’t have your cruise control switches. What you could possibly do though is see if a newer pathfinder or a qx4 has a steering wheel with audio controls built into it and pull the whole wheel off a junkyard vehicle and swap it out with yours and then tie that wire from the radio into that.
  13. Lying about having an off road package and having fog lights on the forum seems like bringing it onto the forum. Here's what I think. Obviously we have a great community of great people on here who all share the same passion: their Pathfinders. When it comes down to it, we want this to be a place where people can talk about what they have and what they've done with their cars for what they actually are. In a perfect world nobody should feel the need to lie about what they have to try and give themselves a persona of being special. The fact is, everyone's car is special to themselves regardless of the fact that to everyone else it may just be another stock rig. When I first got my Pathfinder handed down to me from my folks, I loved it to death because it was mine and to me it was the best car I could have. To everyone else it was just a boring stock Pathfinder, but to me it was beast. Our goal here should be to be able to relate to that, and take that passion for a vehicle and help talk with and guide people into building and modifying their car to be exactly what they want, which is what so many people on here helped me with a few years ago when I first started modifications. There is absolutely no shame in having a stock and unoriginal vehicle, because that's where literally everyone has to start. The only thing we decide is how to talk to and help people who are in that place we used to be, and not act in a way that would make people feel like they have to lie about what they have. I haven't been on here a lot recently so obviously I don't know all the influence that's going on, but from everyone I know personally on here there are no actions I see that would seemingly make anyone feel they need to be untruthful about what they have. Everyone I know on here is nothing but helpful and direct when it comes to helping guide people to how to add certain things to their cars, and the right way, so I don't think it's the forum that's the problem. But we don't need to get into why the truth was or wasn't told. I think the only thing that needs to be made clear at this point is what we expect from our community. Making up information about what you drive should not be tolerated, there's nothing to gain from it on either side. This forum is here as an awesome resource for people who have questions and want to talk about their cars, and we want it to stay that way. I know a lot of people on here that rock NPORA stickers on their cars, and everyone who does so is presenting this website and this group to all the people of the world in a way. Each person represents NPORA when they rock the sticker, and we want a good image portrayed to anyone who may be able to or be interested in coming on the forum. If we have people badly representing us, it'll keep people from wanting to come on here, and NPORA will become a wasted and unused resource to anyone new who may hav otherwise been able to use it. That said, as a friendly and welcoming and helpful community to everyone in every stage of build, there should be no need to stretch the truth, only to be honest and seek actual answers!
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