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    1990 Nissan Terrano 2.7TD auto. 2in suspension lift, snorkel, flares,custom rear bed/storage. Just had engine rebuilt 2.7non turbo block modded with parts from old turbo engine.amd lots of new bits. Work in progress.
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Terrano AZm
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  1. Hey there! I have a 200 vg33e and have just experienced the similar problem. The motor cut out on me and didn't start for a while then an hour later started, got a couple of k's then died again and so on. Common prob around 150-180 000k's is the ignition module which is built into the distributor. Nissan genuine is about $1400 new however most aftermarket ones are actually Nissan surplus and can be had for under $450. This plus some new leads and plugs should see problem solved. On rare occasions it may be a loose or dieing Fuel pump relay. Turn ignition on... can you hear fuel pump running in tank under rear left seat for 5 or so seconds? Check for spark, pull a plug out and hold it near some part of the motor to see if you have a strong spark. Smell oil dipstick, does it smell like fuel not combusting and draining past pistons into sump. Last, feel fuel hoses when starting, if they are soft, no fuel running into them. Unless you have used really poor fuel chances are its not fuel pump as they are in tank. Commonly the whole dizzy and matbe the electronic coils. I hope this helps! Its the r50's weak spot! Good luck!
  2. Hi guys, I have a mystery problem with my engine. When it starts and I drive for a little bit it is great. Then after a few kilometres it starts missing on acceleration until the turbo opens up. Also there is a rattle/knock that hangs around occasionally in the lower rpm range. It also blows blue smoke on heavy acceleration. The motor was rebuilt about 14000K's ago. It doesn't lack power much but the diesel pump after its rebuild seems to be out of sync or something. Can anyone help me here online with a diagnostics check? There is oil in the intake also. The turbo was rebuilt at the same time. Could the oil be from the return valve in the crank case? Or the throttle body? Or turbo? I feel this is the problem to my miss firing but not sure. Any views?
  3. Hi All, Here's a link to get a free download of the terrano, pathfinder and navara workshop manual complete with diagnostics charts and alsorts. www.kut-snake.com/d21-nissan-navara.html Down the bottom of the page just under all the credit card symbols is the link. It's in pdf format. Pretty sick to have a full workshop manual on my phone now. Gotta love the future sometimes! It's also a great site to get mad looking flares for your wd21 beast. I got them and friggin' love Em! Cause I got a big Kut Snake logo down the side of my truck they even sent me a free snorkel. Now I'm hitting bog holes that cave my bonnet in! (anyone got a solution for this!?!? Anyway, long live the humble terrano, I've been a convert since a year ago. My baby's cost me over $7000 in rebuilds and the like but I'm now starting to see why it's best to build not buy!
  4. Thanks Silverton, I think I will return it to exchange to an electrical one. Hopefully the Speco Street series do an electrical one. Time to google!
  5. Hi Guys, I recently became frustrated about having to wait for my turbo timer to stop the engine before I was able to remove the key. On removing the steering column housing you will see the little button in question. My fix for being able to remove the key whenever I turn it to the off position is to zip tie the little leaver about 10mm above the button to the "up" or "release" position. It worked effectively. No need to cut wires or replace ignition switches etc. Yes, you still need to push the button to remove the key but you don't have to wait for the engine to stop before doing this. Very handy fix if you have a turbo timer!
  6. Just wondering how to get the tube through the firewall? I drive a 1990 2.7td and the doesn't seem to be any spare grommets. Can/should I drill a new one? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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