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  1. Hi guys the water squirters on my back window are not working at all. I was wondering what could be causing this as my rear window gets very dirty driving down dusty gravel roads and i am tired of cleaning it off.
  2. Hey guys I was wondering if anybody has any experience using ball joint spacers as opposed to aftermarket ucas. I was looking to do a 2-3 inch suspension lift once I save some money. The ball joint spacers seem like a much cheaper option than the ucas. I imagine that ucas would be a much better option but couldn't a set of ball joint spacers and torsion bar crank get 2 inchs of lift (I am fine with the front sitting lower if i get 3" springs in the rear). Do ball joint spacers put a lot of stress on the suspension components? I was specifically looking at the spacers from 4x4parts.com.
  3. You can fit 33s without a lift, that is the size I was looking for. Is this what you have? If so how does it proform offroad? Do the wheels still have clearance for harsh bumps?
  4. Defiantly going to be handling that rust ASAP. So I understand how to torsion bars with aftermarket control arms work now. So if I lift the front its is going to be a very stiff ride, is there any way to get around this? Is there aftermarket parts that allow the bars more travel? It is an SE trim it has the leather seats,sunroof,and tire carrier on the back. It does not have the roof rack unfortunately.
  5. I haven't paid much atention while accelerating becausd I usaly let it warm up before driving it. I guess it does heat up more once I start driving. The heater core is what was replaced.
  6. Well I guess I won't use silicon then. The previous owner had to fix the heater so it might just be that it wasnt fixed well but I guess I'll have to look into getting a new thermostat. Hopefully that fixes the issue its not fun driving around in -30c with crappy heat.
  7. So would the new control arms lift the truck by thenselves or just make it easier on the truck when you crank the torsion bars? What would you recomend for rear springs if Jeep grand cherokee springs arnt that great. I notice 4x4parts has 3" lift springs. Or should I get lift springs for a jeep grand cherokee?
  8. I was planning to fix the rust on the windshield and use silicon to seal it. Is there anywhere that the heater is uslaly blocked because it sounds like it is blowing lots of air but its is slow to heat up.
  9. A little rough around the edges but it'll do.
  10. If a truck has a lot of bolt ons available then its not a very unique truck, I wanted something a little different then all of the 95 Chevy 1500s around here. Ya there is some rust on it but nothing that cant be fixed. I would have been very lucky to find one without any rust. I have heard that Jeep grand cherokee front springs will give you 2-3 inches of lift, do you have any advice on that or other springs that work well? Is there really no options for lifting the front a bit, I am only looking for enough lift to fit some bigger tires. If lifting the IFS isnt an option is there any good swaps I might be able to do such as a jeep cherokee front axle? The 3.3L if out of a second gen pathfinder correct? How hard is it to swap in one of those and what kind of power does that give you?
  11. Hello everybody I bought a 91 SE pathfinder for my first car(I am 16 next month). It is not the pretiest and has some rust but I got a great deal. My plans for it are to do a mild lift,possibly lockers,some offroading bumpers/sliders. Have not seriously gone over the truck yet but there are some things that I have noticed already. There is rust above the windshield so it leaks.The heater takes forever to heat up(any advice on why that might be would be great). My pathfinder is an Se so it has the rear tire carier but it does not have a roof rack. I am hoping to build a vechile that is decent offroad and can handle Albertas winters. Any advice is apericiated. Also sorry if there is spelling mistakes this is send from mobile.
  12. Hey guys I bought a 91 SE Pathfinder for my first car(Turning 16 next month) and was wondering what mods I should do to make it preform well off-road. I have looked around for lift kits and the only one i have found is from 4x4parts. What other options do i have for lifting it? Are there springs that i could get off another vehicle to lift it and what options are there for lifting the front? Is there any options for "lunchbox lockers" as the air lockers i have seen are quite expensive. Will I have enough power to run bigger tires with the stock 3.0 L V6? Is there any major mechanical issues I should watch out for? Thanks in advance for the advice.

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