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  1. It seems like the lock mechanism on my driver side manual door lock has sheared where the key rotates and levers the mechanical lock open. Does anyone know if this is a replaceable component without having to change out the driver side key?
  2. I have a manual, the noise persists when revving with the clutch in. The noise exists when idling as well but it is quieter. I changed all my V belts about 5k miles ago and could have overtightened the ac belt and/or that pulley. I will take off the belts 1 at a time to try and identify the issue.
  3. Over the past 1000 miles I have been hearing a whirring/whizzig sound from 1-3k RPM upon acceleration. Video is here -> I bought my pathy used of a dealer at 130k miles (now at 141k) , had no history so i had him agree to change the crankshaft seals and the timing belt free of charge. I didnt know the water pump should be done then too. Anyways, I have no idea if the previous owner did the timing belt/water pump job.
  4. On the back of what? And are you talking about the hose coming off the EFI, or those that is just hanging out in space near the intake boot? Would I have to take off the intake manifold to reconnect it? I have driven about 300 miles since and it has been totally fine (even better mpg due to new plugs).
  5. Yes this is a VG30E, and how would it flash THROUGH codes? Don't I need to enable certain codes? Also, the ECU flashes are red/green simultaneous, not independent of each other.
  6. VG30E Not sure how it would cycle through different modes. This FLASHING I am talking about is both at the ECU (red & green together, not independently) as well as the CHECK ENGINE light. The fact it isn't red or green and it is both is strange to me.
  7. I replaced my valve cover gaskets and noticed a braided cloth covered rubber hose coming off of the back of the EFI, it was cut And I found a similar cut hose up near a cluster of hoses just below the intake hose connecting to the intake manifold
  8. My ECU Flashes: 5 Long 1 Short 2 Short 3 Long 4 Long I seem to be able to make out 51, but the others confuse me, perhaps the second is 11?

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