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  1. Im not familiar with any of the QX4 trim. Wide fender flares intrigue me though.
  2. Hey man, good looking rig. Reminds me of my first pathfinder! Curious as to why you added the 1” spacer in the front. Is that to level it out more?
  3. Hey everyone, I can't remember where, but I couldve sworn I've read that the R50's can hve alternator upgrades from other Nissans (Quest pops into my head) and also can upgrade the radiator to a supercharged Xterra rad, as it's thicker. Maybe I read it over on NICOclub... maybe I'm crazy? Anyone have any insight to these? Alternator possibly only on the VG33 engine?
  4. The 6 piece kit is going to be the winner here. IIRC, the “Death Wobble” is usually cause by bad bushings within the trailing arms. Was able to fix mine on my old truck by just replacing the upper, but both should be done. Poly bushings are great and all, but if you don’t think it’s worth your time and you see some rusty bits, probably better off just replacing the parts. 4x4parts.com has a bolt kit for $47 for the rear trailing arms. The OEM ones can be a real pain so it’s definitely a good idea to have em.
  5. I will add that my 02 has glass fogs, and yes, very much rock magnets. I have applied Lamin-X yellow film to hopefully stop any from completely smashing.
  6. Ooooh ok. I’ve been looking at those ones. Didn’t realize they were superpro. Thanks
  7. @TowndawgR50 May I ask where you bought your superpro bushing from?
  8. I really don’t want to hijack this thread, but could you message me and explain the whole “remove bottom portion of piping and cut hole” or point me in the direction of another thread that has this info? Thanks. *is this the Tacoma airbox mod?*
  9. Oooooo boy. Might have to put my welding skills to the test this winter. I’ve been wanting sliders since I pitched my factory mammoth steps, and these look wicked! FYI, looks like a bit of bare metal still showing. You should probably spray bomb that so you don’t get rust, or if you have, disregard. Lol
  10. From what I remember, there is also a fuse or relay under the hood for keyless as well. If replacements are cheap, I say give it a go. I believe it’s turning the key a few times while pressing buttons on the remote. Did it on my old pathy about 9 years ago. The pick and pull closest to me had a bin they chuck all the remotes they get in. Usually much cheaper that purchasing online. Maybe check around your area?
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