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  1. Doing some snowheeling this morning near Banff.
  2. Got it from KRfabs and he's been ducking my emails and calls for the last two years so I don't expect to get any help from him and was just going to get a new one made, so if you did have the proper schematics that would be much appreciated.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has the exact schematics for a strut spacer 4 inch lift. The current spacer for the right side makes the strut come in contact with the brake line holder (it's a small metal box that the brake line comes in and out of), I'm thinking maybe it was incorrectly made since no matter what we can not get it working without either no movement or just a horrid noise when you turn the wheel. The only schematics I have is this but I'm not sure if there's more, or more highly detailed ones.
  4. I would love to hear about this too @XPLORx4
  5. But the 4x4parts one is disgustingly ugly
  6. I've been using this and this for my eventual plans of a snorkel, welding does kind of scare me though.
  7. Looks just like the other side I did not know this at all, do you have the schematics for both sides by any chance? And these were made by Krypton Fabs, and he hasn't repsonded to my calls or emails so I have little recourse on that end it seems
  8. I installed my SFD back in June and since have had a constant camber issue on the passengers side, my father and I tried installing the strut space the other way round and it made a truly terrible clunking noise whenever it turned. So we put it back to the original orientation, after we installed new LCA's and camber bolts the camber issue on the passenger has gotten even worse and I'm now told by that the passenger side spacer is for driver side, but driver side is perfectly fine. Are there even two different spacers, does anyone have any ideas?
  9. I don't really know how to explain it but I just did this it's not totally relocating it so that may not be as much help for you.
  10. I'm pretty sure it is a powdercoat, but I was also told by a parts guy at my dealership that they're designed to rust. I don't beleive that at all but I've seen enough "surface" rusted out bars to at least question what's causing it here.
  11. You should definitely paint it, I've seen way too many ARB bumpers completely rusted because it only has the powdercoat on it. If you're only here for the summer months though you probably wouldn't need to worry about it. Here's mine
  12. I have this installed on my 2004 and have had no problems at all and everything worked perfectly. I just relocated the Washer Fluid Reservoir and everything was good.
  13. Not a lot in Edmonton for offroading sadly
  14. Thanks man, I drive country roads and highways all the time so having a deer-proof bumper seemed well worth it. He loves the jimmy, still wish it had more power (6.2 Diesel), tons of torque but no 'get up and go'.

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