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  1. So update on this situation. I had the pathfinder in OD when i towed my fiances Highboy its a 74 so very heavy. Also I made a mistake on the actual mph. Its slipping going from 1st to 2nd. I will check for punctured lines tomorrow It does have an aftermarket cooler installed. (thanks to you're amazing forums i was able to figure that out.) At 10 mph its shooting up to 4-5k and acting like its in neutral. I also believe that whoever drained the trans fluid last did a terrible job of it as the pan is covered in trans fluid on the outside. I believe i may need to replace the gasket. I took it around the neighborhood with OD off and it was running a little better. max speed i went was 35 the issue is persisting though. I'm really hoping someone can give me some good news as far as not having to replace or rebuild my trans. As im a pretty broke college student. The trans fluid is light pink although i believe it may be a little low its not pink all the way up to the checkered part of the dip. Also I'd like to thank everyone trying to help me with this issue and putting up with my inexperience. I also apologize for the amount im posting but ive wanted this rig since i was 15. I have not checked the MAF I will also do that tomorrow. and update as to the situation. I have pictures of the fluid pan exterior but have no idea how to post them so if anyone can advise me on how to post pictures Id appreciate it. Maybe posting pictures will give someone a better idea as to whats actually going on.
  2. Don't know if there's a way to post pics but I just got under it and the bottom of the tranny looks as if it's leaking trans fluid. Don't know the proper term but where you remove the pan it's covered in trans fluid the fluid is red and thin. I'm assuming good.
  3. Also it does not always do this. after shutting it off it will go back to being fine but it did it twice today. so this has led me to believe its a trans problem. ive gotten so many different answers just around town that I need an opinion or solution from someone who knows the vehicle more than i do.
  4. I havent drained the trans fluid nor do i know if its ever been drained. So im thinking ill do that tomorrow. Also do not know how to go about changing the fluid filter. or even what it looks like. took it to aamco they asked $2600 for a tranny rebuild said they thought 2nd gear was going out. I obviously had some choice words for them on that one.
  5. First pathfinder I've owned need a little help. Im having a problem i get to about 20-25mph and my rpms shoot up to 5k and it wont go any faster. Bought it for $900 Going to school for automotive. Its an automatic 4x4 guy i bought it from was sketchy to say the least I was very excited about it took it through a mud hole and had no problems. the problem stated above only started occuring after i towed my fiances highboy across town. not my best idea. anyways go easy on me i just need a little bit of help i really love the pathfinder and would like it to run i have big plans for it. 169k miles.
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