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  1. The dimension between holes im sure varies slightly from vehicle to vehicle but mine was 22 1/8 in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thats something I definitely need to get on board with thanks for the advice. Ill be scouring amazon for the best bang for buck bluetooth obd2 scanner Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I just replaced my fan clutch so I am too interested in the validity of this statement Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. That sounds like a good idea, how am I to know whether my exhaust has 4 cats or 2 pre-cats and 2 resonators? Correct me if I'm wrong but they look very similar. Also if there are broken bits of ceramic floating around in there does this generally mean I'll need to replace the whole system or at least try to clean out the internals of the rest of the exhaust?
  5. I have an 2002 LE. It shouldn’t be a cali spec vehicle as the PO was from the north east, only one owner previously. Is there potential for some pretty nasty damage to the engine if I let this go on? I’ve heard of the timing of the valves allowing a split second of opening for broken bits to be sucked back into the engine from back pressure destroying the cylinder walls. Also if I had clogged cats wouldn’t I be getting a noticeable amount of increase in the temp gauge when climbing up a hill or putting some sort of strain on the vehicle because all of the exhaust gets backed up? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ive been having issues with a recent drop in mpg. Used to be getting around 230-250 per 16 gallons and have recently noticed a pretty significant drop. Haven’t been able to go through full tanks yet but it seems I’m barely getting 100 miles for half the tank. I will say I live in the city and do drive a lot in it but thats mostly to get in and out of it. Now it seemed to have started happening after I replaced my fan clutch due to excess noise which obviously cannot be the problem but I also used some cataclean around the same time. Can this stuff have adverse effects? Ive also noticed some louder than normal pops coming from the exhaust after parking the car which makes me think something broke off. Any experience with this? And I hate to ask but what is our cats setup? Do we have 4 and the 2 closest to the engine are called precats? Ive heard a lot of terms thrown around in other threads but cant quite find the correlation yet. Sorry for all of the questions, thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Is that similar to the torque pro app and what kind of luck have you gotten out of it. I’m strongly considering getting something like this to monitor things like cat converter voltage and things alike but it’s difficult to find a straight forward answer on what works or what does what. Also is it a bad idea to take the whole throttle body off to clean it instead of just taking off the intake hose and spraying in there? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Here it is in all its glory. Took just over an hour of labor mainly due to taking and marking measurements/test fitting. Only thing I highly and I mean highly recommend is to have some sort of air impact wrench if you can because those bolts were frozen. Other than that fairly simple. Decided to use 3/4 EMT but I may have a version 2.0 in the future with just a flat stock bar like CNAM’s. The only reason I didn’t choose this to begin with was because I definitely don’t have the tools to drill through a 1/4in piece of solid steel. After having driven around the block I’ve noticed no huge improvement but body roll has seemed to improve pretty noticeably. Maybe feel like I can take corners faster? Im sure for most people the placebo effect is at play but I think it’s worth the what $10 max you might pay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. That would make sense because in the end it's about the lateral stiffness which most any bar has, not the bar's ability to resist shear or a bending moment. A conduit sounds like the perfect fit then. I kind of like CNAM's version though for it's simplicity to fab and look. Any thoughts? Could it be the reason for some feeling more of a difference than others due to the simple fact that the bar itself is stronger and more rigid which lets it fight better against torsion and lateral forces? I'm more than likely overthinking it, there's a very high possibility it'll be the same no matter what it used as long as it's torqued correctly.
  10. I'm planning on attempting this probably this weekend. Anyone else at all concerned about the possible head-on collision factor? I read on another thread the potential for the engine to not drop far enough in the event of a collision.
  11. Thanks RainGoat this has helped loads now just the funds for this behemoth.
  12. I have an 02 LE, that means I definitely have the unserviceable o rings?
  13. Are these parts that come with the gasket set? I'm led to believe that the o-rings around the spark plugs are non-serviceable when replacing the valve cover gaskets and wondering if this is what you are referencing. My thoughts were that you have to get new spark plugs entirely which fixes the potential problem but are there other seals that need to be ordered separately? Also I was told if the baffles are clogged inside the valve cover you will need to replace it.
  14. Also I feel like I should note I had a conversation on here with 02_Pathy about something similar. He’s got the OME HD coils setup on the front which got him a solid 1.75-2 inch lift and he partnered that with a 1inch spacer. He explicitly stated if you do this don’t go over 1 inch in spacers otherwise during full drop the CV will fail so for what it’s worth if you want that little extra more than just coils this has been proven. He said for about 2 years he did the coils alone and then added the 1inch spacers and has had good luck for a year. You will have to add camber bolts though but anyways hope this helped [emoji1690] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Since longer struts don't exist for the front, when someone says 2" coil spring lift do they mean stiffer coils that cause the body to sit 2" higher than before but the coil itself is still the same overall length as the OEM ones? Also if you use this method in order to put bigger tires on, let's say 31s or 32s for example vs the stock 29s, because the suspension still has the exact same travel it did before wouldn't you risk compressing the body/fenders into the tire itself upon bottom out or maybe even before bottom out the suspension? Even though the tires might fit well while the suspension is at its normal sag position they can still be too big for the actual stroke of the suspension? I only ask this because it seems logical to happen when I think about it but it seems when someone asks if a certain tire will fit with a certain lift is this idea taken into consideration or are they strictly asking if it'll fit at all when the truck is at it normal compression? Sorry a lot of questions I know, that's the beauty of this forum!

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