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  1. I know this is a old post, but maybe you guys have idea. im planing on doing a 1" sfd only. so i can have the ground clearance. what part # would i need to extend the link for a 1"? thanks!
  2. It's there anyway to save the reverse? Ie change fluid, coolers? Or am I stuck with getting new tranny? I just did a vg30e cam swap along with timing pump, knock sensor head gasket. So don't want to get rid of vehicle.
  3. Shoot, better start planing and moding the pathy. It's going on my bucket list
  4. Anyone done it with wd21 or any other generation pathfinder? Discover that the trail can be done 96-98% in 4x4 vehicle. Worry more on the western part (Nevada, Utah, and Colorado) in a pretty much stock wd21. For those who don't know what's TAT, it's a off road trail from Oregon to Tennessee, lasting about a month. Can be done in sections as well.
  5. Looking into 31x10.5 15 or 32x11.5 15. Getting 1.5-2" lift on my terrano for it
  6. This is a common problem. It could be one of a few problems causing it. 1. Your headlight switch is dirty, so it needs to be removed and clean out 2. Make sure wires and bulb is intact, and replace bulb if it's the bulb One solution is buy a headlight relay kit. Or make your own. I bought the relay kit off from the Web when I was experiencing the same problem
  7. I think that setup is for wd21 series (87-95) since R50 series (96-2005?) are unibody. They use them to lift up the suspension on budget. Correct me if I'm wrong, other members who see this
  8. Thanks man. I heard of it. I plan to up there with newer bigger tires since it's more rocky. 😄
  9. From caribou Creek https://www.instagram.com/p/7ojoabhB76/
  10. I'm guessing you are from Colorado? So far its my favorite spot and plan to take both wd21 and lifted RD1 CIVIC RECREATIONAL VEHICLE up there in spring when the snow is melted and lots more mud
  11. If you bought the running board with the 2 pair of bracket, then you're all set. If not, then you would have to find them at a junk yard
  12. Thank you for the reply. I was looking at some pricing on 32" Don't think it'll happen but will get 31". On a tight budget and in needing of new tires soon. Thanks tho. I'll be looking into those 10x8 cragar and bfg
  13. I know this made be ask already but does all soft 8 comes with 4.25" center hub? I have warn manual locking hub and was wondering if they would fit over the hub. And what size backspacing and offset I should look for. Looking for 15x10 and planing on getting 32 inch tires. Link of the wheels would be appreciated as there are different specs. I have cragars on my 1st gen crv, and they done well so far for cheap wheels.
  14. Hey guys and gals. Reintroducing myself on the forum. Now I use to have a wd21 before the reverse went out. It was a 2wd automatic. So I got rid of it and got the same year but 4x4 5 spd. Ever since then, I been going on adventures and what not. Here's a few pictures from my adventures and a link to it. https://m.youtube.com/?persist_app=1&app=m#/watch?v=_KvPceadjgw My other car. A lifted Civic Recreational Vehicle My old wd21
  15. Well I was able to pick it up at junk. One of the bolt snap so I have to break it off Now. But good thing it was still there
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