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  1. Lmao yea wondering how big of a tire can i go if I go with 3 inch suspension
  2. I was woundering but I wanna run 35s on my 95 pathfinder but not sure how big of a lift I would need to fit them with 15inch rims
  3. i wounder 111 degrees outside could be the cause? of helping the temps gettin high
  4. when the truck is off it spins fine like its soppose to
  5. the bottem hose i can touch the top 1 i cant keep my hand on it
  6. like when im driving down the road it sounds just like a semi
  7. i turned the torsions bars up to its max and 1 1/2 blocks in the rear springs it looks pretty level right now im having a heating problem its full of fluid but still running hot even when going down the highway
  8. my temps are running high all my fluids are full even while im driving down the road its running hot any idea of what it could be would be help full
  9. 163k but they quit spinning and the rpms stoped working i mean its got a few minor things to do but its all cosmatic minor stuff im running 235s now i thinking ima got 245s
  10. so dont i have to remove all the old rubber bushings b4 installling the new? 2inch lift 1s or do i place the new lift on top?
  11. thanks guys i have been looking and looking iv seen where guys used hockey pucks washers just all kinds of crap i don't want a crap job lol i don't wanna be going back in in a few months replacing body mounts because of a poor job
  12. i was looking around and saw a few body mounts and i was thinking if i could modify with some washers or something but get these and place on top of the original body mounts i have on there now? i cant seam to find a legit 2 inch body lift for the 95 pathfinder http://www.autozone.com/body-suspension-and-steering/body-mount-set/dorman-body-mount-set/254702_0_0/
  13. pick it up for 850 been driveing it daily for 5 months looking to do a body lift but all i seam to find is 3 in wanting to do a 2 in lift for the body and thinking of seeing if i can mod some chevy coil springs and maybe some a arms off a 4x4 mazda or ranger possibly
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