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  1. This thread is literally is gonna save me so much trouble when doing this to my rig. Thanks dudes!
  2. Yes it is going from WD21 to WD21. A 94 to a 92. Ok, i will have to do some searching to find out if I need that thrust block.
  3. Ok awesome. That being said, I just picked up a 94 se and it has disc brakes! I originally got it for the booster and other little things but i saw the brakes and remembered this thread! So if the wd21 bolts right up, thats perfect, but another question, is it an issue if the rear in my Rig is LSD, and the donor one is not? I would assume not since i would be taking the axles and brakes but just making sure im not assuming wrong.
  4. Ah, definitely see that now. I'm just gonna rip everything i need out of it then scrap it. Dont have the space right now
  5. Very good possibility it is slightly tweaked.
  6. That is very true, i did not think about all the lowrider D21s out there. I'll some searching around when i get home tonight. Just wanted to see if anyone had done this before on here
  7. I have wanted to do this for a while and have an opportunity to pick up a second WD21 Pathfinder, i think its a 94 and SE. Automatic, 4x4, black, 4 door. It overheated and now it wont start, idk how far she drove it but it could be fried, nevermind that stuff though. I want to know if anyone has done it on this forum before? I have an IG friend in Japan that body dropped his 2door WD21 and its DOPE. I do not wish to body drop it though, thats a lot of work. I simply want to lower it (not stance) and turn it into a street beater while my current 4x4 remains the Adventure Rig. I understand i may have to swap the front end out, lose the transer case and other parts but i ask you, if you think it would be worth it? Is this a crazy pipe dream? I know most folks would say, "Why a Pathfinder? Get another ride." but i love these quirky WD21s and would love to have 2 Anyways, thats my thoughts and if I end up not lowering it, id most likely part it out. So no matter what itll be a good buy. Thanks in advanced for any input!
  8. Yea very strange but itll be fixed soon enough now. Then i can finally get some nicer wheels and tires and not worry about them dying in 6 months lol
  9. UPDATE; just ordered 2 m14x1.5x60mm, 10.9 from Fastenal. Thanks for the input dudes!
  10. They're OEM reps off of Rockauto. Im not planning on lifting my rig. Where did you order/pick the longer bolts at?
  11. I am most definitely sure that the frame is bent. Its salvaged title due to fron end crash (with a deer i think) but all i need to do is push the top of the control arm out a little bit more to get the tire to sit flat and STOP RUINING MY TIRES. Do you have a link to a site? If not im going to shop around Also, thank you for your input!
  12. Torsion Bars are NOT maxed out but they have been re-indexed and are at the correct tension to make the rig sit even and drive straight (for the most part). Not stock arms, brand new with polyurethane bushings. Even new tie rods and and adjusters. Where can i get these longer bolts?
  13. Torsion Bars are NOT maxed out but they have been re-indexed and are at the correct tension to make the rig sit even and drive straight (for the most part). Not stock arms, brand new with polyurethane bushings. Even new tie rods and and adjusters. Where can i get these longer bolts?
  14. I have done just about everything i can to get the alignment right on my rig but i have run into an issue. My driver side, upper control arm is completely shimmed to the max and the tire still has quite the camber. It also still scrubs the inside slightly. My question is, are there any longer bolts available for the upper control arms, to help push out the top more? Or is there another solution to this issue? and dont say sell it cuz that aint happening...
  15. Yep. Just tell the tech to run it as a federal vehicle. If they say they cant and will fail it, then they're ignorant and you should not give them your business.
  16. What is a good donor? were there any wd21s with disc brake? Also, will any other discs and setup work from another jeep-type 4wheeler like x-terra or something?
  17. Awesome thanks. Do you know anything about a disc brake conversion in the rear? considering converting since drums are a headache...
  18. It is the brakes. For 1 i need to do the brake booster and 2 i pulled the drums off and there is fluid leaking from the seals, which is making the shoes swell a little and rub every now and then..shes got a few miles and it makes sense LOL but oh well, stuff falls apart, keep on fixin it.
  19. Wow! Thank you very much for all the information and sorry for the late reply. Ok, so if completley rebuilding the rear end may not be nessecary, i will just to the seals for now because i pulled off the drums and only 1 side is leaking for the seals. Do you reccomend doing the bearings and u-joints at the same time?
  20. The rear end in my rig is starting to squeak, almost as if a bearing is going out. So I am going to rebuild it completely but idk what to get or where i should get it from. Rockauto is fine and dandy but i want to make sure i get everything. I've looked around on the forum a bit but i cant seem to find anything, or i just dont know what i need to look for..LOL Any advice is appreciated! Thank you for your time.
  21. Wash, painted the flag pole to match the tire carrier and painted the hood with the Destroid logo
  22. Percisely, if i dont need to replace it and just adjust it, thats perfect. Will save me time and money. haha and "thanks" for telling me. its a habit i developed 2 years ago. idk, i like X's lol i do have one in my name and tatted on my wrist (for Excision) THANKS again for the help dude. Joining this forum has bee a huge help to further understand my rig.

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