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  1. Bobsteriffic

    Pathy Love!

    Quite the resto thread!! Good luck on the project brother, it looks like you have a lot of dedication towards your Pathy. Definitely following this thread, excited to see what all you do to her!
  2. Bobsteriffic

    Rear end wiggle

    Little late to the thread here, but I'm suffering from what sounds like the same issue. Let me know if replacing the rear bushings gets your problem figured out! I'm starting to get mildly concerned about the amount of play and squeaking I get...
  3. Drove her home from work late last night, felt like I was boxing the cab with how bad the fuel smell was lmao. Checked her out this morning and discovered the clamps on the small hose between the fuel rails came loose again. Tightened them down and it seems we're good again for the time being. Damn this WD21 and the cold weather sometimes! Lol

    1. adamzan


      I just replaced the hose and the clamps. Problem solved

    2. Wacky_Pathy


      I may have the same issue lol. Do you get subtle gasoline fumes in your cab every now and then after you take off? It only seems to happen when its cold out haha.

  4. Bobsteriffic

    92 MT 5th Gear Whine/Loud ass intake noise?

    Getting a 404 error when I try to visit the link FYI...
  5. Bobsteriffic

    roof rack wd21

    Damn, really well done. I need one of these!!
  6. Bobsteriffic

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Ahhh my bad, I didn't realize that was your issue haha. Yeah mine's a '92 and that worked for me, so I don't really have anything for ya then... Good luck on figuring it out though!
  7. Bobsteriffic

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    When my tranny was doing this I used the diagnostic mode to help get an idea what it was doing. I don't remember what the culprit was but I did bookmark the service manual in case I would ever need to come back to it. If I remember correctly it's on page AT-39.
  8. Bobsteriffic

    May 2018 TotM Voting

    It's not fair! I want to vote for all three! Lol
  9. Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone on this forum for all the help that has been provided to myself and others, as of today I've finally figured out the fix to my ABS light which has been on for almost 10 years now. The Pathy has never looked/functioned this good!

    1. mjotrainbrain


      10 years, that's such a long time! Congrats on getting that figured out! The forum really is amazing.

    2. RedPath88
  10. Bobsteriffic

    Intermittent 4WD Light

    My man, thank you for the recommendation on checking under the head unit, you were right. Now I'm confused as to why it was there and not under my driver seat since I have a '92... oh well, I unplugged it and my light is FINALLY gone. Tested the brakes with and without the computer plugged in as well, they feel exactly the same lol. That computer has probably been shot for almost 10 years now. Thanks again, it's pure bliss seeing this dash all lit up at night without any other lights on that shouldn't be. One step closer!
  11. Bobsteriffic

    Intermittent 4WD Light

    My god I think you might be right. I do remember when I pulled the dash apart to install my head unit and fix the light behind my climate controls that there was an electronic box mounted behind the plastic cover in front of the shifter like you said. I'll definitely be taking a look at it in the morning, you may have finally pointed me in the right direction. As far as the issue with your 4wd light goes, odds are it's just those switches. There's two of them, one is for when the t-case is in 4wd, and the other is for when it's in neutral. It's odd because I searched Nissan's website to see if I could find those part numbers for you, and I'm getting either duplicates of the same part with a different number, or the part was superseded with a newer replacement and I received old stock...? I don't have the part number for the 4wd switch, but I do have the part number for the neutral switch. It's labeled "SWITCH NEUTRAL" part #: 32005-ZD31A Here's the link to the switches I found on Nissan's part site, labeled "SWITCH-ASSY 4WD" and "TRANSFER NEUTRAL POSITION SWITCH." Good luck on figuring it out!
  12. Bobsteriffic

    Mushy brakes

    I'm a bit late to this thread but wow! I had a similar problem as to what you are describing, but after swapping my MC all my issues seem to be resolved... Considering I just went down to my local O' Reily's and had them order a new one, I'm glad the one I got was the correct one and not for the drums as you said. My rear brakes definitely don't work near as well as my fronts, I'm assuming the ABS system is at fault for that... now if only I could find that damn computer lol.
  13. Bobsteriffic

    Intermittent 4WD Light

    Well it looks like I was beaten by both the 4WD switch and the ABS light now. The new switch came in today, and upon reinstalling it worked for about 15-20 seconds, until the light started flickering again in 2HI. When I shift it into 4HI or 4LO now its a very solid and consistent brightness on the light on the dash, but it's loose in 2HI. Pulling out the switches and engaging them manually with my hands proved that the switches/electrical is functioning correctly, but something's either worn out or out of alignment inside my t-case now. Any thoughts? Cheers
  14. Bobsteriffic

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Knock off magnaflow huh... my exhaust has at least one solid leak and it's real rusty so it's gonna need some attention soon. Any chances you could shoot a video of what it sounds like? You've got me thinking...
  15. Bobsteriffic

    Intermittent 4WD Light

    So thanks to the guys down at the Nissan dealership I ended up receiving a replacement neutral switch rather than a 4wd switch. I'm still not exactly sure what the neutral switch's function fully is, but it was just as busted as the 4wd switch. Here's what the top of the switch looked like where the rubber grommet went over. The other switch looks exactly the same, so now I've got that one ordered. It's a process, but I'm getting there

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