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  1. My idler pulley seized on me last week and burnt up so I'm currently running no AC in July in OK, which is a no go. I went to AutoZone, O-Reilly, NAPA, Advanced Auto Parts, and even Nissan, and they all pull up the same part. The same one that's shown in the Haynes book too. But it's different from what I have that seized on me. I haven't had a chance to get to a junk yard yet, and I know a picture would help out a lot on this, so I'll get one up soon, but does anyone have one laying around or have any options on where I could find the part I'm looking for? The main problem is that the hole in the middle is too big, and I'm not sure I can get a bigger bolt in through the bracket the tensioner is on. TIA!
  2. I found a website by a member here that may be helpful if you're looking into a SAS. It's www.nissannut.com He's posted all kind of projects on his site with pictures and explanations of the progress as well as a spreadsheet of the parts used and his cost. Could be really helpful in knowing what you're getting into and getting a parts list with some things you might easily overlook.
  3. That's a beautiful front axle. Can't wait to see the kit...
  4. I paid $1800 in '06 for my 94 with 119k. Sold it for $2900 and bought it back 6 months later for $3200 with 145k after they put $800 into repairs in the front end. Now she has 185k and I'm keeping her til she falls apart! Oh, and I paid $500 for my 87 that came with a 92 parts car. Put about $100 in it to get it running, had some fun, and then sold it for $750.
  5. Wow! Looks like you have a hobby to keep you busy for a while. Looks like good work, I'm going to enjoy watching the progress!
  6. Looks good. Hope that little hatch works out well. Did you consider a larger one or even making the back end flip or or even making it a drawer that pulls out? I remember someone building one with a drawer for tools and such a while back, don't remember who it was though... Either way, nice work!
  7. #1 complaint, and really only complaint of any substance, about my console is no cup holders...
  8. Nissan towing a Nissan would be cool, but I'd go with the 2500 Chevy. (Gas or Diesel) My dad has a 2003 diesel 2500 and I've used it to tow some pathy's and it rode like a cadillac. Plus with a truck like that, you can literally do anything with it. I take my dad's snowboarding, used it to pull trees, haul stuff to the dump, and if it were mine I'm sure I would find more uses for it. I think I still drive it more than him
  9. AK just shrunk the rear doors down to about 18" IIRC and used that to make the whole thing shorter. But that was just one intermediate step he made in the long run of chopping the whole thing and tubing it... his pathy is what started my interest and inspired me for mods. He did some sick work!!
  10. Currently a mechanical engineering student, graduate in a month and probably going to be working in a machine shop, which will be real handy in the near future.
  11. Glad you liked it. I look at it a lot myself!
  12. Did I not say that already? I thought I did, that's the first thing I'm going to do even before I get her running.... Just kidding, I can't even keep a straight face while I type that!
  13. Probably my favorite I've seen as far as chopped and stance. Needs fatties on the back though And a link to a bunch of other old 48's for anyone who wants to see some cool old trucks Car Show Pics
  14. Oh, I completely agree, that's one thing I enjoy about it too, getting to go out to shows and seeing what everyone has done and how different they all are but how you can tell each person puts a piece of themselves into their rods. Looking forward to seeing some of your work!
  15. Would love to tub the back with some fatties paint the grill and get a roll pan for the back bumper, maybe wood slat bed, keep the split windshield, take off the chrome on the hood, shave the handles, no white walls or visor, not my style. I'll post a pic or two of some of my favorites from car shows later to show what I'm going for.
  16. I really like the way you think and I'm thinking almost the exact same thing. Gonna start with chopping it about 2-3" (maybe more, haven't decided yet) and then seeing how the hood looks, may not need to cut it down, we'll see. Gonna drop it and ideally bag it, but is an expensive option. Dad's friend has a rear-end for me and a 327 and TH350 (I think). I'd love to throw a big block and 6 speed in it, but will most likely have to wait on that, want a standard though. Might even find a LS1 with a 6 speed. I'll probably just get it running for now and try to drive away in it at my wedding with the original stuff.
  17. It is, except a very small amount of surface rust. It will be a longer project, but that just means I have time to do it right. And since I'm getting married this summer, I need to make sure my priorities are in order (says the future wife, lol). But I'll post pics for those interested of some progress when it starts.
  18. The guy who I bought it from was going to rad rod it out, but that's not going to be my route. It has the original inline 6 right now with all original suspension and drive train. It even has the old pedal to start it. It has no gas tank and the MC is out on the brakes, but came with a brand new MC. He said it ran when he got it 10 months ago until he pulled the tank. So with some brake work and a gas tank, it could be on the road while I save up money to do it right. Has a windshield, but needs the three windows. It will be a project, but it will be fun! I'll redo the suspension and drivetrain along the way too.
  19. Since I know most people on here, including me prefer pictures with less words, I'll be quick. Grew up at NSRA car shows and always wanted a 48 Chevy truck, found one, fiance approved, bought it, going to work on it starting in the next few months. Here's the link to the rest of the album: More Pictures Mod's please feel free to resize, I never remember how to do that, my bad.
  20. No, the fronts are quite a bit larger than the backs
  21. Congrats, nice pic and well done on the chop!
  22. Happy Birthday to the others, and I enjoyed mine, thanks for the happy birthdays
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