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  1. @ferrariowner123 might know. He is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to rare factory options. Might be region specific to Brazil.
  2. Nice photos! Looks like a blast! Im really digging the geology you guys have over there. Kind of reminiscent of the High Sierras. I gotta get up there soon! In this one pic it looks like you might be bottoming out on your driver side shock. Hard to tell but you might want to get extended bumpstops to save your shocks from damage due to over-compression.
  3. Finished 1 complete 3" prototype kit as well as a partial 3" prototype kit and sent them off to AZ today. In the process of making this initial batch we've invested a lot of time into fabricating fixtures for the assembly and welding processes. This ensures our kits are consistent and allows us to be much more efficient. Looking forward to the coming weeks as this has been a lot of work and time but the passion for this project only grows daily, doubly so with good weather finally creeping in here and camping season on the horizon!
  4. Same reason I went with a 4" SFD with 6" of total lift. Ground clearance. @RainGoat
  5. One of my two keys did that. I tried a new programmable key from Ace harware and it was problematic. Would intermittently work so I returned it immediately. Is it the only one you have? I have the original two keys and relegated the broken one to spare status.
  6. Did you ever do the power valve screw service? A worsening of the condition sounds like it could be a fastener coming loose.
  7. I had the same wheels on my silver 01 rig when I first got it but I didn't like them much. Your particular setup is the only I've seen with them that looks really good. The paint color and wheel/tire combo you have is sharp and your truck is in great shape to boot. Really dig it. Im not sure I would black out the wheels though. The combo of silver wheels with black trim and the gold body could look really clean. Maybe do the black trim first and see how it looks adding the wheels after if it needs it?
  8. LED resistors? If you have those for your bulbs they might be shorting out
  9. Gloves, glasses and sturdy work clothes. Always. Especially around any rotary equipment like a grinder. It may be inconvenient, dorky, annoying etc... but receiving a serious injury or loosing your limbs from something that can be easily prevented or minimized with P.P.E. is much worse. Glad you are OK. Would suck to loose a digit over something so trivial. I have the warn hubs. Both the factory and Warn supplied studs broke. Not the best hardware. Id recommend switching to some quality socket head cap screws.
  10. Thats the one. Just need a set of feeler guages to confirm some specs. I want to say the gap on the unit shouldn't be more than 0.014" but its been a while since I installed mine. Do you already have manual hubs?
  11. Great photos! You should get some of these printed
  12. Nice! I bet seeing it transform has been fun. Make sure to link up with @deltaR50 . I was able to hang with him a bit when I lived in CA and his rig is amazing.
  13. You wont be disappointed. Just make sure to get manual hubs at the same time and always use the 2WD option on your All-mode transfer case when street driving. I'm not aware of any variances, should be the same as all LSD equipped R50's If I had to do it all over again with my truck I would have gone with front and rear springs with a front locker for the first modifications. Those alone will give any R50 the clearance and confident traction to get through almost anything and truly determine what is needed next to get it to your performance goal, if anything. The downside is it will get you in and out of places the truck can now handle with ease but requires sliders and under-body armor to prevent damage from the rough terrain. I waited to put sliders on and it happened to me. Not that it matters as my rig is mostly used mostly for recreational purposes but you clearly have a really nice QX4 so try to keep it that way!
  14. Not at all. This is the cheapest and most straight forward way to lock up the rear axle of the truck. A whole new axle would be much more expensive and labor intensive with some fabrication required. This swap is %100 bolt on. No fab work, grinding, welding etc. Hard part is finding donor axle shafts with everything else being readily available off the shelf OEM hardware

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