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  1. Id argue that black wheels with that body color look great. Enjoi408, his rig was totalled, had the same color with black wheels. Looked pretty good. That being said both wheel options are nice choices.
  2. Nice! 3.5 with a manual, lucky guy. Be sure to change the coolant crossover tube gaskets and the rear main seal on the donor motor. They are probably the biggest pain to sevice with the engine installed. Cake while its out and worth every penny.
  3. TowndawgR50

    SFD Lift

    The dimensions found on this forum are pretty much good with one exception, the angle of the strut spacers and the orientation of that angle. Basically, your strut spacer tube should be straight up and down (perpendicular & parallel) in relation to the trucks subframe mounting points. The angle will be the same no matter what height you choose to make your lift. Just like the subframe blocks only give vertical change, the goal is to "translate" the compound angle of the strut mounting point straight down so when you are done the factory suspension geomterty will be retained. The posted prints on this site and elsewhere on the web show 8.5 degrees which is wrong. Most R50's will have anywhere from 10.4 to 12.0 degrees. There is some wiggle room so it doesnt need to be exact, but too much error on the strut spacers could result in your caster being out of spec which cannot be changed and camber being off, requiring camber bolts to correct the offset. Again, your strut tube should be square to the subframe mounts when you're done. If they look like they're leaning in any direction the angle or orientation of that angle is wrong. You can check this using a digital level by zeroing or referencing the subframe mounts. Will it drive down the street if wrong? Sure. But your suspension characteristics will change from factory spec which could lead to increased wear on components and unsafe handling traits.
  4. TowndawgR50

    Labor day weekend 2018 PNW NPORA Expedition trip

    I feel like i regularly see full size american pickups on the FS roads. This trip wont be a wheeling event as much as a touring/camping scenario. Would be great to have you come along.
  5. TowndawgR50

    Labor day weekend 2018 PNW NPORA Expedition trip

    Good to hear from you! Where are you headed? Hope your move goes well. I know moving can be a bit stressful. I hope to make something happen more regularly so if not this trip maybe the next.
  6. TowndawgR50

    My new 2001 LE 4x4

    Quick overnighter outside of Darrington.
  7. TowndawgR50

    Labor day weekend 2018 PNW NPORA Expedition trip

    I feel it slipping by too. We're headed to Darrington here in just a sec(hopefully). All the more reason I feel motivated to organize for the group and get everyone out together to explore the state. Would be great if we had an experienced guide like you come along!
  8. Hey PNW folks- Labor day is fast approaching. Id like to organize a family friendly expo trip into the Cascades or any other wilderness areas in the state. Perhaps a section of the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route? Easy, scenic trails with views, geologic points of interest and primitive group camping. August 31st to September 3rd. Comment and let me know if you're available and any suggestions or requirements you may have.
  9. No problem. Poly works for me and i wheel some moderately technical trails as well as pull a 18ft camper.
  10. Depends on what kind of hardware you want. The vendor I've been using to make my polyurethane rod ends can supply everything needed for both upper and lower sets, not including the tube, for around $350 to my door. So Im thinking 600 out the door for a complete set of 4 ready to bolt on with polyurethane bushings. The units above were polished and prettied up post welding which isn't necessary and brings up cost. It was purely for aesthetics. Currie Enterpries makes Johny Joints that are to size for the R50 that run about $55 a piece, 8 required for a set, and that doesn't include threaded tubing adapters or lock nuts but would be a superior product for a dedicated wheeler.
  11. They can be set to stock lengths or extended for lift. The threaded rod ends are adjustable.
  12. Thanks RainGoat. Will do. Panhard bars are definitely an option as well.

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