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  1. Excellent work. Love the aesthetic. Almost aircraft/cockpit like. And the vinyl wrap on the windows for stealth is genius. Love this.
  2. TowndawgR50

    Rola rack and mounts

    Looks the same. I think mine is made by Curt. Same folks who make receivers and towing equipment. Downside with this rack is that its slightly narrower than the rola and has a taller profile but the conduit clamps work. They will give and conform. Just try to center it before tightening the clamps One thing i feel like may have been overlooked is the fasteners that come with conduit clamps. Theyre usually garbage and not designed for these kinds of applications. I replaced all of the fasteners with stainless hardware- hex head bolts with flat&lock washers, including the bolts that hold the conuits to the rails.
  3. TowndawgR50

    Rola rack and mounts

    The logs up top here are from a fresh fell tree, each about 2ft long and about 15-20lbs a piece. This was the only image i could find but i added more to my rack that day before we were done. @AlabamaDan
  4. TowndawgR50

    Rola rack and mounts

    yes @AlabamaDan
  5. Wow, great looking rig! Id love to see more of the rear area. Looks very well done! @Woots
  6. TowndawgR50

    Rola rack and mounts

    I tend carry 100-200lbs of fire wood while wheeling. Usually just cut and gather it as we go along the trails and get enough for 1-2 lengthy nights by the fire with no problem.
  7. TowndawgR50

    Are these Factory Recovery Points?

    Love that XROX bumper. @KiwiTerrano
  8. TowndawgR50

    Are these Factory Recovery Points?

    Ouch! Thats rough. Any photos of the damage? @KiwiTerrano
  9. TowndawgR50

    Rola rack and mounts

    Yup. Conduit clamps have worked great. Enough give to handle the flex and stress of wheeling and strong enough to hold tons of weight at highway speeds. I left mine galvanized but the cerakoting would be nice. Great work! @02_Pathy
  10. TowndawgR50

    Are these Factory Recovery Points?

    So this had me thinking about what was there as well. Couldn't remember for the life of me and it wasn't that long ago so I dug through some old photos and found these pics of my rear hooks before I got my tow bar. Now I just need to remember where I put them
  11. TowndawgR50

    Are these Factory Recovery Points?

    Can you recover from those points? Yes, but gently and only in mild recovery situations due to loss of traction. Stuck in mud, snow, sand or anything like that while using an OEM tow point can cause failure of the flimsy layered sheet metal that the nuts are welded to. In my opinion, I wouldn't use ANYTHING OEM for recovery except a rear mounted hitch with a recovery ring. I was recovered via those points and the driver side mounts torqued forward. It was a snatch style grab by a Suzuki Samurai with about 8ft of lead on a bubba rope and soft shackels when I was buried up to my bumper in snow.
  12. TowndawgR50

    Random picture of your R50

    Hey...I know that guy. Truck looks great! Welcome to the forum!
  13. TowndawgR50

    Burger on bumper lamp?

    Raingoat is correct . That is the swing gate not latched warning light. All R50's are equipped with swingate provisions but should require the rear mounted switch to illuminate that spot on the dash. Not sure why yours is on without that sensor but it could be a cross compatibility issue.
  14. Very nice! Looks really clean. Big fan of that color.
  15. You need camber bolts to correct the suspension. They replace 1 or both of bolts that connect the knuckle to the struts. 2" or more of lift from spacers can potentially cause over extension of CV axles in off road situations so be careful.

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