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  1. TowndawgR50

    Rear Tire Carrier?

    Yup. Love my carrier. Given that it wasn't reinforced like the earlier R50's I'd say it held up extremely well. I came off a ledge and the entire weight of the truck, rear axle at full droop and tires off the ground, landed on the hitch and tire carrier which shock loaded it. Almost the whole rig was supported by the rear carrier. It damaged 1 rivnut and bent the surrounding sheet metal.
  2. TowndawgR50

    Anyone Use a CB Radio

    No worries. Its a common problem and with a solid ground on the head unit as well as the antenna you shouldn't have any issues. Another mistake is having too much cable. It should he a straight shot from the head unit to the antenna with no coils of excess wire. The coils or bound wire acts as a mag pickup for interference.
  3. TowndawgR50

    Rear Tire Carrier?

    @joshrichard Thats a first gen R50 swing gate. Grab it if you can/want one. They are getting harder to find
  4. TowndawgR50

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    They are tough to compress. Unless a shop has a dedicated spring compressor the task can be really challenging. I had a shop compress my HD coils ( I thought OME Front HD coils were PN# 2608?) and they claimed it took more effort than most coils.
  5. TowndawgR50

    Anyone Use a CB Radio

    Yes, that should help. Ideally your ground should be to the body or straight to the negative terminal on the battery. Im thinking your current power source grounds to the dash frame resulting in interference from the radio and wiper electrical systems on the steering wheel, both of which potentially share a dashboard frame ground.
  6. TowndawgR50

    Anyone Use a CB Radio

    Thats most likely becuase of the cigarette lighter power source. CB's are sensitive and require dedicated ground and (+) for clear signal and the best transmission performance.
  7. TowndawgR50

    Moderator/Admin accessibility

    Thank you @RedPath88!
  8. TowndawgR50

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    Lol! I ran around trails in stock form too when I first got my rig. Those were the most eye opening days. Got into trouble that I thought for sure would catch me but the Pathfinder just chugged along every time. The rest is history! Bottom line- Come on out and have fun!
  9. TowndawgR50

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    No worries. There are a range of rigs and capabilities within the group and nobody is left behind or not considered in event choices. Its no fun if everyone cant enjoy it, right? Dont underestimate the stock Pathfinder! They are pretty capable and will surprise you.
  10. TowndawgR50

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    Welcome! I think you'll love the LR springs. I couldn't be happier with mine. Super grateful to @Bax03SE for bringing these to light Like @RainGoat mentioned, we are lucky here in the PNW with a solid group of active NPORA members that continues to grow. There is a potential for a December gathering/trail run. Not sure where/when its going to end up but would love to have you join the next meetup.
  11. Anytime! Always glad to have you in town!
  12. TowndawgR50

    Heated mirrors!

    Yup, I think its standard on LE models.
  13. TowndawgR50

    Trailer Hitch Kit

    Junkyard or used. I found my unit on craigslist. Old, never installed with a wiring kit and ball. Uhaul brand class III.
  14. Sounds like a start. What about you. @poachr? Is moses lake doable?

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