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  1. TowndawgR50

    Rumble and Shake in 4WD?

    I thought you replaced your diff bushings with OEM rubber in an effort to solve the rumble? My bushings were shot and the poly bushings made a pretty noticeable difference but I cant say they are dramatically better than a new set of OEM rubber bushings because I don't have any wheel time with a fresh OEM rubber set to compare to. Like all polyurethane bushings they transfer more road "feeling" into the steering wheel which I like. Even with the front Lokka its not harsh and there are no vibrations but a very crisp and firm translation of the front drivetrain to the steering wheel when going down the road or a trail. Doubly so when wheeling in 4-low
  2. TowndawgR50

    Rumble and Shake in 4WD?

    Works great. The bushings for the differential are not available in polyurethane. I machined these from oversized bushings. If you are interested I can machine another set.
  3. TowndawgR50

    02_Pathy's build/shenanigans thread

    They flex well. I love mine
  4. TowndawgR50

    Hawairish and TowndawgR50 are teaming up!

    I just wanted to add to what @hawairish stated and fill you all in on some details. We want to provide comprehensive R50 specific aftermarket support. Aside from SFD's and trailing arms we've been developing accessories and solutions to other areas of the truck like modular rooftop and interior storage, rooftop access, front and rear bumpers, driveline upgrades and much more. Like @hawairish mentioned we have been very fortunate to have the support of some willing members of this community who are using our initial products and we encourage those folks to review them here. We both are working fulltime jobs so the process has been slow but steadily ramping up. 2019 is going to be packed so stay tuned for more updates! One quick note- We recently acquired @ferrariowner123 2003 LE and will be using that in the development of our products. Big thanks to him for adding a crucial element to this equation!
  5. TowndawgR50

    R50 Tire Carrier Mod: Let's settle this!

    That liftgate is valuable too. Id snag that in a heartbeat. Its got everything setup to accept the plate
  6. TowndawgR50

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    Ive had this happen to me on my 01. I have video of it that I'll dig up and post soon. Nothing to worry about. It did throw me off though as this is the only vehicle I've ever driven to do this.
  7. TowndawgR50

    Random picture of your R50

    I agree. My seats heat up quickly and make myself and the passenger sweat if left on too long. Never had any problems with taking too long.
  8. TowndawgR50

    Load Sensing Valve Modification?

    Ive looked into this as well. @hawairish and I had discussed options a while back but since Im converting my rear brakes to discs its getting deleted anyways. I cant say for sure but I feel like my lift has negatively effected my rear braking performance due to the LSV not being in the correct position. I mostly notice it durring long downhill descents off road, with the front brakes taking the brunt of the work and the rear not even locking up under moments heavy braking where the front does.
  9. TowndawgR50

    Humming or pulsing from front end on turns

    Glad I could help!
  10. TowndawgR50

    02 Pathfinder (R50) Overland Build *UPDATE

    Just a bit
  11. TowndawgR50

    Humming or pulsing from front end on turns

    The turn only condition seems like the wheel bearings. The pulsing is a pretty standard symptom of warped rotors. To check the wheel bearings jack up the front to get the tires off the ground, place it on stands and alternate pulling/pushing on the 12 and 6 o'clock positions of the tires. If you feel any play or clunking its likely a wheel bearing If the rotors still have enough material to be turned that can be the cheapest option to cure pulses but I believe (not entirely sure) the pads need to be replaced at the same time becuase they will have worn to fit the irregular rotors
  12. TowndawgR50

    02 Pathfinder (R50) Overland Build *UPDATE

    Nice work guys!
  13. Thanks! @Cuong Nguyen

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