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  1. Sorry to hear this! The past 6 months has been rough for R50 owners. At least its just the bumper and some minor body damage. I don't have one handy but I know there are a few donors in the yards around us. Tacoma has 2 of the same body style, Lynnwood has a couple and so does Arlington. There is a yard near @zakzackzachary in the peninsula that supposedly has a few as well. Not sure on the colors but you should ar least be able to find a bumper support.
  2. WOW! Love this! Please share more about this one!!!
  3. Welcome! I was running 2" of spacers when I first got my rig and broke a total of 3 CV axles before ditching them in favor of springs. Not a single problem since. Camber bolts will not correct CV axle angle with a spacer lift. We stress this because its all too often the spacer lift is seen as the first choice due to the initial cost. In the end its far more expensive to deal with a broken CV axle+spacers than the initial cost of a set of springs.
  4. Took a quick run with the dogs yesterday to play in the snow
  5. I wouldn't tow with a rear differential lunch box. They're great for a dedicated trail rig but under load they lock the rear axle up, which would be most of the time with a trailer.
  6. Lol, was just going to say and @hawairish beat me to it. I do have a complete axle swap that Im not going to use. I cant use the lunchbox setup for my rig as I need to tow a trailer.
  7. There are no lunchbox locker options for the rear axles on R50's without switching from 33 spline to the somewhat hard to find 31 spline axle shafts out of an early Supercharged Frontier. @hawairish covered the details in another thread but its a pretty involved job if you can find the axle shafts
  8. Thats pretty close to a few of us for sure. I'll definitely try and tie you into the next gathering.
  9. Get a Bluetooth OBD2 reader and download a free scantool app for your phone. The readers are super cheap and will give you very easy access to the issues that pop up. This one is only $11 on Amazon and there are far better ones for more money but if you just need to read codes these work fine. It will allow you to scan the ECU with your phone app the moment the code comes up and provide a basic description of the issue. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PJPHEBO/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_N4fdEbY1YYENZ I have something similar and have had great success using it on multiple vehicles for that past 6 years to read and reset the Check engine light error codes as well as get live data streams on various sensors. I'd wager it has something to do with your O2 sensors (common issue with the 01+ 3.5 rigs). The check engine light will come on and off intermittently without driveability issues. Nissan put out a TSB for dealers to reflash the ECU and fix the constant O2 sensor problem, related to the time required to reach operating tempature I think, but I've never known anyone to do it. Just heard stories. Check for a broken shoelace sized woven metal grounding strap on the passenger side exhaust pipe, close to the catalytic converter. Very easy to spot. Should go from the pipe to the heat shielding. Not all rigs came with them but I believe most early 01's like mine did. A running theory is that they break and cause these prolonged intermittent Check Engine lights to pop up but there isnt a whole lot of evidence to back that up as it appears the newer rigs with similar proplems never had them. Some, inclduing myself, have had the O2 issue resolved by replacing this broken exhaust grounding strap.
  10. Welcome! Nice rig! Sorry for your loss. Does your truck have the manual transfer case or electronic? (switch in the dash). There are a bunch of us in the PNW. We did a couple portions of the Washington backcountry discovery route this year and will definitely do more in the future. Very fun and great views. What part of WA are you in?
  11. Your rig looks great. How was the outdoor area you went to? Off road park or just federal land? I was just at the JY this week and saw a set of the same wheels with decent tires. Not in the market for any but your setup makes me think that if I had to do it over again I'd probably have stuck with the OEM wheels for my KO2 AT's and aftermarket 15's for my KM2 MT'S instead of getting the TRD wheels.
  12. Depending on time and the amount of maintenance you need or want to do when the power valves screws are done its a great time to do- - Knock sensor - Spark plugs - injectors/injector o-rings - Thermostats ( there are 2) - Intake coolant hose (buried under the intake) - valve cover gaskets All of these require the intake manifold to be torn down.

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