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  1. Great trip with some of the PNW folks this past weekend @Stpickens and his dad in a slick kitted out Subaru, @zakzackzachary @02_Pathy @Citron and @SteelerCam. Ran section 1 of the Washington Back-country Discovery Route and got my technical fix afterwards at Jones Creek with @02_Pathy
  2. @KiwiTerrano If the diameter and spline count of the steering shaft are the same it very well could
  3. @Mrelcocko We would have to ask @ferrariowner123 I believe he used Yahoo auctions Japan. That's where he tends to source lots of JDM treasures, but I'm not 100% sure about the origin story of the steering wheel.
  4. Could always grab a Nissan OEM option Momo steering wheel. They're equipped with airbags too. I worked a deal out with @ferrariowner123 for his unit and its a pretty slick upgrade, but you will need to relocate cruise control and stereo functions to the dashboard or setup a wheel mounted system
  5. Cleanest 1988 power wheels I've ever seen! And you yanked out the real power wheels (half cut Ford Festiva) at the dunes like it wasnt even there! I thought for sure that thing was going to act like a boat anchor
  6. Ran the Gambler500 with @Slartibartfast this past weekend. The original plan was to take the Pines to Spines 2003 LE but I didnt have enough time to sort its electrical problems. So we took my 2001 instead. Really enjoyed meeting and hanging with @Slartibartfast. His rig is one of the cleanest WD's I've seen! The gambler crowd is a pretty wild bunch and there was plenty examples of creative and nutty cars that had all the right hackery to make for a fun weekend. Explored a large area east of the cascades which was mostly new to me and played around at Moses Lake briefly before heading out.
  7. That teardrop trailer shouldnt be too much trouble. I pull our 18' converted toy hauler, 3750lbs, and it pulls it along just fine. The biggest issue for me was brakes. I upgraded to HD brakes after a couple scary emergency stops and they have paid for themselves in that regard but have proven a poor choice for off road use because the rotors are slotted and drilled which allows debris to degrade the pads and rotors. Id suggest getting HD pads and some load helpers or upgraded rear springs then see how it pulls along.
  8. As far as I know its a meetup and go. Im aiming to get there riiiight as they start heading out. Leaving Issaquah area at 6am. If you go find me on CB channel 23
  9. Come out and Gamble with us this weekend! 8/17/2019 through 8/18/2019 Camping at Moses Lake, Wa sand dunes Meetup from 730-930am @ Three Fingered Jack’s Saloon 176 Riverside Ave, Winthrop, Washington 98862
  10. Makes sense. Regional meetups would definitely have better turnouts and those willing to drive could always make the trip from father away. Maybe we could change the location of this thread to a regional sectionsod of the forum to incorporate all generations of pathfinders?
  11. Im inclined to make the meetup point more central. Moab is a 16hr drive one way which makes it a somewhat prohibitive location. What about something more central to everyone? Oregon, Idaho or Nevada?
  12. Yes, trans can be service/rebuilt. Unfortunately when reverse goes out its usually, but not always, a condition of the reverse clutch drum snap ring failing and this cant be fixed unless the transmission is disassembled. This is a common issue with the RE4R01A automatic transmission on these vehicles

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