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  1. Good find! Glad you don’t have to drop the transmission, thats not a fun job. As for recommendations- Any item that requires taking off the intake to replace or is made easier by the current level of access. I believe I did my spark plugs, valve cover gaskets, some vacuum, coolant and fuel lines, fuel injector O-Rings as well as a few other items that were easily accessed with everything off the top of the motor. It definitely adds to the time and money invested but its well spent if you plan on keeping the rig for the long haul.
  2. The pipe is within reach but there is not enough room to pull the pipe off the studs and replace the gaskets. The water control valve is reachable and can be changed without removing the coolant crossover pipe. I had the very same conditions. Poured water in, it came right out the passenger side cylinder head coolant crossover port. A great way to check before tearing everything down is to pressurize your coolant system and listen/look for the leak. I made one with a spare radiator cap and schrader valve but they may even have something you can rent for free from an auto parts store.
  3. I had a very similar issue in 2018. If you get under the truck, behind the front wheels, and look up behind the engine and see coolant on the transmission bell housing its likely the coolant crossover pipe gasket. There are two gaskets, one for each cylinder head port/flange. Legend has it some people, like @02_Pathy , have been able to replace it without dropping the transmission but I was not one of those lucky people. The pipe is basically backed up against the firewall with little more than a fingers width of space to work with. If you're lucky it'll be the water control valve gasket (2nd thermostat) in the coolant crossover pipe. You'll need to tear down the intake plenum to reach that one.
  4. This is a common issue with the RE4R01A transmissions in these rigs. The reverse clutch-pack snapring is likely broken. Requires a rebuild or replacement.
  5. x2 on the OME springs. They are a great spring that sells well for those not wanting more than 2" of lift. I had OME MD rear springs for a long time and paired them with a set of Bilstein's. Fantastic for hauling heavier loads like camp gear and dogs. With the assistance of a set of Airlift spring helpers they handled our 18ft toy hauler superbly. With no load they were well mannered and kept the truck tight on the road without being harsh. Definitely recommend them if you're looking for a heavier duty 2" rear spring. Cant really go wrong with ARB products. Installed with spacers and airlift spring helpers not long after I got the truck:
  6. The R50 in question was supposedly an LE rig but it had an SE interior with manual cloth seats, and tan no less, lending to the boring theme. The poor, painfully long run-ons of attempted humor aside- he also seemed to continue comparing a first gen lifted 4runner to a stock R50 Pathfinder. If i had to compare like for like when talking about a 3rd generation 4Runner and R50 Pathfinder they both use the same nasty fake wood plastic trim, both had a great v6 ( Toyota 3.4 180hp vs Nissan 3.5 249hp) and both had potential for the person looking to modify their vehicles. I personally think the LE leather interior more on the Pathfinder but to each their own. As for the exterior- they both get ho-hum ratings in the looks department, though I will say the 3.5 QX4 gets top marks out of all 3 options in my book. Doubly so with the simple addition of a lift and meaty tires. The T-cases on LE model R50's had the AWD system which makes it far more capable as a road vehicle than the 4Runner ever could be, and still able to shift into 4L to tackle challenging obstacles. That said I think the 4Runners came with rear differential locks on some models. Clearly with the off road enthusiast in mind. Our LSD's are pretty useless and yet many people have been able to take stock Pathfinders through some very rugged and demanding situations. I will say the quality of his video production isn't terrible...so there is that.
  7. Try using an image hosting site like flickr or imgur. There is a guide here:
  8. After a long period of R&D followed by successful installs on the initial test group, who have racked up considerable mileage, hardware is starting to make its way out into the world now and we felt it was time to make a thread dedicated to our Pines to Spines SFD kit. This will be the official thread where you'll find a showcase of the rigs that are running our hardware and testimonials from them should they choose to participate in the discussion. Both 3" & 4" kits include: - 2x P2S Strut spacers - 2x engine spacers - 4x subframe spacers - 1x panhard bar drop bracket - 1x steering extension with universal joints - brand new fasteners (OEM hardware is retained) You will need to purchase or fabricate- - Longer brake lines - power steering hardline support bracket - extended sway bar end links - a missing link Note- OEM fitment skid plates will not be able to be retained. You will need to fabricate or purchase a SFD specific set. If you're interested in a kit please DM both @TowndawgR50 & @hawairish in the same message ( you can add multiple recipients to a DM) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with availability and pricing. @02_Pathy @Ravens794 @Stpickens @Rockit
  9. Welcome! I dig the build. Jealous of the aluminum front bumper option you guys had available down there. Is the rig a diesel or petrol? Looking forward to seeing more of it out and about.
  10. I received mine the other day and I'm very pleased. I'd agree that the color is close enough that when coupled with the OEM privacy glass that creates a darker interior environment it's not obviously different. The part quality is great. Not a single complaint yet. Getting wiring up there will definitely be a chore. I suspect I may need to split the leads between the A-pillars but I'll see how it goes when I cross that bridge.
  11. Doesn't have to be a daily to encourage them to develop parts for it. Ironman has a wide range of products for various makes and models outside the USA. The R50 sold well internationally with many of them still being modified and used for recreational purposes. With the exception of engine options they don't change much from region to region so I think there's a chance we could see some offerings even if they aren't as plentiful as others available to the USDM Toyota or Subaru crowd.
  12. With the latest news of someone within the company picking up an R50 maybe it'll encourage them to open up more offerings specific to our platform. We can only hope, right? Let's play nice and encourage them diplomatically. Maybe someone can inform them about the power valve issue and throttle body coolant leak that fries ECU's without frightening them off...
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