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  1. I’m having a difficult time trying to find a rear crankshaft repair sleeve for my 96. Does anyone have a part number or know where to find one? -Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I was able to remove my bumper and then modify my hitch receiver so that it wouldn't hang so low. Gained about a foot of clearance from it. I may make a small tubular bumper to cover it up.
  3. I just installed the XJ bumper onto my rig this weekend. I ended up making completely new mounts that I welded directly to the unibody. The stock mounts will work but they are extremely flimsy and wont hold up to any abuse. The Bumper I got is the Rough Country one and I am pretty pleased with it. I still have my air box in the stock location as of right now but like mjo says I plan to do a snorkel. I have a few pics of the mounts I made and can post soon.
  4. I want to put in a oil pressure and volt gauge in my 3.3. Has anyone done this before? I was thinking about mounting a pod somewhere.
  5. Hey guys I am planning on replacing my tach soon and was wondering what year gauges are compatible with my 97. I'd like to have the cluster out of one of the newer ones with the white face but I doubt they would be the same. Does anyone know what year trucks I can pull from for the tach?
  6. Is there any aftermarket brands for steering racks to stay away from? I will be doing this soon and I don't want to do this job twice due to a cheap part breaking early.
  7. I just learn to embrace battle scars now lol.
  8. Hey everybody, I happened across a 98 4x4 with 170k for $650. Apparently it runs great and has a cold ac along with a roof rack and lights. Looks a little rough but nothing too bad, especially for the price. Guy says it also has a coil lift but doesn't know what size or brand. Only thing is that it has transmission problems. What do you guys think?
  9. 10-4 brother I'll still be on the forum all the time to help out other people. I actually found a great platform xj with 170k all stock so I will see if pans out this weekend hopefully.
  10. You're not gonna wanna hear it Pat but I'm probably going to buy an xj cherokee. Honestly Ive crunched some numbers and to build my Pathfinder to where I want it will cost an astronomical amount of money. Everything for a jeep is SO much cheaper and WAY easier to get. Its nothing for sure yet but I am just getting frustrated with the nissan and the lack of aftermarket components. I am also really tired of the ifs in the front.
  11. Hey guys I'm thinking about selling my truck and I have a few things that some of y'all might would be interested in. I have a brand new Lokka still in the box with all the paperwork included. I also have a custom made bumper utilizing the stock bumper brackets so it is a direct fit to an R50. I could cut a good deal on both of these items. Also if anyone is interested in buying my truck let me know. I am located in South Carolina. I will upload pics of the bumper when I get some good pics of it lol. Message me with any questions.
  12. Airing down vastly increases surface area of your tires to the ground and it makes a big difference on the trail. I'm not too sure what psi would be perfect for stock tires but I would think you would be perfectly fine with 15. Anything lower you might risk debeading on a trail due to the narrowness of the stock size tire. If you want to air down more than that on that tire size, you may need to invest in some beadlock wheels.

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