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  1. So I haven't gotten a chance to check the FSU but when I took a quick glance under the rear of rig I found these loose wires. Driver rear Passenger rear Any ideas as to what they are for?
  2. Oh ok, now what he was saying makes sense haha
  3. I'm not too sure what you're talking about.
  4. Oh...well that's kinda weird haha. Thank you!
  5. Sooooo what are the differences between the trim packages - STD, E, SE, XE? My 89 shows to be a XE when I decoded the VIN & has the XE badge on the rear BUT, my rig has an open rear diff & the gauge cluster looks like an SE as per EL-54 in the FSM. Tried looking for any stickies or similar threads, but it doesn't seem like a common question.
  6. Ah ok cool! I was looking in the fuel & ignition part. Thanks dude
  7. I had seen someone mentioning a certain amount of Ohms to determine if the unit is bad or not. I was trying to find info in the FSM but no luck there.
  8. Hey guys! So I just installed a new 8V voltage regulator on my gauge cluster as per the soultion2.pdf. My coolant temp gauge now seems to be working, but the fuel gauge is still inop. I'm suspecting the fuel sending unit is the culprit & after a quick search here it seems like that's pretty spot on. My question though, is what exactly am I looking for? I'm gonna check the wiring for loose connection, corrosion, voltage, etc. Just wanna see what you guys think. Thanks!
  9. Hmm you do have a valid point about the VG33, but I'll just have to see what I can get my hands on You're rig looks like it's coming along great! Clean & simple
  10. I've actually been contemplating the idea of swapping to a VG30E. I just need to do more research. I'm trying to keep things relatively cheap & basic. My Goals are -Solid Engine/Trans/Transfer case -Functional Gauge cluster -Check/replace all suspension bushings -1.5-2" suspension lift -15x8 or 15x9 wheels -31x10.5x15 tires -Manual locking hubs -Front/Rear lockers -Replace front fenders -Fabricate or buy custom front/rear bumpers -Fabricate or buy a roof rack. I say I want this only for a mud toy, but long term I'd like to set this up like an Expedition style rig. I'd really love to go exploring across the state and elsewhere
  11. Nice nice, you're about a hour or so away.

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