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    Recently purchased from a no-upkeep owner it's a 94 Pathfinder XE 5-SPD 4WD 137k in mileage in need of lots of TLC
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  1. Vibration damper = harmonic balancer Is the Harmonic balancer built into the crank pulley? When I pulled my crank pulley using the wrong puller I think I may have separated the pulley rings from the inner rubber core that I believed to be a separate piece. Did I ruin it and now need a new crank pulley assembly? I can get some pictures up if needed
  2. Thank you both, I got it! I put a screwdriver between the tensioner and belt and used it to leverage it on. Unfortunately this job has been a multi month, casual ordeal. Now that I have the timing covers back on, I can't remember how to reinstall the vibration damper and crank pulley. I'm thinking the vibration damper isn't going in far enough because the crank bolt won't catch thread unless I take the washer off, but it's difficult to get the damper on and off. Also the crank pulley is in two sections that seem to bolt to themselves but there isn't anything to thread into. Tips on removing/installing the damper? Did I lose some kind of mounting plate for the two halves of the crank pulley? Are all these questions and more already answered somewhere and I didn't notice? I'm a complete novice here, any help appreciated
  3. Yup took your advice already on hitting the marks with white out. Tried that method already and no luck, I'll go try some more since you say that's the right way. Backing the tensioner up you mean fully turning it clockwise and locking it right? Can you go too far clockwise and cause it to reapply tension in that direction? This is my first time doing more than a starter so just trying to make sure I'm not missing something simple, thanks for the help and the great thread has been a valuable resource
  4. ^^^^ having the same issue, did anyone have some advice for getting tb back on?
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