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    87 pathy blue 5speed mostly stock except vg33 installed and back on the road so nice to have her back.the vg33 has chained motor mounts Exedy clutch and all stock vg30i accessories retained minus the steering stabilizer. the oil filter and the steering stabilizer had a disagreement they both wanted to occupy the same space at the same time so the steering stabilizer lost.until I build a bracket lowered about half an inch to be clearanced.
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    tacoma area
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    Weekend Warrior
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  1. 87 se v6 315xxx on original vg30 its up to 322281 as of today with its slightly used/new v33 hart every thing else in the drive train. Is original!
  2. You did verify that the rotor turns i assume but from what your saying it could be the crank angle sensor in the distributor you may not have fuel either im pretty sure it controls fuel to but dont quote me on that
  3. yeah it is kind of an odd tire size but it works well on the Legos and like the way the Legos look.as you can see my Pathfinder has the stock Legos on it and hard body manual front hubs.
  4. I personally don't but I know that Mr.510 runs 33x10.50 on stock Lego wheels and he doesn't seem to have any issues at all.though he's not on here much anymore he does have some pictures of his 88 path with 33x10.50 on it on his member page.
  5. Just the stock vg30 cams when I pull it back out in a year or so for my 3.4 build I will run aftermarket ones.
  6. Today i put my valve covers,intake,oil pan,new pick up tube,and rear main.
  7. Thanks, originally I put the 3s on backwards so i did it twice! And yes that is my kitchen
  8. Put my timing belt on finished my cam install and painted my valve covers. I know they will just get dirty but i like stuff to look good when i install them.
  9. I was looking at ones for my pathy i was looking at more expensive ones actually. i just dont have the money this time of year. If you get them let me know what you think of them.
  10. When you finally brake the tbelt because you didn't want to deal with it and the first thing you say is time for a 3.3. and the second thing you do is use the intelock switch so you can put it in the shop with the starter
  11. Hey i was wondering If anyone Has been able to get a hold of mr.510 lately im in desperate need of one of his adapters and alty brackets. Im currently. borrowing a car from my frend while hes in san Diego he is do back in January. I know mr.510 is a very busy man just wondering if any one has heard from him thank you in advance.
  12. Hey everyone my name is mike and although im a newbie here this site has been helping me for a long time! So to start i would like to thank all of you for all the info and help i have been able to use. Now as for my Pathfinder its an 87 not sure on model i want to say its an SE. As my username states its a project very much so. It is currently undergoing a heart transplant from a vg30 with 316xxx miles on it to a vg33 due to the fact i did not replace the tbelt and it broke bending 4 valves

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