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  1. Nice to see some development going on for Nissans!
  2. I was thinking rear window defrost?
  3. The pathy is looking good Mark! I was hoping we might get to see it & you at Harlan!
  4. Oh yeah, forgot to mention: I have the Automotive customizers 3" rear lift coils, but they're been sagging recently, so my rear is sitting a but lower than the front. I could adjust the coil-overs lower, but it would severely limit the uptravel then. Here's a pic of it sitting flat. It's on 35" tires. I could lower it 2 inches easily and put 33" tires and it be fine:
  5. My goal on my SAS was to be as low as possible. It was tough fitting in all the 3 link hardware, but it was doable. I still have probably 3"+ of up travel, and tons of downtravel. Having a 2" body lift before doing the SAS helped...
  6. So anyone had any luck getting a hold of one of these crank adapters recently? I tried email & facebook and received no replies... Looks like the 96' Canadian D21 harmonic balancer route might be the way to go!
  7. Welcome! Nice to see more 1st gen Pathies!
  8. Welcome! I'd recommend checking out 4x4parts.com - they have a good selection of aftermarket parts for pathfinders.
  9. Hey Steve, great thread. Just saw your rig's feature in Four Wheeler - great write up! Timely too - my VG30E's oil light came on and started spewing oil out of the harmonic balancer area last weekend on a wheeling trip. I'm hoping it's just a bad seal or bad oil pump, but it was sounding rough by the time I got it on the trailer... I may try to go the VG33 route as well, but I'm more hoping to find a lower mileage one that I can just pulley the pulley adapter on and go rather than have to re-build it. Keep up the updates!
  10. Here's another one from last weekend - before I either blew a seal or oil pump trying to pull out the hardbody...
  11. Hi All, Long time Nissan enthusiast finally joining NPORA. I've been a NOAS member for quite a while. Have a 95 XE-V6 pathy with Custom SAS, read disk swap, and tons of other mods. Joining to get info on 3.3L swap and rear drive shaft mod options for the amount of lift I have. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge too! Thanks!

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