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  1. Ok, here's what happened today: I started the truck and was going to check the codes but, the check engine light was not on anymore. I went to drive the truck and I turned on the headlights but got only the running lights so I thought "Great! now what!?!" I popped the hood and started wiggling wire harnesses and found a bulkhead clip attached to the positive battery terminal and when I wiggled that harness, the headlights came on, and the truck stalled! Further investigation revealed a couple of the clips loose in that connector so it appears that now I have both the headlights AND the spark issue solved! Who knew!?!
  2. It flashed a MAF code, injector circuit code and injector leak code prior to installing the parts. Once I installed the new brain, I got no codes. The check engine light has come back on but I haven't run the diagnostics yet again, that'll happen tonight after work. The cap, rotor and plugs were changed about a month ago and a K7N filter (just the filter) has been added by me. I've only had the truck about 3 months. The rear main seal leaks pretty good and I was wondering if anyone knows which wires in the harness control the spark, as I grounded a plug to the intake and found that spark is intermittent. I ran the Seafoam through the tank and performed a backyard induction cleaning as well. When she runs, she runs great. Any input on the grounding locations on this truck? I haven't noticed them when I was under it last, but then again, I wasn't looking. The wires appear to be ok, but I haven't replaced them when I did the tune up. I'll post the latest codes this evening. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey all, I'm having some issues with my '95 SE. It's automatic, 4wd, VG30E, etc, so on and so on........ I recently developed this issue and I had figured after pulling the codes, that my issue was replacement of components so I went to the boneyard and picked up a new computer, mass airflow sensor, coil and coil amplifier as well as a distributor, all based on posts from the site. the truck will turn over but it wouldn't start, or so I thought. I replaced each item and tried to start and each time I had no luck, I replaced the old component, with the exception of the vehicle computer, because the truck seemed to run stronger once it started. Here's where it gets crazy: once it started, I took it for a ride and I've found that the vehicle's engine "skips" with almost every bump I hit. every so often, it will stall, or not start when necessary. I'm suspecting the spark issue is intermittent, causing the stalling and nothing else because that was the problem when it wouldn't start before. My question is: are there any particular places common to this issue that I should look at to find the fault in the wiring for this? I'm from Florida, working in Detroit right now and I HATE the cold! That said, I'm trying to spend as little time as possible under this thing! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone, here's my introduction! Name's Rob and I own a '95 SE model, 4wd, automatic. I bought it as cheap transportation while I'm working in Detroit this winter to keep my '06 Ram Dually out of the salt. It was cheap, so the little rust on the frame out back and the rear rockers isn't critical, but like so many of my other cars, I find myself really enjoying this truck! I am a true car nut, as I have 15 of 'em! Anybody knowing anything about turbo Dodges from the '80's should recognize my screen name; I'm currently restoring an '86 Shelby GLHS number 117. The REAL first tuner car! Oh well, that's enough of that, now its off to the "garage" page to get some assistance, hopefully, with an electrical issue newly developed!
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