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  1. I suspect that is the issue but hoping for a cheaper answer.
  2. I have a 1988 Pathfinder, 4x4, two door. The clutch pedal was not returning and sticking so I replaced both the master cylinder and slave cylinder and bleed the system. Pedal felt great and shifted fine for a day and 1/2. On my way home at a stop light, shift to 1st and take off fine, shift to 2nd fine then 3rd and the engine revs up and nothing catches, like it is in neutral. I try all gears, same thing like it stuck in neutral. I can shift into any gear easily but nothing catching engine on or off, just feels like it stuck in neutral. Can a clutch go bad the fast? or could it be something else keeping it from engaging the gears?
  3. I have a 1988 4x4 2 door and I have the same issue with the dash lights coming on when I step on the brake. Also having trouble with the high beam working on the driver side. I do not know if the two are related.
  4. does any one have the correct torque for the screws of the valve cover/
  5. Check your ignition coil. I have had my Pathy since new in '88 and the coil has gone out twice over the 28 years both time similar to your symptoms.
  6. In Orlando too. Purchased Pathfinder in 1988 new and still own it. Was originally blue now exterior is rhino liner black.
  7. While I am waiting for the replacement temperature sensor and wires from RockAuto I am driving the truck with the wire not connected to the sensor, it seems to be driving better with it disconnected, what type of damage with this cause if any with it not connected. It is just a weekend vehicle now but I don't want to cause any permanent damage, I can live with the bad MPG since its just used a an extra vehicle on the weekends.
  8. I am going to replace the valve cover gasket, anyone have a suggestion on brand to use?

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