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  1. I just purchased a 2005 Pathfinder which had a broken rear spring. Since I need to replace this spring I figured it would be a good time to do a minor lift to the vehicle. I am only looking for a small lift approx 2" as I don't want to run into any bigger potential issues. I don't do any towing but do go camping/hunting a few times a year and can have the truck loaded with a few hundred lbs. I'm leaning towards a full Old Man Emu setup but open to suggestions. Front Strut - OME (OME90003) Front Coil - OME (Med 2607 or HD2608) Rear Shock - Old Man Emu NitroCharger Sport Shock - Old Man Emu #60016 Rear Spring - OME (Med2609 or HD2610) or Front Strut - Rancho Quick Lift Front Shocks Rear Shock - Old Man Emu NitroCharger Sport Shock - Old Man Emu #60016 Rear Spring - OME (Med2609 or HD2610) Questions 1. If i want no rake and a level look to the vehicle will I need any spacers for either setup? (on my Qx4 i needed a spacer in the front but it sounds like most people have said with the R51 they have used spacers in the rear to level the look) 2. I'm leaning towards Medium springs on all 4 corners since i don't tow and this will be my daily driver. Would 2 Med springs and 2 HD springs make the vehicle look more level? 3. Will I need Camber adjustment bolts? 4. Should I also put in a Airlift1000? Yes or No? 5. I'm going to order new strut/shock bolts, any other parts recommended replacing? (Strut bearings, strut mount)? 6. I see Old Man Emu has a spring fitting kit (Old Man Emu SMP638) anyone know what this is/does? Cheers,
  2. Hi, Recently purchased a 2005 Pathfinder LE and need to do a complete rear brake job. So far I have narrowed it down to the following items but open to any suggestion/recommendations Rear Rotors Raybestos - 980462 EBC - RK7403 StopTech - 120.42086CRY Pads Hawk - HB619y.626 LTS EBC Green - DP1748 Calipers ???? I'm leaning towards the full EBC Rotor/Pad combo but interested to hear what people have to say. Also need some caliper suggestions Cheers
  3. My friend who will be helping me with the install suggested ordering the following new items for the front suspension saying "these would be a good idea, especially if they are cheap as on most vehicles the rubber isn't very thick and they can wear through after a long time which can cause the spring to rub against the seat which causes the paint to wear off and the spring will rust in those areas and on occasion break in half." From OEM parts list 54036 - Upper seat upper insulator (Seat-Front Spring) 54034 - Spring lower insulator (Seat-Rubber, Front Spring) 54034A - Seat-Rubber, Front Spring 54034B - Seat-Rubber, Front Spring Looking to save money where I can so if anyone has any feed back I would really appreciate it. Cheers,
  4. So took a quick measurement yesterday and the current height measures 31" in the front and the 31.5" in the rear to fender, looks like the old springs have settled about an 1".
  5. Thank you. I ended up finding it on here, sorry I should have searched a little harder before I posted.
  6. I was thinking that I wouldn't need a camber kit with these springs thanks for the feedback.
  7. Thanks for the feedback I have finally found all the part numbers and went to go order all the items today but it turns out nobody has the HD springs in stock until nov 24. I was really hoping to have all the work done before my next hunting trip on the 21st but I guess this means I now can take advantage of some Black Friday sales! Also I decided to go with the Airlift 1000 kit as the kit was only $78 shipped, so almost the same cost as 2 bump stops... Definitely more of any upgrade than I need but if I'm going to be replacing everything else I might as well do this too at that price!
  8. Thanks, Did you do HD springs in the front? if I dont plan on ever putting a winch or bumper on mine would I be better off with MD springs in the front and a spacer?
  9. Does anyone know the part # for the Bilistein 5100 rear shock that i should order to go with OME springs?
  10. Yeah I have been looking at those but might have to wait a bit untill funds free up. Cheers
  11. Hi, The dreaded "death wobble" has finally showed up on my 2001 QX4 so I thought I would take this opportunity to upgrades some of the other suspension parts at the same time as there is 237km on it. I work in sales and this is my daily driver but I do go hunting take the QX4 on unmaintained mountain logging roads that can get pretty adventures. Currently the front end noise dives pretty badly with a little tap of the brake and the vehicle bottoms out pretty easily especially when I have it loaded up with hunting gear. Since the vehicle is my daily driver I don't want to go too aggressive with anything so I was wondering what people thought of the setup below. -Front Struts KYB GR-2/Excel G -Rear Shocks Bilstein 5100 -Front Springs OME HD Springs - Rear Springs OME MD Springs -OEM strut mounts and bearings -Upper and Lower Trailing Arm 4x4parts - http://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981216-rear ... -arms.html (Plus new bolts) - New Bump stops. I went with HD springs in the front and MD springs in the back to give the truck a level stance but I am concerned about "topping out" the front struts. I don't plan on changing the bumper ever or adding a winch. I do have the OEM grill guard but im guessing that's only 60-75 lbs, so still well below the 110-220lbs recommended rating of the HD springs. Would I be better of getting MD springs all around and then getting a spacer for the front? what are peoples opinion of AC Springs vs OME? Please pass along any feedback, Suggestion or anything that I have left out that I should also do. Cheers

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