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  1. They are 1.5" for the frontI bought them off Ebay. For the rear, they looked like 2" and I bought the Bilstien 5100's that were 2" longer than stock shocks. I was hoping for an easy out, the spring/strut that is 1.75" longer than stock that I could just swap out and not have to fight with the studs to get the spacer to work. Not gonna happen, so I might as well get used to the fight and go with the spacers.
  2. http://www.rocky-road.com/nissan-pathfinder-lift-kit.html Did I misread that? I need to buy the strut and the spring? But it's a 1.75" lift according to that website
  3. OME makes 1.75" front struts.... $105 a piece... I think I might just throw those on with my rear spacers and call it good.
  4. Awesome post. Thanks. Now to drive the stink bug around for a week until I have time to do the front end
  5. There is no head on the bolts, they are pressed in I'm assuming. I didn't know if I could hammer them out or not. I'm refering to the 3 bolts, on the top of the strut.
  6. So I bought a spacer style lift for the Pathfinder. The front spacer only has 3 holes, and came with longer bolts. That looks okay but..... The strut has studs that are pressed in to the top of the strut. How do I get them out so the spacer and longer bolts can drop in?
  7. Sweet, I was just thinking about finding spacers, or getting the larger coil springs. This fits the budget a lot better
  8. My timing belt had the 3 lines on it to mark up with the dimples on each sprocket. worked out great! Got it together last night, and it runs... not sure for how long, but she runs for now! Thanks for the advice guys.
  9. Pushed it outside to wash it off: Stunning, I know
  10. Anyone have any better pictures on the the timing alignment with the two cam shafts and the crank pulley? I checked out the link, but I can't figure out the exact timing with the cam shafts in regards to the bottom pulley
  11. Do you think that's coming from the water pump that I'm replacing? Kind of hoping I don't have a serious issue, can't really tell whats what till I get it washed off.
  12. Thanks for the reply guys, that's a helpful write up. Depressing, slightly, but helpful
  13. I'm doing my timing belt, replacing the water pump also... The bottom bolt on the timing belt cover, it jams up against the crank pulley. Is there any secret to getting it off without removing the crank pulley? Or it's just got to come off?
  14. I'm close to Grand Junction. Swapping the wife out of her PF and going to make it my DD and hunting rig.

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