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  1. I have owned my Pathy for just about four months. This has been one of the most valuable things I have found while making her better. Thank you so much. This is way easier to find than the book version I own, for some reason.
  2. Well, she is fixed. Nissan dealership wasn't able to get the part today, as they promised, and as it was the only predicted sunny day for a while, I went to the yard after work, got one for 10 clams, cleaned it out with a good chem soak, and put it in with new grease and all. test drive was lovely, steering seems more solid than it was with the new pieces in. I still need to reindex the driver's side, but I ran out of daylight. At least I am on the road. Next, install some new bushings I have and get her realigned. Thanks folks for guiding me in the right direction. Thank the universe for putting another interchangeable Pathy next to the first one at the yard. 2 sets of parts! Yippie!
  3. English Bulldog. Wrinkely faced wonder, we call him "Handsome". And Thank you.
  4. HOLY CHAO! We have a parts in? Didn't know that very valuable tidbit. Next time, I will remember that. Thank you! This one is already coming, so I should stick with it. Yup, I have checked and tripple checked the Tbar, and I intend on taking it in, to fit the part in front of them to make certain. Alas, the "serations" I read about are still on the teeth of the Tbar, so I think I am in. Thank you for the reminder. Also, yes, I intend on checking the driver's side too, and now resetting them sounds like a good idea (thank you for the tips). Currently, I am leaving it in tact so I can diagnose the issue. For instance, that is why I checked the anchor; this Tbar was showing teeth on it, and the other was not. Pulled it out, too easily, and there she was, all smooth more than halfway in. It didn't hurt to notice that I set the back anchor height to manual spec twice and after tightening it, it would suddenly go slack again. That was a hint. The following is my fingers thinking…feel free to read on, or not. /PSA Torsion bars are an interesting engineering bit. It is similar to the tensioning used in bridge building, from what I know. I have always had leaf springs and this is a pretty decent idea. I would have beefed up the teeth, but then the Tbar would fail instead of the less expensive and easier to make part. Is there a way to "build" these, like after market kits, better alloys, etc, to strengthen your suspension? I have never been in a four wheeled world. Thank you again. What a warm welcome.
  5. Let's try this photo method: IMG_0900 by supererogator, on Flickr A magazine ad, if I ever saw one. "Pathfinder. Go where no one has gone before". IMG_0903 by supererogator, on Flickr The moon, the first night, rising over the ridge and the Pathfinder. IMG_0904 by supererogator, on Flickr A closer shot of the camp site. Very secluded. IMG_0925 by supererogator, on Flickr Ice on the truck in the morning. Glad we slept in back. BTW, I found a full sized air mattress fits quite well back there. IMG_0859 by supererogator, on Flickr Oh, yeah, BTW, this is a movie site. Our first camping trip together, the first weekend of October. 800 total miles (roughly), 90 of those miles were dirt roads and rocks and washboards, and she didn't break until we got back. I love her, my Pathy.
  6. I just updated my ride by purchasing a 1995 Pathfinder XE. I love her. We have gone on an 800 mile trip already that included 1.5 hours of dirt roads until we got to our camp site. As soon as I figure out the picture thing I will post some here, as one is a commercial photo, if I have ever seen one. I will read the how-to, and get on that. Background: I started my car love with my '65 Mustang, which I acquired around 16 years ago. I still have it, and it is waiting for the money to do a frame off restoration. I went through a very brief Volkswagon phase, had a Volvo, and then after a long vacation from driving, I acquired an '80 Datsun 720 Kingcab. Boy I love that little thing. It owes me nothing, and I am hoping to pull the motor for a full rebuild this winter. Alas, I have some things to work on with the new Pathy as well, so here I am. I do buy manuals and I read and use them. (BTW, if anyone has an extra FSM for the '95 Pathfinder, I have not been able to ebay one yet, I will buy it) If I ask a question, I am normally looking for a second opinion or knowledge from someone who has done more with this vehicle than I have. If it is a silly question, feel encouraged to point me toward the thread I didn't find in the search engine, that addresses my question. I like to post pics of deep projects I undertake (took 80 pics of a carb rebuild on the Datsun), but I have enough demands on my life that I don't do it as often as I should. Also, I am frequently wrenching out of need, not desire. And that is that, I suppose. I will try to be helpful as I gain confidence with this truck, and thank you in advance for your input. Car communities are pretty special places, and I am happy to be a part of a few of them.
  7. Found the issue, I think. I have been wrong before, but the torsion bar anchor on the front has lost all of it's teeth. At least enough of them that the bar easily slips and does not stay put. $60 at the Nissan dealership, should be here Thursday, so I can find out if that is, in fact, the issue. Thank you for pointing me to the torsion bar. I am new to vehicles this new, and haven't really played with suspension before.
  8. The torsion bar on that side was loose. I did tighten it, as I saw no damage, but I am thinking Iay not have done it correctly. Back to the books and possibly the yard again. Thank you, and still taking suggestions.
  9. Also, I will just use this thread as I go. A timing belt is in my future, as are a few other things, like electric toys that need attention, further front suspension re-working, roof racks and such, and wiggly consoles… but those will come.
  10. Hello. I just got a 1995 Pathfinder. It is a second Nissan/Datsun truck, as I have had my 1980 720 for a while and even though she is not running, I love her. I have been active in the Ratsun forums for years, but now need to get words in here. As I mentioned in another thread, I had a decent "POP" come from my right front passenger side today. My truck immediately sank about 4 inches on that corner. It drove fairly well on the small creep home, and upon inspection, I found that the compression (also called tension, or torsion) bar was broken. After I removed it, I noticed that it looked as if it had been broken for quite a while, as there is significant wear on the broken end. Either way, I figured it had finally jumped it's place, and I got one from a local yard, and new bushings, and put it in. This did not fix the issue. I have not driven the truck more than a yard foreword and backward in the driveway to see if it would even out. My next guess was the shocks, but those were replaced by the guy I just bought it from in the last few years, and all four are still not covered with road grime, and notably white and red…obviously relatively new. Could still be a broken shock, as I have almost no bounce on that side of the truck, after a normal bounce test. I did notice, as the night went on, and I started reading my books and looking at the web, that maybe I had lost the upper ball joint. This was diagnosed by looking at the truck on the ground. I did do a simple shake the tire test, when it was off the ground and did not feel any excessive play, but when I look at it, it is at a crazy angle…as in, more than 45 degrees. What think ye, oh wise Pathfinder folks? Suspension should be the same on 4wd Hardbodys of the era. Thank you. Oh, Hello. I am kinda newish here. I just got my pathfinder, I have had my 720 for a handful of years, I also have a '65 Mustang that I will eventually put back together. I am a wrencher due to my enjoyment and financial status. Why pay someone when you can have fun, learn, and save money? Frequently the money thing.
  11. I also had something go "POP" in my front suspension. It was passenger side. The whole right front sank about 4 inches. I found the piece you have at a local yard, as the one in the truck was broken (looked like it had been for a while) and replaced it. That side still sags. The upper ball joint looks iffy, as it is at an extreme angle, but it looks nothing like the terrifying pictures I saw on the web. Any ideas what it could be? Has the shock failed? They are relatively new, as the person I just bought it from had them replaced a few years back. Thank you in advance.

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