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  1. Glad to see you finally go this sorted Hawairish! I saw a lifted R50 the other day, and it made me miss mine quite a bit. These pathfinders are such a under appreciated and misunderstood rig...phenomenal vehicles that the aftermarket world nor the resale value has seemed to latch on to. Unrelated to that, I'm taking the JKU up to Windrock in two weeks. It's now sitting on 33's with a 2.5" lift and full undercarriage armor. I knew I couldn't leave it stock for long...I can definitely appreciate the aftermarket world of this JK after trying to garage engineer the pathy for a few years. Hope all is well,
  2. Thanks All, So far I'm really digging my JKU, and in its very "mild" modified state walks circles around the R50 off road. I'm not saying anything bad about my old girl, but the difference is notable. My R50 got me into the off road world, and in a certain way helped define my personality a bit as it got me off of the beaten path and out into the woods which I've subsequently learned is truly where I am happiest. I ended up getting $1900 for it, which given the fact the rear bumper was held on with two screws, the rear muffler was missing, it has multiple battle scars..err..memories on every panel, and it had multiple check engine light codes, I felt was fair. Used the money to put the 2" mopar lift with fox shocks on the JKU, picking it back up from the dealer tomorrow. Special shoutout to Hawairish for all your help with this rig over the past few years. Take care all!
  3. Still need to drive it tomorrow, but all should be well. If you aren't interested, still vote me for best of craigslist, please. lol. https://sarasota.craigslist.org/cto/d/2001-nissan-pathfinder-le-4x4/6444013511.html
  4. After much deliberation, I am putting the pathy up for sale. I'm using the money to fund some mods to my JKU. Should make someone a very nice off road rig/daily driver if they opt to use it that way. I appreciate all the guidance you all have provided. I have it put back together again, and once I put insurance on it and test drive it to ensure all is well I'll post the add in the for sale forum here in case anyone in Florida wants it. Freaking thing is indestructible, after sitting for 4 months it fired up immediately. One of the few vehicles I've ever owned that has never once left me stranded, not even for a battery. I don't expect the same from my JKU...lol. Happy New Year All!
  5. Mine has been apart in my garage for 2 months because of this project. It looks to be incredibly daunting. Well, this project and about 5 others, but this is the main one!
  6. Mine has started to reek like fuel vapor every time I drive it. I've already had the recall done, but I believe something is going on with my evap canister as well. It's whole purpose as I understand it is to remove the fuel vapor fumes, which it is currently failing at doing. I may swap it from a wrecked one as well and see if it improves. I'm not sure how fuel would actually be dripping out of it, but I agree 100% it is a safety concern back there(any fuel leak is...) let us know what you find, I may be battling the same/similar issue.
  7. Realized that I have a blown passenger motor mount. The ONLY way I can see myself getting under this thing to fix it is if I can upgrade some stuff along the way . Being that I have to drop the stinkin subframe down to replace this anyways, is anyone still making a subframe drop kit? Thanks in advance!
  8. Agreed. I need my hitch, but it definitely cramps the rear departure angle. Can you just flip it upside down? Mounting holes symmetrical?
  9. YES!!!! this!!! My intake boot is ripped and I have it taped currently. Just went out to the garage, and I see movement marks all over it (gorilla tape didn't hold, apparently!). This makes absolutely perfect sense as it would rev in neutral just fine, and rev up just fine until under heavy load when it would bog and seemingly just stop producing any power. It felt like the motor was choking out...I've also been noticing a vibration at idle that i'm not used to, i'm willing to bet i've got a blown motor mount.... I'm sure the jump didn't help things...oops, lol. Luckily, I already have the replacement for the intake boot. GREAT SUGGESTION!!!
  10. Oh and 4 low works just fine on flat ground. I should re-iterate, the hill was very, very, steep.
  11. Engine bogged down, not free revving. Basically rpms went lower and lower and lower until I lost forward momentum. At that point could not spin the wheels in the much I was in, either.
  12. First time occurrence today, was going up a very steep incline, comprised of a sand and clay combination(very sticky but also very slippery), and I got to a point on the hill that I could not move forward, but I also could not spin the wheels. This happened on a few different occasions. I know I'm slightly down on power due to an intake modification, and also have a code for the swirl valves, but has no issues accerating on the highway up to 90. Trying to decide if this was just a combination of the surface and steepness of the incline, or if I actually have a significant lack of power/torque issue to be investigating. Thanks in advance,
  13. I hear ya....Pictures are just such a pain though, I have to upload them to my proxy, then they turn out sideways, then everyone asks why they are sideways...ugh. I'll post pictures under the Npora facebook page...that is easy. lol.
  14. Just did this tonight. Holy departure angle improvement! If your rig is mainly a wheeling rig, and you don't care if it looks "proper" remove the rear bumper and the bumper support. Massive departure angle improvement.... at least a 4" clearance addition in the rear...
  15. Ouch. I was wondering how you sunk it that far without hydrolocking. Did you also replace the fluid in your diffs, t-case, and transmission? I imagine those breathers were probably submersed. Unrelated to all this shenanigans, what did you use to mount that winch???
  16. How far up do they extend past the top of the bell housing? Pretty sure I had it that deep a couple of times, was worried about water coming in through the door seals more than once. Thanks!
  17. Can anyone confirm that the automatic transmission breather line is routed up high in the engine bay by the fire wall? I have read that the t-case and front diff are... Trying to figure out how much line to buy for my breather extension, down here in FL the puddles get deep quick it appears..... Unrelated, I made a sweet "on the fly engineering" air box fix prior to my trip today. I used Gorilla Tape to cover the original intake from the wheel well, drilled a couple of 2" holes in the airbox( BEFORE, the filter...), and then siliconed a cut in half piece of tupperware to the airbox top to act as a splash shield for the newly drilled holes. Shocking thing was, it actually worked.....Had it up to the tops of the wheels more than once and the intake was 100% dry. The created "Splash Shield" has plenty of evidence of water droplets drying on it as well. Had I not done it, I have a feeling after today I'd be asking who has swapped the motor in these things...lol. Thanks,
  18. Just get some rubberized spray in coating! If I weren't so damn busy I'd have done that to mine already!
  19. As the topic states. Couple of considerations: It needs to still have plenty of room for coolers, camping gear, etc. I always do a pre run checkover, but want a good supply of stuff that is just ready to go. This is what I'm currently thinking of permanently keeping on board. -tool kit, complete with spare tie rod, original hub assembly, and ball joint. -air compressor and tire plug kit. -first aid kid (cycled out annually with new items), complete with medications as well. -recovery strap and d rings. -2 ratcheting tie downs -power inverter -garmin gps unit -2 fire extinguishers. -hand held compass -pocket knife and small hatchet. Anyone have anything they would add to this? Remember, trying to keep as much open space as possible!
  20. Seems to be just fine now. Thanks for easing my mind with the "it's just air" replies. Got it aligned(well, toe aligned, the rest is f-ed regardless...) and it drives absolutely awesome. Even found a 1/4 mile long mud and water trail in my own backyard to run it through tonight. I'm really digging this dedicated trail/woods truck thing, especially when the woods truck has ice cold a/c, leather, a 12" subwoofer, and heated seats . Can't wait to get this thing out into the real woods again......
  21. As the title states, I intermittently will lose power steering on the rig. It will be working just fine and all the sudden BAM, i'm having to muscle the thing around the corner. Revving up the engine seems to get it back into decent shape for a while, but then it will happen again. it seems to be happening less and less as time goes on, and in full transparency I have maybe two miles on the thing since replacing the rack, could this just be the rack bleeding air out of itself? I cranked it back and forth without the engine running a good 25 times, and the fluid reservoir is full. Thanks!
  22. Nissan finally moved out of the garage under it's own power this evening. Then I realized that I had no power steering at idle...so back into the garage it went. I figured out that I forgot one of the crush washers on the lines, so it is seeping out fluid at a pretty good clip=not enough pressure at idle. Good Grief.....I did spin it around the block, seems to run pretty well still.
  23. If the OP truly enjoys wrenching on it, then by all means, he should keep it. I had a project car/DD from highschool into my first two years of college, and as much as I liked that old car my life got much easier once I had an old, reliable, Acura Integra in my life. Didn't stop me from wrenching on it, keeping it clean, and modifying it, but it did keep me on time to class and able to chose when I actually wanted to work on the thing. Keep in mind guys, this is all coming from a guy with two perfectly running vehicles in the driveway, one which is a brand new JKU, and a totally beat to crap project Pathfinder taking up the garage....so my priorities are wack to a lot of people as well. I simply wanted to give the OP a contradictory thought to the masses on here. In my opinion there is so much more to life at that age than being strapped to a beat up old truck unless it is a necessity.
  24. Will do. Its going to be a while though, I'm not putting much money into the old girl so am holding out until I find a steal on a used set of 33 Mud terrains. If it breaks I will fix it better, and I will maintain it so it is safe and reliable(ish), but I won't be doing a crazy build thread. If I pay to put upgrades on something it will be the long term stable mate, the JKU. After the JKU is paid off it will become the wheeling rig, and I will daily drive a vehicle capable of towing it. Well, thats the 5 year plan at any rate.
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