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  1. Hi all, I just installed a 40mm lift (tough dog - its an aussie brand) that was 4 shocks and two rear coils. I considered re-indexing the torsion bars but decided to just crank them because it wasn't a huge lift (about 1.4 inches) and it seems to be happy there. I was just wondering about a few things, like the effect on the upper and lower ball joints and if the front on the vehicle normally sits a bit lower than the rear? Also the amount of distance i should have between the bumpstops in the front? Sorry about asking all the questions, I just want to make sure i have all the right info Cheers, Jack
  2. I zip tied an old 2 part fishing rod to the tire carrier on the rear and put a flag on the top, just slide the top half in when I want a flag and leave the base tied on the rest of the time.
  3. Yeah its a 2.7. I havent moved any of the fittings or moved the fittings, although after looking at it last night I am starting to think that the leak is coming from the seal. Maybe vibrations from the engine? I dunno. Maybe time to reseat the connection or new lines are in order cheers special
  4. Hi guys, I've noticed that I have a small amout of oil weaping out of the back of the alternator. I've figured that is the vacuum pump on the rear of the alternator I assume the oil is there for lubrication. Ive read that theres a pair of o-rings in there and is it possible they've gone or could the banjo bolts be leaking? I'm heading off on a 3000km road trip in a couple of weeks so I just wanna be sure everythings ready to go. Also any road trip preps you'd reccomend? Cheers guys
  5. Yep another here, From Perth. Ive got a 91" pathy for about a year now, and have been pretty much only beach driving, still excited by more!
  6. Cheers mate, I'll give it a go next weekend when I get the time and while its off I may as well install a boost gauge (td27 engine) Ill post photos when I do it
  7. I have dropped a small socket into the dash though the windscreen defogger vent. How could I get it out/where would it end up? Thanks this is the vent it went in
  8. Cheers passengerpete, that puts my mind at ease. As soon as its all plumbed and bolted on tight I'll post some pics for you. Cheers
  9. Hi everyone, I need some help. I'm wondering if after installing an intercooler onto my already turboed 1991 wd21 terrano will I have to get a tune? Cheers
  10. Cheers guys, I was stuck up a creek without a paddle on this one. I'll keep you updated on what I find
  11. I've been looking for a ARB style bull bar for my 91 model wd21, and I just cannot seem to find any for sale. Are there any other cars with similar mounting points that could fit on mine? Thanks heaps, I am desperate as I do a lot of country/bush driving and I'm worried I'll hit a roo [emoji26]
  12. 91" TD27 with 147k here and still going strong

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